American Cancer Society Chief Officer Calls Cell Phone Radiation Study a “Game Changer.” So When Will ACS Update Warnings About Harm From Phones, Smart Meters, etc.?

By B.N. Frank

It’s worth noting that The Telecom Industry has never said that cell phones are safe.

The Federal Communications Commission (which is not a health organization) simply provides safety guidelines which are outdated, misleading, and don’t protect the public.

Recently Newsweek reported that Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, referred to results from a U.S. government study on cell phone radiation as a “game changer.

This is even though just a few months earlier, Otis said we shouldn’t be alarmed by results from that same study:

Dr. Otis Brawley, the chief medical and scientific officer for the American Cancer Society, said that the new evidence should not alarm wireless phone users.

Well –everybody makes mistakes.  Otis still has his job.

Unfortunately, regardless of Otis’s recent statement, the ACS doesn’t seem to be publicizing this “game changer” – at least on its website.

The ACS page devoted to digital and wireless utility “Smart” Meters hasn’t changed since September 2014 when ACS said in the same confusing statement that these types of meters could lead to possible cancer risk but then again probably didn’t lead to possible cancer risk.

So maybe it’s not just Otis who is wishy washy at The ACS.

For those who manage to read the entire confusing 2014 statement, ACS also claimed to NOT be qualified to give an opinion about “Smart” Meters anyway and referred concerned readers to the World Health Organization.  This is NOW particularly noteworthy because also according to the recent Newsweek article.

The program results, issued in preliminary form earlier this year, set off a flurry of calls from public health advocates for the WHO to upgrade its classification of cellphone radiation from “possibly” to “probably” carcinogenic.

Utility companies are NOT required to provide safety guidelines regarding radiation exposure when they install digital and wireless utility “Smart” MetersResearch also determined that exposure to them is equivalent to being exposed to up to 160 cell phones.  OMG!

Besides cancer risk, 2012 research also determined that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless radiation disrupts the blood brain barrier which can cause it to leak.  One expert says that this can even kill brain cells which makes sense considering all that disruption and leaking.

Despite all of this, according to the recent Newsweek article:

The FDA, however, has no plans to strengthen the regulations.

Unfortunately, this is typical of everyone who supports The Telecom Industry (aka Big Wireless).

In the meantime, cell phone manufacturers are warning shareholders that they may eventually be found liable for harm from their products  and no one seems willing to insure them anymore.

In regard to wireless infrastructure (cell towers, etc.) The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and many of our state and federal officials are forcing the installation of 4G and 5G small cell towers all over the country, including in front of homes, despite countless warnings from health experts, consumer groups, environmental organizations, and widespread public outcry.

Since 2004, The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has opposed cell towers and antennas on station property due to radiation concerns.

And while tech inventors have been sending their own kids to private “low tech” schools and limiting its use in their homes, American public school systems have collectively spent $60B to become “high tech.”  Some schools have also allowed cell towers and antennas to be installed on their property.  It’s not surprising that kids aren’t better off educationally or otherwise.  Besides “high tech” education contributing to excessive screen use, this has obviously also exposed them to prolonged periods of involuntary harmful radiation.

Meanwhile, overseas there has been a conscientious effort to warn citizens for a while already.  France, Germany, Switzerland, India, Israel, and more have advised reducing exposure.  Some countries have funded campaigns to increase awareness.  Belgium, France and Israel have banned the sale of cellphones designed for children.  There’s also “Phonegate” which started in France and has extended into Canada.

In the U.S., however, TV, film, and marketing – even for prescriptions –continue portraying tech use in ways that violate even outdated federal safety guidelines.  Marketing products to children is 24/7.  Even Sesame Street encourages cell phone use regardless of warnings by The American Academy of Pediatrics and others.

Exposure concerns have been covered and continue to be covered by broadcast news stations and many others including:

  1. 2010 GQ Magazine
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  3. 2011 PBS
  4. 2012 “Cell Phone Right to Know” Act
  5. 2014 Berkeley, CA “Cell Phone Right to KnowOrdinance  
  6. 2015 NBC “The Today Show”
  7. 2017 National Institutes of Health
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Decades of research from government, independent, industry and military scientists have already proven that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation is harmful in more ways than cancer risk.  Lab testing is available to diagnose if exposure is causing or worsening symptoms and illnesses.

Which brings us back to past and present articles from Newsweek and everyone else confirming that The FCC and FDA are still refusing to protect Americans.  Apparently, ACS still doesn’t feel the need to protect Americans either.

So much for that “game changer.”

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