Would You Know A Small Cell Tower If You Saw One? Hundreds of Thousands Have Already Been Installed. Millions More Are On Their Way…

By B.N. Frank

Ever wonder how many cell towers and antennas are already installed near your home and within your community?  AntennaSearch.com will give you a better idea.

Ever since telecom companies started installing cell towers, people from various backgrounds and educational levels have been trying to stop them because of biological, environmental, and property value concerns.  Because of this, “stealth” or hidden cell towers have been installed instead of the humongous cell towers that everybody recognizes.  In 2006, CBS News aired a segment about this.  Regardless, cell towers reduce property value whether they are hidden are not because most people don’t want to live near them.

For the last several years, telecom companies have also been manufacturing and marketing small cell towers along with humongous ones.  Because they are smaller, they can be installed pretty much everywhere including in front of homes, in public rights of ways, on top of buildings, etc.  Some of them have already been installed and many don’t recognize these as being cell towers.

Decades of research has already proven harm from exposure to cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation.  In 2011, The World Health Organization classified it as a “Possible Carcinogen” in the same category as engine exhaust, chloroform, and lead.  Many scientists believe it should be classified as a Carcinogen.

Other related facts include:

  1. No safe level of cell phone or wireless WiFi radiation has still been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women. Tech inventors (including Steve Jobs) have been limiting their own kids’ exposure to new technology and even sending them to private “low tech schools”
  2. Research has proven that exposure can increase pre-existing conditions even if it didn’t cause them.
  3. Research has confirmed that exposure cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation along with Electromagnetic Fields has a cumulative toxic effect when combined with other toxins.

Small cell towers are also sometimes still hidden inside other objects like pretty light postsRegardless, most people don’t want to live near them whether they are hidden or not.

These small cell towers emit either 4G or 5G radiation which has proven to be biologically and environmentally harmful.  Whether you are concerned or not, they will reduce your property value if they are installed near your home. 

There have been news stories about people fighting small cell tower installation from all over the U.S.  On February 9, 2018, Dr. Oz did a segment about this on his show: “The Rise of 5G Cell Towers.”

For several years already, many U.S. news stations have been airing stories about cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation exposure concerns while telecom companies create marketing campaigns that make new technology seem like it operates via magic.

In 2014, The Wall Street Journal published an article about how 1 in 10 U.S. cell tower sites violate federal RF safety levels and there weren’t enough government employees to correct this.

Many medical professionals and scientists have been speaking out against the installation of small cell towers and calling for a moratorium.

Laws and safety guidelines regarding new technology including cell towers were written in 1996.  They never protected us from biological or environmental harm.

More state and federal laws have been written that allow millions more small cell towers to be installed.  Some state bills have already passed.  Do you know where your elected officials stand on this?

The Precautionary Principle doesn’t seem to have ever been applied to new technology.  All of this increasing wireless WiFi radiation continues to increase Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) which contributes to climate change.

If you don’t want more cell towers or wireless infrastructure being installed in your community for whatever reason, talk to your neighbors and other residents.  They may feel the same way.

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  1. People in their communities need to create groups of citizens that go around and destroy these cell tower weapons.

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    please get a literate proofreader

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