Show Me The Money! How Much Telecom Companies Donated To Your Elected Officials May Determine If You Get Small Cell Towers All Over Your Neighborhood

By B.N. Frank

The Verge published an article in December 2017 regarding net neutrality.  In it included several tables and pie charts which include how much U.S. elected officials received in donations from telecom and ISP companies.

the industry’s attempt to gain favor with lawmakers is not partisan. Entrenched telecommunications companies liberally spread money and attention to everyone who holds office. Sometimes that influence comes in the form of lavish parties with Olympic athletes and lobbyists, but consistently it comes in the form of contributions to campaigns.

Wow.  Let the good times roll!

Telecom companies seem to have no shortage of cash – or influence.  They seem to have been running the Federal Communications Commission for a while now also.

Because of publicity and backlash regarding the net neutrality decision, it seems that will be corrected.

Unfortunately, within the last year or so, there have also already been bills passed in many states that allow telecom companies to put 5G small cell tower infrastructure pretty much wherever they want.  This includes in front of homes, in public rights of ways, in historical districts.  Municipal governments, organizations, and private citizens have been fighting to overturn these state bills.

In the meantime, there are also over 50 federal bills still being discussed which if passed will also eliminate municipal control over 5G small cell tower infrastructure.

Even if you aren’t concerned about potential health risks from this infrastructure, it will lower your property value if it’s installed near your home.

These state and federal bills are not getting nearly the amount of media attention as the net neutrality debate and decision.  That will only change if people are as vocal about their opposition to this as they were regarding net neutrality.

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