Research Results Don’t Change Fact That Silicon Valley Parents Have Already Limited Their Own Children’s Exposure to Wireless Radiation Tech

By B.N. Frank

Research Schme-search.

If you’re waiting for government scientists and agencies to provide us all with a united and clear indication of exactly how much cell phone and wireless radiation is potentially harming you and your loved ones, plan to wait longer.  So far, they haven’t been able to even agree among themselves.

Regardless, Silicon Valley parents apparently aren’t waiting for consensus:

New York Times 2011: “A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute”

New York Times 2014“Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent”

And with good reason — we’ve already been through this with

  1. Agent Orange
  2. Asbestos
  3. Lead Paint
  4. Tobacco Products
  5. Countless pharmaceutical drugs and devices throughout history (Fen-Phen, Seldane, etc.)
  6. Countless products that were once deemed “safe” by government agencies and then recalled for being “unsafe”.
  7. Probably a bunch of other stuff that you may remember but has currently slipped my mind.

All things considered, the newly released research from the $25M National Toxicology Program study doesn’t even seem worth the time to dissect.  It is one of hundreds of research studies conducted over several decadesThe new controversy regarding these results reminds me of an old saying “Opinions are like noses, everybody has one.” 

There’s another old saying that also seems fitting: “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  We are reminded of this on a daily basis by radio and TV commercials regarding class action lawsuits involving products once considered “safe” that were eventually proven to be “unsafe.”

Recent headlines include lawsuits filed by many U.S. municipal and state governments against pharmaceutical companies because of their alleged knowing involvement in the current Opioid Addiction Crisis.

The Tech Industry has also recently taken a beating from investors and outraged parent organizations for encouraging all of us to buy and encourage our children to use products that cause “Digital Addiction”.   Some tech inventors and investors are even expressing remorse for unknowingly participating in this as well.

As far as cell phone and wireless radiation, many of us have assumed that these personal wireless radiation emitting devices must be safe or there would be simple and clear warnings put on their packaging – like what’s on Tobacco Products.

Safety standards testing for cell phones and other sources of wireless radiation have been performed on plastic mannequin heads and body parts for over 20 years now.

  1. Life was very different 20 years ago:
  2. Few owned cell phones.
  3. Those who did used them for very short periods of time.
  4. Cell phones didn’t emit nearly as much wireless radiation as they do now.

We weren’t using or being exposed to nearly as many wireless radiation emitting sources simultaneously and for long periods without breaks. (cell phones, computers, WiFi routers, utility “smart” meters, cell towers, etc.).

Even though testing and standards have not been updated for over 20 years, The Telecom Industry has been legally covered its fanny anyway while providing us with more products.  Cell phones and other personal wireless radiation emitting devices STILL come with some type of written warning in their manuals.  Many of us either don’t bother to read them or we can’t find them.

In 2015, Dr. Oz featured a segment on Genetically Modified Salmon which some folks had started referring to as “Frankenfish.”  GMO Salmon had been declared “safe” for consumption by the FDA.  Dr. Oz and his expert guests discussed “red flags” in regard to safety testing.  Some grocery chains refused to sell it despite the FDA decision.

Of course, many loudly disagreed with Dr. Oz, his expert guests, and anyone else who had concerns about “Frankenfish.”

Some of us didn’t need Dr. Oz or anyone else to tell us that genetically modified fish sounded unsafe and also totally disgusting.  “Thumbs Up” to Dr. Oz, etc though for taking a stand.

For almost 10 years, Dr. Oz has also warned us – off and on – to exercise caution in regard to cell phones – despite disagreement among scientists

For those who are not old enough to remember, there were NOT always warnings on tobacco products.  Also for many years, scientists couldn’t agree how harmful these products were – or if they were harmful at all. 

In closing, “Buyer Beware.”

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  1. In 1956 the US Department of Defense directed the US Army,Navy,Air Force to investigate the biological effects of exposure to Radio Frequency/microwave radiation(RF/MW) and Electromagnetic fields(EMF). Article is called ” US Military hid the truth about Smart Meter dangers” Some things mentioned brain heating, convulsions, thrombosis and sparking between dental fillings.

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