Duke Energy North Carolina Customers Can “Opt Out” of AMI “Smart” Meters with Doctor’s Note. Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Opt-Outs Available Already Without Note.

By B.N. Frank

Since 2010 there have been all kinds of problems reported by residents in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida about Duke Energy AMI “Smart” Meters.

Complaints have included:

  1. Adverse health effects; health and safety concerns
  2. Appliances malfunctioning and breaking
  3. Inaccurate billing, measurement errors, inflated bills
  4. Privacy and cybersecurity concerns

“Opt-outs” for Duke “AMI” Smart Meters in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana are already in effect because customers, consumer advocates, and even some elected officials fought for them.  However, customers must pay fees to have non-transmitting meters.

As of last week, North Carolina customers may have non-transmitting meters for free as long as they provide medical statements.  

People all over the world have been fighting to keep “Smart” Meters out of their communities due to health issues and more.

In California there was a 2010 class action lawsuit against PG&E for health issues caused by their “Smart Meters.”  In fact, 57 California governments formally opposed utility “smart” meters being installed in their communities.

Within the last year, customers have taken legal action against PG&E because of “Smart” Meter fires.

Digital, electronic, and wireless devices don’t operate via magic so manuals and “safety guidelines” are required to be provided with the sale of personal devices.

Utility companies are not required to provide this with digital and wireless “Smart” Meters.

On June 21, 2018, it was reported that French consumers may request that testing be performed to the check the electromagnetic exposure they are experiencing from their “smart” meters.

Health issues due to or worsened by exposure to “Smart” Meters and other sources is more common than we have been led to believe.  In 2010, experts claimed that 1 in 3 people were sensitive to some degree to cell phone and WiFi radiation as well as other sources of Electrical Pollution (aka Electrosmog) and 3% are clinically sensitive.

Sensitivity can increase with exposure.

Pets are affected, too.

Even though some environmental organizations still insist that “Smart” Meters are beneficial to customers and “eco-friendly,” some have formally opposed them.  Numerous experts have as well.  In fact, problems with these meters were predicted early on.

$3.4B in federal stimulus was given to U.S. utility companies in 2009 to install digital and wireless “Smart” Meters.

Duke Energy received $204M of it and they now need to replace all the AMI “smart” meters they installed 2010-2015.  They have also proposed additional customer rate increases to replace current “Smart” Meters with new ones.

Even if you’re not concerned about these meters making you or your loved ones sick (including your pets), hundreds of thousands of these meters have been replaced due to fires, explosions, depreciation, errors, and general failure in North America in less than 10 years. 

Many utility companies are now offering opt-outs because of all the complaints about utility “Smart” Meters.

Coincidentally, cell phone manufacturers have been warning shareholders that they may eventually found liable for harm caused by their products.  Insurance companies aren’t interested in covering health issues caused by wireless products.

In 2013, a documentary film was produced called Take Back Your Power which provides more details.  In 2017, another documentary was produced which addressed health issues from exposure to these meters as well.

How long before utility companies are held liable for harm caused by “Smart” Meters?

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  1. paula boyer | July 1, 2018 at 2:46 pm | Reply

    What about Pennsylvania? Please, help us here in Pa. PPl Electric co. is pushing these things down our throats. We need help in Northeast Pa!!!!!

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