Do You Have Respiratory Issues? Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation, “Dirty Electricity”, WiFi and Other Sources of Electrosmog Can Make It Worse.

By B.N. Frank

Difficulty breathing is very scary.

Research has determined that exposure to cell phone radiation, WiFi, and other sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) such as “Dirty Electricity” can affect respiratory health.

Many aren’t aware that cell phone radiation and wireless WiFi radiation is actually microwave radiation – like what cooks food in a microwave oven.

From Dr. Magda Havas in re a study on wireless radiation exposure to 1400 rats:

Dose-response (lethality) data have been obtained for rats exposed frontally to CW [continuous wave] microwave radiation in the frequency range 0.9 to 8 GHz.


The cause of death has been established as congestion, hemorrhage, and obstruction of nasal passages and/or congestion, hemorrhage, and often edema of the lungs.


The higher the power density (intensity of the radiation) the more quickly the rats died. Of the four frequencies tested, the two most lethal frequencies (0.95 and 2.45 GHz) are commonly used for analog mobile phones (0.8 to 0.9 GHz); microwave ovens (2.45 GHz); and both digitally pulsed cordless phones and wireless routers (2.4 GHz). The least toxic of the frequencies was 4.54 GHz (near 5.0 GHz also used for some WiFi systems).

The primary site of damage appears to be the blood vessels of the lung and respiratory tract with edema and hemorrhage representing changes in permeability of vessel walls.

(Emphasis added)

Apparently these frequencies are used for common household appliances because they aren’t licensed.

More from her website in regard to licensing:

…you do not need a license to operate your microwave oven, your WiFi, or your cordless digital phone.  These frequencies are unlicensed and hence popular for common household and office equipment.

In 2009, Dr. Havas and scientists were interviewed by Prevention Magazine about health issues caused or aggravated by exposure to “Dirty Electricity.”  This article was also re-published later by

 …after schools installed filters to clean up transients, 2/3 of teachers reported improvement in symptoms that had been plaguing them, including headache, dry eye, facial flushing, asthma, skin irritation, and depression.

Besides also boosting possible cancer risk, research has confirmed that exposure to cell phone and WiFi radiation and/or Electrosmog has a cumulative toxic effect when combined with other toxins.

Research has confirmed that exposure can increase pre-existing conditions even if it didn’t cause them.

According to experts in 2010, up to 1/3 of the population is sensitive to exposure to sources of Electrosmog and 3% are clinically hypersensitive.

More sources include:

  1. Solar System Inverters
  2. Digital and Wireless Utility Smart Meters
  3. CFL and LED Lightbulbs
  4. Light Dimmer Switches
  5. Electrical devices that have a switch-mode power supply (SMPS)

If you or someone you love has respiratory issues, reducing or eliminating exposure to these sources may be help you breathe more easily – literally.

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