Documentary “Generation Zapped” Covers Health Issues Caused or Worsened From Exposure to Wi-Fi, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), and Electrosmog

By B.N. Frank

Generation Zapped was produced by filmmaker Sabine El Gemayel.  It reveals the science behind the effects of increasing wireless (Wi-Fi) exposure on humans — particularly children – due to the implementation of Wi-Fi in schools and everywhere else.

The film also delves into additional sources of Wi-Fi exposure including baby monitors, cell towers, “smart” phones, tablets, utility “Smart” Meters, video games, and more.  Many experts provided testimony as well.

Last week, Josh de Sol (documentary filmmaker and activist) interviewed Sabine about making the film, the impact it’s having on viewers, and the challenges faced by all activists.

Over the years, writers for Activist Post, Natural Blaze, and many other publications have published countless in-depth articles about the biological and environmental effects of increasing sources of Wi-Fi, EMF, and Electrosmog in the world.

Broadcast news stations, elected officials, medical professionals, and more have provided warnings over the years as well.  Examples include:

  1. 2010 GQ Magazine
  2. 2010
  3. 2011 CNN
  4. 2011 PBS
  5. 2012 “Cell Phone Right to Know” Act
  6. 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics
  7. 2014 Berkeley Cell PhoneRight to Know” Ordinance
  8. 2015 NBC “The Today Show”
  9. 2017 National Institutes of Health
  10. 2018
  11. 2018 Daily Mail UK
  12. 2018 Democracy Now
  13. 2018 The Nation
  14. 2018 NPR
  15. 2018 Newsweek
  16. 2018 The Telegraph UK

Unfortunately, The Telecom Industry (aka Big Wireless) – with the assistance of many elected officials and government employees – has been able to keep the American public divided and confused about harm from exposure to wireless technology.  Impeccably and expensively crafted marketing campaigns make technology seem like it operates via magic.  In other parts of the world, they have been publicly acknowledging concerns and taking more precautions for several years already.

“Big Wireless” has been compared to “Big Tobacco” and rightfully so.  The comparison may put it all into perspective for those who have lived through the reign of “Big Tobacco.” Unfortunately, younger generations are growing up not knowing to question the safety of new technology.  Of course, why would they when most adults continue to endorse and provide it to them?

Please consider hosting a screening of Generation Zapped in your community.

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  1. The evil trinity for the snow-tards: video games, cell phones, and last but not least – common core education… They won’t listen to facts, why, because their mommies and daddies are cell phone addicts themselves. I can’t go out anywhere without seeing sheeple talking or texting on their cell phones. It’s absolutely disgusting. Thankfullty, I never got into the craze. I use (it), only when it’s needed, otherwise, it sits on my table…

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