Cell Phone Companies Warning Shareholders – Not Customers – About Health Risks and Potential Lawsuits Based on Harm Caused by Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Exposure.

By B.N. Frank

Many of us and our loved ones have multiple personal digital and electronic devices that emit cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation as well as other sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog).

Decades of research has proven exposure to this can cause harm as well as worsen pre-existing conditions.  How harmful depends on who paid for the research.

Safety guidelines and warnings are required to be included with the sale of personal devices – however – these guidelines and warnings are sometimes difficult to locate and understand.  Regardless, guidelines are 20+ years old and don’t apply to how most people today use these devices and are exposed to them.

Many assume that we’d all be warned in ads and on packaging – like we are with harmful products like cigarettes – if these devices were operating by something other than some kind of harmless magic.

Current laws don’t require obvious warnings for these devices though some elected officials, medical professionals and organizations have been trying to change that for many years.

Off and on, media outlets have been warning us about exposure for many years as well.  In 2011, The World Health Organization classified all sources of cell phone and WiFi radiation as a Possible Carcinogen.  In 2012, research confirmed that it disrupted the blood brain barrier which could cause it to leak.  The National Institutes of Health eventually released damning research results as well.  Many scientists believe there is enough research to re-classify it as a Carcinogen.  But this isn’t just about cancer.

Recently there has been an increase in media warnings.  Telecom companies are being referred to as “Big Wireless” and compared to “Big Tobacco” because of the way they have been able to manipulate outdated regulations, spin the truth, and keep everyone confused.  Many elected officials and government employees are guilty of this as well.

U.S. broadcast stations have been airing segments about this as well.

People are being harmed by all of this and there have been lawsuits.

According to one recent article, Dr. Devra Davis, president of the Environmental Health Trust stated, “Financial threats from litigation are growing in step with scientific evidence linking phones to health damages.”

Other relevant excerpts from this article:

Companies including Blackberry, EE, Nokia and Vodafone have told investors they could face legal action from device users if research eventually finds links between their products and cancer.


British Telecom, which owns EE, tells investors starkly in its 2017 annual report: “We can’t provide absolute ­assurance that research in the future won’t establish links between radio frequency emissions and health risks.”

And Nokia says: “There have been some research results that indicated the possibility that electromagnetic waves emitted from mobile devices and base stations have adverse health effects, such as increasing the risk of cancer.”

The news comes after we revealed brain cancer patient Neil Whitfield, 60, is the first Briton to sue a phone maker and could win up to £1million from Nokia if successful.


The firms involved say they have a duty to warn shareholders of any risk, however unlikely.

A court in Italy recently ruled a link between tumours and mobiles and the International Agency for Research into Cancer says they are a “possible carcinogenic.”

And in France, Orange has recalled around 90,000 Hapi 30 phones because of the device’s radiation level.


(Dr. Devra Davis said) “Further still, the Italian court ­decision indicates any firm that requires mobile use as a condition of work faces major liability.”

Blackberry and Nokia warn shareholders of possible legal action in reports to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Nokia says despite adhering to regulations “concerns over the adverse effects on health… could make it difficult to acquire and retain customers.

Vodafone says there is “no evidence” of harm but adds: “A change to this view could result in impacts.” Blackberry says “perceived risks” could affects sales and lead to legal battles.


Mr Whitfield blames Nokia phones for giving him an acoustic neuroma on a nerve between his inner ear and brain.  “Phone companies don’t give a jot about health.”

Vodaphone is WRONG to claim there is “no evidence” of harm. 

Mr. Whitfield though seems to be right on the money – “phone companies don’t give a jot about health.”

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