Ever Wonder How Wi-Fi Routers Create Wi-Fi? Witness The Splendor via Video Demonstrations

By B.N. Frank

Wi-Fi seems to be everywhere but many people have no idea what it is.  Kids probably assume it’s some kind of magic.  Many adults probably assume the same.

Wi-Fi (short for Wireless Frequency) is actually wireless radiation or microwave radiation as in what cooks food in a microwave oven.  Wi-Fi is also sometimes referred to as RadioFrequency (RF) or RadioFrequency Radiation (RFR) as well as Non-Ionizing Radiation.

Wi-Fi is not the same thing as radio waves from a radio.

Many people don’t realize that manuals for Wi-Fi routers and other Wi-Fi devices include guidelines and warnings because research has proven that exposure can be harmful.

In 2011, The World Health Organization classified cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation as a Possible Carcinogen in the same category as engine exhaust and lead.

Here’s a video of Neil from the EMF Safety Zone with an Acousimeter measuring the radiation coming from a Wi-Fi router.

Here’s a video of Lloyd from ElectricSense with an Acoustimeter measuring the radiation coming from a Wi-Fi router.

Despite the fact that Wi-Fi seems to now be used by all ages, no safe level of cell phone or wireless Wi-Fi radiation has yet to be scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.  This is why doctors, educators, parents, and scientists in the U.S. and around the world want Wi-Fi in schools replaced with wired Internet.

What’s interesting about Wi-Fi is that it’s also used to treat cancer patients because it disrupts the blood-brain barrier.  From EHTrust.org:

Non-ionizing radiation is used as a medical treatment to deliver chemotherapy into the brain because of its ability to open up the blood-brain barrier.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are used as a medical treatment to deliver drugs into the brain due to their ability to open up the blood-brain barrier. In fact, non-ionizing radiation is being used in state of the art research to treat brain cancer

Think about it. If non-ionizing radiation can move a drug more easily past the blood-brain barrier, it also make sense that it can move other chemicals—unwanted chemicals—into the brain. EMF can heal and harm.

In other words,

EMFs can serve as initiators of health effects, as well as serve as co-promoters or potentiators of biochemical agents, both beneficial and adverse. —Dr. Kostoff  and Dr. Lau

It reminds me of when Homer Simpson toasted To Alcohol! The cause of… and solution to… all of life’s problems.” 

Wi-Fi was originally created for military use.  It was only intended only to be used for short periods of time to communicate or to be used as a weapon to inflict harm.  One example of inflicting harm is the 1950s Microwaving of the US Embassy in Moscow.  Illness from the exposure was originally named, “Microwave Sickness.”  Today it’s more often referred to as “ElectroSensitivity” or ES.  According to experts in 2010, up to 1/3 of the population is “sensitive” to some degree to Wi-Fi and Electrical Pollution (Electromog)Diagnostic testing is available.

There is actually a long history of people and animals becoming sick from exposure to Wi-Fi and Electrosmog.  This had been documented decades before telecom companies started manufacturing and marketing Wi-Fi operating devices for every man, woman, child, pet, community, business, and medical facility on the planet.

There is currently a huge marketing campaign for 5G Wi-Fi technology which includes installing small cell towers everywhere including in front of homes.  5G is for implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) everywhere which has security experts completely freaking out because of catastrophically described security risks and its current almost 75% failure rate.

Dr. Oz featured a segment about it on his show in February called “The Rise of 5G Cell Towers.”  Research has already proven that exposure to 5G is harmful and unpleasant (unless you enjoy profuse sweating).  Regardless, state and federal officials and telecom companies all over the U.S. and around the world are hell-bent on installing 5G small cell towers in front of homes and everywhere else.  They are also trying to create “Smart Cities” which involves the installation of hundreds of small cell towers within communities.

People everywhere are trying to stop this from happening where they live.  Can you really blame them?  These cell towers don’t even seem necessary.  Within the last few weeks, Samsung’s 5G indoor router was approved by the FCC.  Anyone who wants to enjoy 5G in their homes will be able to do this soon and experience their own private sweat fest.

The Precautionary Principle is being ignored when it comes to all sources of Wi-Fi because current laws and regulations protect it.

Many U.S. News Stations are covering Wi-Fi radiation concerns though.  Celebrities have been voicing their concerns as well.

People like Wi-Fi because it’s convenient.  People like fast food because it’s convenient, too.

Someday soon Homer Simpson may even toast to Wi-Fi.  Smell ya later.

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1 Comment on "Ever Wonder How Wi-Fi Routers Create Wi-Fi? Witness The Splendor via Video Demonstrations"

  1. Scott MacQuarrie | May 17, 2018 at 11:43 am | Reply

    WiFi isn’t short for “wireless frequency” – it’s a trademarked, invented term – a bad pun on HiFi, another invented and trademarked term. The industry association selling products based on the IEEE 802.11x standards payed a marketing firm to create it.

    Also, you are confusing 5G Wifi (5Ghz 802.11ac) with 5G (5th Generation) wireless protocols. 5th Gen wireless deployed on future distributed antenna systems and small cells will likely use existing spectrum re-farmed from 2G and 3G networks which will be shut down.

    Do some small amount of research if you want to get your message out credibly.

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