Eczema Medicine Ad Features Woman Using Smart Phone Against Her Face. “Fine Print” in Manuals Says That’s a No-No. Research Says It’s Bad for Skin and Everything Else.

By B.N. Frank

Eczema is an uncomfortable as well as unattractive skin condition.  This eczema medication commercial features an eczema sufferer with a smart phone pressed against her face inside a bathroom.

The required “Fine Print” included in manuals of cell phones, cordless phones, and all other personal WiFi-emitting devices says that holding the phone directly against the body violates U.S. federal safety guidelines.  Federal guidelines and standards were written 20+ years ago and many experts have also said they are inadequate and outdated.

Remember how the eczema sufferer is also using the phone in her bathroom?  For many years, experts have also warned that using cell phones inside of buildings forces them to work harder to connect to towers and this causes them to emit even more harmful radiation:

A moving phone, or a phone in an area with a weak signal, has to work harder, giving of more radiation. So users can avoid using their cell phones in elevators, buildings and rural areas if they want to reduce their exposure, experts say.

Regardless, many people – including children – personally use or are regularly exposed to cell phones, cordless phones, and other radiation-emitting devices in ways that even outdated guidelines say aren’t safe.

TV, film, and marketing campaigns – even for prescription medications – are designed to imitate life.  Portraying technology being used in ways that violate U.S. federal safety guidelines confuses everyone except for the manufacturers themselves.  Some are actually warning shareholders (not customers) that they may eventually be held liable for the harm they have caused.  No one seems to want to insure these manufacturers anymore either.

Of course, for many decades, it seemed to be no big deal how cigarettes and smoking were portrayed in TV, film, and marketing campaigns despite the known adverse health effects.  Not surprisingly, many have been referring to The Telecom Industry as “Big Wireless” and comparing them to “Big Tobacco.”

If you suffer from any skin conditions, decades of research has already confirmed exposure to all sources of WiFi radiation is bad for your skin as well as everything underneath it.  A more recent study even determined that cell phones are 100x dirtier than a toilet seat.

Of course, if you don’t have any other noticeable skin or health conditions, maybe pressing your cell phone (or cordless phone) against your face, your head, or any other part of your body is still fine with you.  You still might want to stop your kids from doing it, though.

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