Bill Clinton Apologized In 1995 For Unethical Human Radiation Experiments. Who Will Apologize For 5G, Smart Meters and More?

By B.N. Frank

Even though all of this didn’t happen on his watch, President Clinton still apologized for all unethical human radiation exposure experiments performed on Americans.  He made the announcement the same day as the O.J. Simpson murder jury verdict was read so it didn’t get much media attention.

U.S. agencies for decades have adhered to a policy that there is no threshold of radiation exposure that is risk-free.

Unfortunately, the following year Clinton signed The Telecommunications Act of 1996 which never really protected the public or the environment from what has been happening since – the introduction, implementation, and installation of more and more radiation emitting…

1  – Infrastructure (cell towers, utility “Smart” Meters, WiFi hot spots, etc.)

No State or local government or instrumentality thereof may regulate the placement, construction, and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the Commission’s regulations concerning such emissions.

2 – Personal devices (baby monitors, Bluetooth, cell phones, activity trackers, home assistants, laptop computers, WiFi routers, etc.).

Before 1996, decades of research had already proven that exposure was harmful to people, animals, and nature.  More research has been released since then that also proves harm – especially in regard to children.  Despite this, the 1996 Telecom act is still in effect which makes it legal for The Telecom Industry (aka Big Wireless), U.S. elected officials, federal agencies and employees (current and former) to encourage the use and even force the installation of more devices, products and infrastructure on the public even though they know this isn’t safe.  Even Telecom companies have never said their products are safe.  Insurance companies are also aware of exposure risks and don’t seem to want to do business with Big Wireless any more.

The media continues to sometimes report about exposure risks accurately, sometimes not accurately, and every way in betweenIt’s understandable why most of us are confused and unaware about this because all these products and infrastructure are still legally being portrayed as harmless, helpful, magical and necessary while being marketed to every man, woman, and child, despite the fact that they already know that none of this is completely safe.

Utility “Smart” Meters emit harmful radiation and Dirty Electricity.  They are still being forced on homes and throughout communities despite all the complaints, medical statements, and documented problems associated with them – including fires and explosions.

Despite exposure risk and harm to children, industrial strength WiFi routers are still installed in most public schools.  There’s now pressure to install them on school buses as well.

The “Race for 5G” and “Smart Cities” are the latest campaigns being forced on Americans despite health risks, objections and widespread protest.  They require 4G and 5G small cell towers and related radiation-emitting infrastructure being installed in front of homes and pretty much everywhere else both above ground and below.  Even the EPA is now also pushing to reduce federal radiation exposure levels.

Technology can be beneficial and even wonderful when it’s manufactured, marketed, and publicly incorporated in a way where everyone is made aware of how to utilize it as safely as possible.  Other countries have been doing this already for many years.  How many years before a president will apologize for the increasing involuntary radiation exposure to Americans since the signing of The Telecom Act of 1996?  More importantly – how much longer before all of this will addressed and corrected?

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