Video Demonstrates How Radiation Exposure to Utility “Smart” Meters is WAY WORSE than “Smart” Phones

By B.N. Frank

If a utility employee doesn’t personally visit your home to read your electric, gas, or water meters, you probably have utility “Smart” Meters.  Due to years of bad press, many utility companies started referring to them by other names.

There are many reasons why customers, consumer organizations, elected officials, and government employees don’t like “Smart” Meters.  They cause fires, explosions, appliances to malfunction and break, measurement errors/inflated billing, and cybersecurity issues.  They have to be replaced frequently and costs are usually passed on to customers.  They violate the right to privacyThey also emit harmful pulsing radiation 24/7.

Many utility companies try to convince customers that radiation exposure from utility “Smart” Meters is the same or less than exposure to “Smart” Phones and WiFi routers.  NOPE!

Last week, documentary filmmaker Josh del Sol posted an article about this on the Take Back Your Power website.  It includes a never before released video with a “Smart” Meter and a “Smart” Phone being measured.

Similar to testing results from many other researchers & experts, these results showed that the ‘smart’ meter microwave pulses are hundreds of times higher than the “extreme concern” threshold as set by the Building Biology guidelines.

2011 California court testimony by a PG&E utility employee also confirmed high pulsing numbers.

As far as radiation exposure, only one of the variables is time spent within close-proximity to one or several “Smart” Meters.  Another is proximity to a communication node also referred to as a collector hub. These devices collect data from multiple meters which increase the amount of radiation emissions and pulsing.  Original analog meters didn’t involve 24/7 data collection. 

The Take Back Your Power film produced in 2013 has been updated and is now available for free viewing.  It explains more about all of this.

“Smart” Meters are regulated by The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which is NOT health or environmental protection agency.  Just because “Smart” Meters are legal doesn’t mean that they are safeExposure to “Smart” Meters can worsen pre-existing conditions even if it didn’t cause them

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  1. I assume we are all safe since no one walks around with a smart meter in their pocket.

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