The FCC Is Not An Environmental Agency Even Though It Regulates Stuff That Affects The Environment

By B.N. Frank

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has nothing to do with regulating, limiting, and reducing environmental damage caused by emissions and waste from digital, electronic, and wireless technology.  That’s The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) job – even though The FCC is NOT an environmental health agency. 

The FCC is also NOT a health agency even though exposure to technology is harming people, too – especially children and the disabled.  Pets are affected as well.

Regardless, The FCC is in charge of protecting the environment and everyone and everything in it from harmful products and infrastructure being made and marketed by The Telecom Industry (aka Big Wireless) and others who profit from technology.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 Section 704 eliminated the ability for U.S. local and state governments to stop cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation emitting infrastructure from being installed due to biological and environmental risks and concerns.  Because of outdated legislation, testing and guidelines, there are more tech products being used and more infrastructure being installed than ever before even though research keeps proving exposure is harmful.  This violates “The Precautionary Principle” in Environmental Science.

Many people assume all of this technology is completely harmless, works magically and is beneficial otherwise it wouldn’t be marketed, portrayed, and forced on us the way it is.  Sesame Street has a character named “Smartie The Smart Phone.”  The New York Public Library is downloading books on Instagram to encourage children to read.  National Geographic is promoting 5G wireless technology.

The FCC’s current and former employees seem to have embraced their roles in working for this “captured agency.” Unfortunately, there aren’t enough elected officials trying to correct this.  In fact, many of them are actually completely on board with the efforts and antics of Big Wireless.  Others have been simply turning a blind-eye to it for years and continue to do so.  Insurance companies, however, want nothing to do with these devices and infrastructure.

Physicians for Safe Technology just completed an extremely comprehensive section on Environmental and Wildlife Effects.

It’s a mess that’s only going to get worse unless more people decide to do something about it RIGHT NOW.

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  1. One must wonder why a particular environmental issue (electromagnetic pollution) would have been removed from the purview of the EPA (the blanket agency for all things environmental), and given over to the regulators of that particular environmental issue, when it is clearly a part of the environment. My guess is that, since the FCC decides to whom to sell the airwaves and to what extent, given the corporations from which the current EPA executive controllers have been recruited, the EPA has effectively given up the chicken house to the foxes. Why?

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