The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Takes Action Against Utility “Smart” Meters in 2015 and Pesticides in 2018

By B.N. Frank

Thanks to LULAC for speaking out and taking action against many injustices affecting all American citizens.

On July 11 2015, they formally proposed a moratorium on the installation of digital and wireless utility “Smart” Meters and a No-Cost “Opt Out.”  They cited radiation pulsing from the meters and the data collected as violations of the Fourth Amendment as well as Federal Energy Act of 2005.

This week, their hard work along with others has led to a court decision calling for the EPA to ban a pesticide in use for decades which leads to brain damage.  Hooray!

Activist Post, Natural Blaze, and many other publications and organizations have been reporting about the awful consequences caused by the installation of millions of utility “Smart” Meters since they started being “rolled out” by various utility companies in North America and around the world.

“Smart” Meters have caused fires, explosions, inflated bills, measurement errors, privacy violations, malfunctioning and broken appliances, sick people and animals.

“Smart Meters” never worked right.  This was predicted early on.  They have been a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Because people all over the world have been fighting “Smart” Meters, some utilities eventually offered “opt outs” for customers.  However, there really should be no “Smart” Meters at all – period.  They never benefited anyone except those making money off of them.

Allowing this to continue is heartless.  All of these horrible “Smart” Meters – every single one of them – need to be wiped off the face of the planet.

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  1. Everyone in the Entire US of A can thank LULAC for the wherewithal to fight the unlawful imposition of SmartMeters and their co-conspirators that wish to Force 5G on all of us! This is a heinous act of egregious disregard for the safety and the health of all of us & our children as well as to all plant and animal life on Planet Earth! It is tantamount to murder.

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