Trump vs. The Fed: When Markets Crash, Who Is To Blame?

By Brandon Smith

After a certain length of time examining history in-depth, anyone who is honest and relatively objective comes to understand that most of what we are told about our past in the mainstream is completely fabricated. We learn that much of “history” is not about posterity or heritage and more about a continuous set of false narratives peppered with half-truths. That is to say, what we thought we knew is actually lies.

Unfortunately, these lies can be complex, to the point that even many alternative researchers get caught up in their own biases to the point that they lose track of reality. Of course, this is what propaganda and 4th generation warfare is meant to accomplish; it creates a series of filters that thin out the crowd of truth seekers a little at a time. Those few who make it through to the other side might discover the bigger picture, but when they turn around to explain what they have seen there’s hardly anyone left to listen.

Intricate propaganda narratives are actually rooted in simple archetypal memes that resonate with the average person’s sense of story. Think of mainstream historical events as more of a screenplay with a well-practiced set of beats, and the people who draft this screenplay intend we the public to act as an audience with limited participation. Our jobs are merely to continue providing fuel for the machine with our labor until the machine no longer needs us, and to continue perpetuating the fantasies that the machine conjures up as news feed fodder.

There are many actors that read lines from the historic screenplay and act out elaborate scenes meant to emotionally manipulate the masses. These actors play the roles of politicians and leaders of state. They are banking moguls and corporate heads. They are media gatekeepers and manufactured celebrities. If a person sits in what appears to be a position of power, they are seldom what they seem on the surface.

I’m explaining this conundrum because a lot of people out there claim such things are obvious, yet they continue to fall for the same Kabuki theater over and over again. I am also explaining it because the subject matter of this article is a perfect example of the 4th generation warfare narrative in action. The latest escalation of what I consider an inevitable battle between the Trump Administration and the Federal Reserve is not at all what the mainstream or much of the alternative media think it is.

I have examined Donald Trump’s dubious background and associations thoroughly in multiple articles. To summarize, Trump has been tied to globalist financiers and think tank members for at least 25 years. He has nominated and/or stacked his cabinet with those same ghoulish people over the past two years.

To illustrate the severity of the problem, I suggest readers look into people like Wilber Ross, the Rothschild banking agent that bailed Trump out of his considerable Taj Mahal casino debts decades ago, who is now the Commerce Secretary.

Larry Kudlow, the director of the National Economic Council and an adviser to Trump is a former economist for the New York Federal Reserve. Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, was prominent member of Goldman Sachs.

During the election, Trump’s rhetoric surrounding the banking takeover of Washington was highly critical, yet he now associates closely with banking alumni that many conservatives would consider suspicious or untrustworthy in their motives. Some cycle out and are replaced with yet more banking elites. At any given time, there are always several financial elitists looming in the halls of the White House and most of them are linked to organizations with a decidedly globalist mission.

This fact should make it clear to anyone with common sense that when Trump “goes to war” with the bankers in his speeches, what he is producing is theater. So, when I read the latest news that Trump is calling the Federal Reserve “crazy” and blaming them for the most recent stock market plunge in October, I have to point out that this is likely even more theater. However, it is theater with a purpose.

In February 2017 in my article “In A Battle Between Trump And The Fed, Who Really Wins?,” I outlined why a conflict between Trump and the central bank would actually HELP globalists in their goal of dethroning the U.S. dollar as the world reserve in a way that makes it appear like a random catastrophe of political chaos rather than a planned event. This would clear the way for a new single world currency system which some internationalists refer to as the “global economic reset.”

In my article “Trump vs The Fed: America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar,” published in July, I went even further and predicted a choreographed clash between Trump and the Federal Reserve.

Now it appears that this clash has been initiated.

The fact that the mainstream financial media has suddenly reverted to panic mode over a drop of a couple of thousand points in the Dow Jones should give people pause. What this showcases is a change in tone to previous declines in which the media shrugged off or dismissed falling equities as a mere “correction.” Today, outlets like Bloomberg talk of “crisis.”

As I have noted in the past, the mainstream media and central banks do not warn of crisis far in advance like the alternative media. Rather, they warn of crisis mere weeks or months in advance; too late for the average person to do much to prepare. The recent change in attitude by the mainstream suggests that the next stage of the collapse that has been ongoing since 2008 is here.

For the globalists this is a precarious time. If a crash occurs in a narrative vacuum the public will naturally blame the most obvious culprits — namely the central banks and international banks. They are the obvious culprits because they have essentially admitted to economic sabotage in the past.

Ben Bernanke admitted that the Fed was responsible for the drawn-out pain of the Great Depression. Alan Greenspan admitted to Fed culpability for the bubble of the 1990s and the derivatives bubble of 2008. In 2012, Jerome Powell warned that when the Fed decided to finally institute interest rate hikes and balance sheet cuts, stimulus addicted markets would crash. Today as Fed chairman he is implementing those exact polices knowing exactly what the consequences will be.

The problem is, once again, false narrative. Central bankers admit to playing a large part in historic crashes, but they pretend as if they were “unaware” of the bigger dangers at the time. They also exploit scapegoats as a means to divert public attention away from their activities.

For the Great Depression, Bernanke admits that the Fed’s tightening actions into economic weakness prolonged and increased the horror of the Great Depression, yet the Fed’s official position is to blame the existence of the gold standard. For the derivatives bubble, central bankers admit to a “lack of foresight” on the part of the Fed, but still blame “deregulation” as the primary cause of the crash of 2008. For the next phase of economic decline in 2018, they have a new scapegoat; a scapegoat that is HELPING them — Donald Trump.

As I warned in March of this year, Trump’s presidential career has so far closely (and strangely) matched that of Republican president Herbert Hoover just before the crash of 1929. Trump has implemented major tax cuts, infrastructure spending programs and major tariffs all on the heels of economic instability, just as Hoover did. And much like at the beginning of the Great Depression, the Federal Reserve is also hiking rates as the rest of the economy falters.

Trump is providing perfect cover for the banking elites to continue pulling life support from the system and imploding a 10-year bubble in stocks and bonds. His trade war can be used in numerous ways to offset any blame from the central banks as they deliberately demolish equities and other markets. The fact that Trump has readily taken credit for epic stock market gains the past two years also aids the Federal Reserve greatly.

During his campaign, Trump warned that stock markets were “a big bubble” created artificially by the Fed’s low interest rate manipulation. Now, Trump attacks the Fed as crazy for raising interest rates and deflating that same bubble. Trump is playing a special role in the globalist screenplay — that of the bumbling villain; the guy who had too much hubris and destroyed everything.

If the conflict between the private Federal Reserve and the White House continues, conservatives may get the outcome they always wanted, but with many strings attached. As the farce goes forward, expect foreign involvement in U.S. Treasury Bonds and the dollar to fall even further. Ten years ago, an audit or shutdown of the Fed could have reversed America’s course for the better. Now, I believe that the globalists WANT to sacrifice the Fed and the dollar. Why? As noted in the Rothschild run The Economist in 1988 in their article on a global currency launch in 2018, the US and the dollar must be diminished in order to make war for a new model led by the International Monetary Fund.

The Fed is nothing more than a branch of a franchise, and if closing it down wins the globalists more power in the long run, that is exactly what they will do.  The IMF and BIS are being set up as the new “global Fed,” and the game is about to change dramatically.

Trump’s scripted follies are not only setting the stage for a market crash which he and conservatives will be blamed for instead of the banking elites, they are also setting the stage for the death rattle of the dollar.  Trump’s fistfight with the central bank will create considerable doubt in US debt as well as the dollar’s world reserve status.  This perfectly timed chaos is advantageous to globalists, whose objectives include an economic reset and a new monetary system; Trump’s actions are not part of some heroic battle for the Republic.

To answer the original question of who is to blame for the coming disaster — BOTH the Fed and Trump are to blame, as they are both playing their parts in the same false narrative.

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