Online Petition Requests Changes to FCC Guidelines for Cell Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation

By B.N. Frank

An online petition was created by, a non-profit organization requesting that the U.S. government and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) set exposure biologically based standards for electromagnetic radiation.  Their reasonable requests include

  1. Updating FCC outdated “safety standards
  2. Repealing Section 704 of the The Telecommunications Act of 1996
  3. Declaring a moratorium on further wireless expansion
  4. Establishing wireless Wi-Fi radiation free zones

Activist Post has already reported MANY TIMES about research proving there is biological and environmental harm caused by exposure to cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation.  It’s not just about increased cancer risk.

Unfortunately many U.S. elected officials and FCC employees don’t seem to be interested in protecting the public interest – financially, biologically or environmentally in regard to technology.  They continue steamrolling legislation for the risky “Race for 5G” which severely limits municipal control to allow for the installation of millions of small cell towers and their related infrastructure pretty much everywhere including in front of homes.  This is despite ongoing widespread protest from municipalities.  There have been lawsuits already filed and the threat of additional lawsuits.

Last but not least, there have also been health complaints where 5G is already installed.

The FCC is not a health or environmental organization even though its job is to regulate technology that can cause health and environmental problems.  Even insurance companies know there are health risks from exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  That’s why many aren’t doing business with Telecom companies anymore.

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