FCC Wants to Give $2B to Wireless Carriers on September 26

By B.N. Frank

According to a recent article in ARS Technica, this FCC proposal will also force cities and towns to act on small cell tower and wireless infrastructure applications within 60 or 90 days.  It will be voted on September 26, 2018 and statements are still being accepted.

Numerous U.S. municipal governments, organizations, medical professionals and environmentalists are extremely ticked off.  Activist Post has already reported about this many times.

The ARS Technica article also covers FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr’s insistence that the U.S. needs to beat China in the “Race for 5G.”

The “race to 5G” is frequently invoked by the FCC and carriers in arguments to eliminate various regulations. T-Mobile and Sprint now claim they need to merge in order to create a robust 5G network, even though each company previously said it would build a top-tier 5G network by itself.

Even AT&T cast doubt on this narrative in a recent FCC filing that responded to the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. AT&T told the FCC that “the US is already the world leader in 5G” and that “AT&T plans to serve more than 400 markets [with 5G] by the end of 2018.

Activist Post has also reported about this ridiculous and risky “Race for 5G” many times as well as Brendan Carr’s role in it.  The FCC is not a health or environmental protection agency even though they regulate technology which can cause health and environmental problems.  They clearly have no interest in protecting the public.  Insurance carriers aren’t even covering harm from exposure to cell towers.  

More from ARS Technica:

So who’s in favor of making 5G deployment cheaper for carriers, even without any guarantee of additional deployment? The carriers, of course.

The FCC plan “takes the critical next step of addressing state and local processes that may impede the deployment of advanced wireless networks,” Verizon told the FCC Wednesday. If approved, Verizon said the FCC proposal “would establish meaningful guidance for state and local governments, while preserving their role in those reviews.”

AT&T is hoping the FCC will go even further. AT&T urged the commission to apply its new standard to existing agreements between carriers and municipalities instead of just future agreements. This would require changing the draft order before next week’s vote.

“The Commission should clarify that this standard applies not only to municipal regulations but also to existing and future agreements between municipalities and carriers,” AT&T wrote Wednesday. “Otherwise, carriers paying exorbitant fees under an existing agreement with a jurisdiction will operate at a competitive disadvantage relative to new entrants who pay presumptively reasonable fees.”

No surprise there, right?

Don’t want small cell towers and wireless infrastructure installed in front of your home or throughout your community?  Make a complaint with the FCC ASAP.

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  1. By 2025, the only surviving humans will be getting by with just wired internet and flip phones. Planet of the Apes will no longer be fiction.

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