New Study Says Big Cats and Other Endangered Animals Do Best Where There’s No Phone Coverage. Other Studies Spanning Several Decades Agree. =^..^=

By B.N. Frank

Hold the phone but definitely not near any kitties!

A recently published article, “No Cell-phone Reception? That’s Good News for Jaguars,” reveals

A new study finds that the big cats and other endangered animals do best in places where there’s no phone coverage.”

In fact, phones and jaguars just don’t go well together at all. A new study finds that the big cats and dozens of other threatened mammal species do best in areas where there isn’t much human disturbance — in particular, places where you can’t get any coverage.

Decades of research on cell phone radiation, other sources of wireless (WiFi) radiation as well as electrical pollution (Electrosmog) has also already proven that exposure to any and all of the above can cause serious harm to nature, animals, and humans – especially those who are already vulnerable like children, the disabled, and the elderly.

But this doesn’t mean you have to give up all your technology and move into a cave with your kitties to guarantee their health and happiness!!!

You actually DON’T NEED wireless (WiFi) radiation emitting sources to operate all of your devices.  Wired Internet through a phone line has been a safer alternative to WiFi for many years already.  Many organizations have actually been fighting in the U.S. and elsewhere to have wireless (WiFi) radiation replaced in schools with wired Internet for this reason.  (See list below.)

Wired Internet is how people originally accessed the Internet when it was first introduced.  If you’re not old enough to have used Wired Internet, your parents and grandparents probably did.

The world would be a very different place for kitties and everyone else if we all reduced our use of cell phones and other wireless (WiFi) radiation emitting and electronic devices.  Many people already support this idea and for various reasons.

Dr. Oz recently featured a segment on his show about how many Americans are concerned that elected officials and Telecom companies are installing barely tested 5G small cell towers everywhere – including in front of homes – which enable us to binge-watch, surf, and post online without worrying about our screens freezing up or being disconnected.

American elected officials have actually been creating and passing new laws that eliminate local governments from stopping Telecom companies from installing small 4G and 5G cell towers in communities and residential neighborhoods all over the country.

This is awful in so many ways.  In 2014, The Wall Street Journal published an article about how 1 in 10 U.S. cell tower grids violated federal RF safety levels and the Federal Communications Commission was not correcting this.  “The Race for 5G” will add hundreds of thousands, if not millions more cell towers all over the U.S.

1 in 10 cell towers already violate RF safety standards!

It may be true that having our screens freeze up and being disconnected from the Internet can be frustrating.  But having sick kitties and other sick loved ones is heartbreaking.

Decades of research has already proven everyone would be healthier mentally, physically and emotionally if we all committed to using cell phones and other wireless (WiFi) radiation emitting devices only in emergency situations.

Over the years, many media sources have published articles and produced segments encouraging us to reduce our cell phone use because of the potential for health issues.  One of the most recent is

Sexy people like Tom Brady and supermodel wife, Giselle Bunchen already reduce their exposure to cell phones and electronic devices.  There’s a very good possibility also that we’d all look and feel a little sexier if we reduced our exposure to them too.  Just saying…–

Besides the potential for health issues associated with cell phones and other wireless and electronic devices, they malfunction, catch fire, and explode.  That’s not a good time.

Utility “Smart” Meters also operate by using wireless (WiFi) radiation so they can definitely hurt kitties and everyone else too.

The federal safety guidelines for new technology like cell phones, WiFi routers, utility “Smart” Meters, etc. are based on testing conducted on plastic mannequin heads and bodies.

Kitties don’t have plastic heads.  Neither do humans or other critters.

Even more frustrating, our tax dollars continue to be wasted on wireless (WiFi) radiation emitting technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) which has a 75% failure rate and of course, utility “Smart” Meters which have so far been pretty much a total disaster for everyone but the utility companies.

It’s already been reported that utility “Smart” Meters will continue to be problematic.  5G technology is already proving to be one more thing that is costly taxpayers big-time. As if we need one more thing like that.

Plus it’s gonna hurt kitties.  Don’t forget the kitties.  Please save the kitties.   =^..^=

Hell – save us all.

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