Do We Need More Research? Or Do We Need to Stop Using Plastic Mannequin Heads and Bodies for “Safety Testing” on Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices?

By B.N. Frank

I am not pulling your leg.

The Federal Communications Commission has a website which explains how cell phones and other wireless devices are tested for safety.

This is called SAR Testing.  SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate.  The FCC explains:

SAR testing uses standardized models of the human head and body that are filled with liquids that simulate the RF absorption characteristics of different human tissues.

Feel like you’re in The Twilight Zone yet?

The Specific Absorption Rate for cellphones was set in 1993 when less than 10% of the population used cellphones.  It was based on a model of the human head taken from a male military recruit in the top 10% in height and weight (6 feet 2 and 220 pounds).  It is a measure of maximum power emitted under one frequency (whereas most smartphones today use several different frequencies).

The SAR limit does not protect users from non-thermal effects caused by the cumulative exposure over time to cell phone radiation.  The SAR standard was developed to protect users only from the acute effects of the heat generated by microwave radiation (i.e., the thermal effect).

All of this SAR stuff basically boils down to what happens in 6 minutes (see page 3)  “Exposure Limits: The Underestimation of absorbed Cell Phone Radiation, especially in children.”

SAR testing is done on all new wireless technology:  “Consumers should remember that all wireless devices are certified to meet the FCC maximum SAR standards…”

This includes utility “Smart” Meters, modems, routers, “Smart” appliances, and more.  Ruh-Roh:

SAR Testing is still considered to be accurate by the FCC even though it isn’t considered to be accurate by many others.

Legislation written in 1996 protects Safety Standards determined by SAR Testing.

President Trump said during his campaign, “If you don’t like the laws, change them.”

Borrowing from Jeff Foxworthy, “Here’s your sign.”

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