The Irony of “Selfies” Surgery: Cell Phone Radiation Exposure and “Rapid Aging Syndrome”

By B.N. Frank

What a drag it is getting old…

It’s hard enough losing our youthful idealism and vitality.  Looking old can be the kiss of death in in personal relationships as well as in the job market.

Technology can be very beneficial.  However, it has also made it so that every teensy imperfection in our physical appearance is obvious – if not magnified – in digital photos.

One current solution to help us look better in photos is “Selfies Surgery.”

The irony of the “Selfies Surgery” is that

  1. All new wireless technology emits Wireless (WiFi) Radiation: Cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, utility “Smart” Meters, etc
  2. Wireless (WiFi) Radiation is Microwave Radiation – like what cooks food in a microwave oven.
  3. Many people hold their cell phones next to their faces– thus blasting their faces with microwave radiation – like what cooks food in a microwave oven.
  4. Manuals for cell phones include instructions that state DO NOT hold or carry cell phones directly next to face and body.

Most would agree that illness – regardless of the source – tends to age us faster.  When we are exposed to Wireless (WiFi) Radiation, we absorb it.  Decades of research has proven this can be harmful to our health. 

In regard to exposure to Wireless (WiFi) Radiation and other sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog), Dr. Magda Havas has named this process “Rapid Aging Syndrome.”

  1. Illness
  2. Pain
  3. Difficulty Sleeping

can be caused or increased by exposure or to Wireless (WiFi) radiation and other sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog).  

Everyone I know who has experienced chronic illness, chronic pain, and difficulty sleeping literally looks “worse for the wear.”

Here is a 15-minute video with Dr. Havas where she explains “Rapid Aging Syndrome” in detail:

Here’s a 2-minute video with Dr. Havas where she explains it in brief:

We are constantly warned about sun exposure.  We are not constantly warned about Wireless (WiFi) Radiation exposure.  But we have been warned:

In regard to cell phones, since 2009, America’s favorite doctor, Dr. Oz, has offered guidelines and encouraged us to exercise caution when using cell phones.  This includes NOT holding them too close to our faces and bodies.

In 2009, Dr. Magda Havas produced a 8-minute video comparing cell phones to cigarettes.

In 2010, GQ Magazine also compared cell phones to cigarettes.

In 2011, The World Health Organization classified all sources of Wireless (WiFi) Radiation as a “Group 2B Possible Carcinogen

Some scientists believe there is enough research that proves it should be classified as a Group A Carcinogen.

According to many scientists, U.S. federal safety standards and guidelines are outdated and inaccurate in regard to electronic and wireless products (here and here).

“Safety” testing on these products is done on plastic mannequin heads and bodies instead of humans, animals, or any live tissue.  Plastic mannequin heads don’t worry about how they look in selfies.

Recently CBS News posted on their website: “8 Dumb Things to Boost Possible Cancer Risk”

According to CBS News, you are being dumb if you:

  1. Sleep with a cell phone
  2. Carry cell phone too close to body
  3. Encourage kids to use cell phones
  4. Go cellular when the signal is weak
  5. Keep the keypad turned away
  6. Have a cellular gabfest
  7. Fail to switch sides (of your face where you hold your phone)
  8. Forget about texting (and opt to use phone to make calls instead)

Even if none of this concerns you – studies have found that cell phones are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Imagine what that’s doing to your complexion.

“Selfies” have become a part of our culture.  The more “Selfies” we take using our cell phones, the more we are exposing ourselves to wireless “microwave” radiation – even though our arms are extended to take “Selfie” pictures.

The great news is that we don’t need cell phones to take selfies or any other kinds of pictures and videos.  There are digital cameras available that do not have wireless (microwave) technology installed in them.  Eight years ago, I bought one from a popular drugstore chain for about $70.  It still works really well.

Many of us can’t afford “Selfies Surgery” and avoid medical procedures like the plague.

Many of us also don’t like:

  1. Illness
  2. Pain
  3. Difficulty Sleeping

It’s difficult enough trying to “grow old gracefully.”

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  1. They wish to reduce the commoner to a babbling idiot with their wi-fi, chemtrails, vaccines, gmo, fluoride, chlorine, other toxins found in furniture for instance, and perpetual wars.
    Dr. Oz is certainly not my favorite doc.
    Dr. Catherine J. Frompovich is.

  2. What is meant by ” keep the keypad turned away ” ?

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