National Geographic Joins Sprint to Promote 5G Despite Decades of Research Showing Harm to Wildlife from Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation. Two Paws Down.

By B.N. Frank

Sad and weird but true.  On January 23, 2018, National Geographic partnered with Sprint to offer a platform for Sprint to advertise 5G.

… 5G can perform up to ten times faster than the current 4G networks and enable a tremendous boost in data speed, meaning content that takes minutes to download now will be available in a matter of seconds.

Because 5G will rely on large blocks of contiguous high-band commercially deployable spectrum, Sprint’s unique and generous spectrum portfolio (the most of any domestic carrier) could make Sprint the best positioned to lead in developing the network of the future.

The limited amount of research done on 5G millimeter microwave radiation has raised so many red flags that even Dr. Oz featured a segment about it on his show, February 9, 2018.

Decades of research on cell phone radiation, other sources sources of wireless (WiFi) radiation as well as electrical pollution (Electrosmog) has also already proven that exposure to any and all of the above cause serious harm to nature, animals (including pets), and humans – especially those who are already vulnerable like children, the disabled, and the elderly.

So why exactly is National Geographic promoting 5G for Sprint?  According to this September 9, 2015 article from The Washington Post:

On Wednesday, the iconic ­yellow-bordered (National Geographic) magazine, beset by financial issues, entered its own uncharted territory. In an effort to stave off further decline, the magazine was effectively sold by its nonprofit parent organization to a for-profit venture whose principal shareholder is one of Rupert Murdoch’s global media companies.

In exchange for $725 million, the National Geographic Society passed the troubled magazine and its book, map and other media assets to a partnership headed by 21st Century Fox, the Murdoch-controlled company that owns the 20th Century Fox movie studio, the Fox television network and Fox News Channel. (emphasis added)

National Geographic isn’t the only beloved non-profit media source that seems to have given the keys to the kingdom to a for-profit corporation or industry.  PBS’s Sesame Street character, Elmo, has a friend, “Smarty, The Smart Phone” despite many years of medical professionals and media sources publishing articles and producing segments telling parents to keep children away from cell phones because it can increase possible cancer risk. is one of the latest with Cell Phones & Cancer:  8 Dumb Things to Boost Possible Cancer Risk”

In the meantime, Sprint doesn’t seem to want to stop encouraging children to use cell phones for school work.  This is despite the fact that tech inventors have been limiting their own kids’ access to cell phones and new technology for many years now, even sending them to private “low-tech” schools.

Over the last several months, many media sources have also published articles and segments telling parents not to encourage children to use cell phones and other electronic devices because of digital addiction.


At least some big kitty and wildlife enthusiasts aren’t being shy about their recent findings.  This recently published article, “No Cell-phone Reception? That’s Good News for Jaguars,” reveals

A new study finds that the big cats and other endangered animals do best in places where there’s no phone coverage.

In fact, phones and jaguars just don’t go well together at all. A new study finds that the big cats and dozens of other threatened mammal species do best in areas where there isn’t much human disturbance — in particular, places where you can’t get any coverage.

Big cats” are mammals.  Humans are mammals.  If big cats do best in places where you can’t get any coverage, you get the picture, right?

This doesn’t mean we have to give up all our technology!!!  But it’s truly never been a better time to re-think how much we all use our cell phones and other electronic and wireless devices.

If everyone reduced how much they used their cell phones and other digital devices, perhaps our elected officials would stop creating and passing laws that eliminate our ability to keep more cell towers including 5G from being installed all over the place.

It’s likely we’d all be healthier too: mentally, physically and emotionally.

Let’s not forget that many of us would also be more attractivenot just the already sexy people.

There wouldn’t be so many horrifying news stories about cell phones and other devices malfunctioning, catching fire and exploding.

Our tax dollars wouldn’t continue to be wasted on technology that never worked right in the first place and will more than likely continue to be problematic and costly for taxpayers.

We don’t need another source of wireless (WiFi) microwave radiation.  We don’t need 5G millimeter waves.  What the world needs now is love.

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  1. Top academics say all those approximately human sized animals are expendable, amirite Jordan Peterson? Coruscant Kool-Aid, they all drank it long ago, we have to snap them out of it

  2. 5g will fry us all and create even more exotic tumors and diseases.


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