Petition Started to Remove Netflix Series That Makes Fun of Sick People

By B.N. Frank

There are countless examples of illnesses that were once dismissed as cow pucky but eventually were proven to be real.  For those not old enough to remember, doctors used to recommended smoking cigarettes as being good for health.  It wasn’t until the last decade that gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease were recognized as NOT being psychosomatic which has led to “gluten-free” food choices being marketed everywhere.

A new Netflix series documents 3 people with what producers consider to be debilitating but rare health conditions. So many viewers think Netflix is mocking these sick people that there is petition to have the show removed.

One of the sick people was diagnosed with Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) which is the same as “Microwave Sickness,” a real illness that dates back to the 1950s.  During the Cold War, The Russians aimed beams emitting microwave radiation at the U.S. embassy in Moscow which caused many employees to get sick – and not just from cancer.

In 2010, health experts claimed that 3% of the population was clinically hypersensitive and as many as 1/3 of the population was sensitive to a lesser degree to exposure to cell phone and WiFi radiation as well as other sources of Electrical Pollution (aka Electrosmog).  They also said cases were increasing.

Up to 1/3 of the population being sensitive but not clinically hypersensitive doesn’t seem rare at all, does it?  Exposure can also create and/or worsen pre-existing conditions as well as ElectroSensitivity.  This being said, it seems that with enough exposure ANYONE and EVERYONE could eventually experience “Microwave Sickness” and even become ElectroSensitive (ES) or ElectroHypersensitive (EHS).

There are so many symptoms in people and animals (behavioral, emotional, mental, and physical) that ES/EHS aka “Microwave Sickness” is often misdiagnosed.  Lab testing can determine whether someone is suffering from it or not.

Medications can sometimes mask symptoms but they won’t cure the illness.  Eliminating or at least reducing exposure to sources of cell phone and WiFi radiation and electrical pollution (aka Electrosmog) is the key.

Unfortunately we’re all increasingly being exposed to unsafe levels of cell phone and WiFi radiation and Electrosmog and this isn’t only because of personal choicesThe Telecom Industry (Big Wireless) continues to be compared to “Big Tobacco” because they don’t care that their products and infrastructure is making people sick.  They just want to keep making money regardless of biological and environmental cost.  Many U.S. elected officials and government employees seem to be in no hurry to stop this either.  The same can’t be said for what’s happening overseas especially in France.

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