Exposure to 5G Small Cell Towers Can Cause Excessive Sweating. New Prescription for Excessive Armpit Sweating Approved by FDA in Time for Massive 5G Rollout.

By B.N. Frank

Excessive underarm sweating is unfortunate on so many levels.  For those who are suffering from it, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new prescription for ages 9 and up.

It is flammable, though, and users may also experience other unpleasant side effects in addition to their shirts catching fire. However, those who have personally experienced excessive armpit sweating understand why many people will try this product as well as provide it to their children.

It’s an interesting coincidence that the FDA approved this prescription just in time for the forced mass “rollout” or installation of 4G and 5G small cell towers in residential yards and everywhere else in U.S. communities as well as overseas.  Research has already determined that exposure to 5G can cause excessive sweating.

Dr. Yael Stein MD explains:

Computer simulations have demonstrated that sweat glands concentrate sub-terahertz waves in human skin. Humans could sense these waves as heat. The use of sub-terahertz (Millimeter wave) communications technology (cellphones, WiFi, antennas) could cause humans to percept physical pain via nociceptors.

Lloyd Burrell from Electricsense wrote a great article that includes as a comprehensive list of other horrible symptoms and conditions from exposure.

Other websites offer research links on 5G as well.  Here are two:

  1. EHTrust.org
  2. SaferEMR.com

Even if you aren’t concerned about sweating or other side effects from 5G, other members of your family may suffer including your pets.  In June, Dr. Naomi Wolf started discussing on social media what 5G was doing to New Yorkers.

5G technology is not necessary.  Everyone promoting it is promoting harm to every living thing on the planet.  It’s just that simple.

Decades of research from government, independent, industry and military scientists has already proven that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation is harmful in regard to cancer risk and so much more.  Lab testing is available to diagnose if exposure is causing or worsening a variety of symptoms and illnesses.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates new technology even though they are NOT a health organization.  FCC employees defer to the FDA to avoid being held accountable for harm caused by exposure to technology.

Recently Newsweek reported that Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, referred to results from a U.S. government study on cell phone radiation as a “game changer.”  Others experts are demanding that changes are made immediately to protect the public.  Also according to the Newsweek article, The FDA plans to do nothing.

Well – maybe not nothing.  After all, they did approve this flammable side-effect laden sweaty armpit prescription for ages 9 and up.

For over a year already, doctors, environmental groups, organizations, scientists, and some elected officials have been fighting legislation that forces 4G and 5G small cell towers and related infrastructure on the public.  More are joining the fight every day.

Since 2004, The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has opposed the use of stations for cell towers and antennas.  If firefighters are concerned about exposure – shouldn’t we all be?

5G makes a bad problem much worse.  Even high risk insurer, Lloyd’s of London, won’t cover wireless radiation hazards from new technology including cell towers.

Exposure concerns and warnings about exposure to wireless in addition to 5G have been covered already by broadcast news stations as well as many others such as:

  1. 2010 GQ Magazine
  2. 2010 NBCNews.com
  3. 2011 PBS
  4. 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics
  5. 2015 NBC “The Today Show”
  6. 2017 National Institutes of Health
  7. 2018 CBSNews.com
  8. 2018: Dr. Oz
  9. 2018 Daily Mail UK
  10. 2018 Democracy Now
  11. 2018 The Nation
  12. 2018 NPR
  13. 2018 The Telegraph UK

“The Race to 5G” is unforgivable.

For more information, visit the following websites:

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3 Comments on "Exposure to 5G Small Cell Towers Can Cause Excessive Sweating. New Prescription for Excessive Armpit Sweating Approved by FDA in Time for Massive 5G Rollout."


  2. When something is pushed as hard as this and all evidence of harm is ignored (as per vaccination, fluoride, pesticides, EMFs now ….and the list goes on) then one has to consider whether a deeper agenda is, in fact, at play.

    I saw a report from the US about a guy in Australia who was overseeing part of the rollout here, and not sure what happened or what he found out, but he quit his job, borrowed a friend’s tank and demolished about 8 towers. This is what I read via the US, however, I saw NOTHING about this here in Oz. He was sent to jail for 8 months, so the story went.

    The question is – who exactly is demanding that internet speeds and life in general be sped up even more? Nobody that I know of. So this certainly doesn’t appear to be a case of supply in relation to demand. The only logical conclusion, therefore, it that it serves another nefarious purpose.

    I would foresee a huge increase in deaths from heart attacks, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders and more – let alone the increased sweating (at least one detoxes via sweating, and thus it has some use).

    Same old story with Big Pharma having already come up handily with the drug for this. A bit like the chemtrailing, where Monsanto already has patents for aluminium resistant plants!

    Happy coincidence?

  3. 5G has already been used in the military to disburse crowds. Imagine the control someone would have if a tower is on every block in your neighborhood.

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