Do You Love Your Kitty Enough to Trade Your Smart Phone for a Flip Phone? New Study on Big Cats Explains Why You Should

By B.N. Frank

A new study revealed that big cats and other endangered animals do best where there’s no phone coverage.

There has been research that revealed the same thing about all animals, plants, and humans.  This research spans several decades.  It includes studies on exposure to cell phone radiation, other sources of wireless radiation, and electrical pollution (Electrosmog).

In May of 2011, the World Health Organization classified cell phone and wireless (WiFi) radiation as a possible carcinogen.  Of course not every person or every kitty is going to get cancer from exposure to this.

But research has also proven that exposure can cause other health issues and worsen pre-existing conditions even if it didn’t cause them

Even if you can’t completely eliminate cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation from your life and your home, it has been advised by many sources including and Dr. Oz that you reduce it.  Switching from a “Smart” Phone to a Flip Phone is one option. 

You can also get landline and use corded telephones  – not cordless – in your home.  This would be much healthier for you, your children, and your kitty.  Having a landline means you could transfer calls from your cell phone to your corded phone which doesn’t emit radiation.

If you use a WiFi modem in your home, that is also emitting wireless radiation.  You can always replace your WiFi internet with a wired internet modem.  All you need is a landline phone.  This would be healthier for all of you too.

Wireless and digital utility “Smart” Meters also emit wireless radiation.  Some utility companies allow customers to “opt out” of wireless and digital “smart” meters and replace them with original analog meters.

Fitbits and other activity trackers emit WiFi radiation.  Not wearing them in your home and while you love on your kitty is definitely healthier for your kitty.

If you’re starting to wonder about how all of this might be affecting you as well as your kitty, you might be surprised to learn that no safe level of cell phone or wireless radiation has been determined for children or pregnant women.

You may not have been aware of any of this before now.  Your vet may not have discussed this with you.  Your doctor may not have discussed this with you.  They may have even dismissed your concerns about this affecting you or your kitty.  They may not be aware that up to 1/3 of the population is “sensitive” to all of this to some degree.

They may not be aware that mobile (cell) phone use for 5 minutes can cause significant memory impairment.  Or maybe they just forgot about it.

Maybe you’re still skeptical, too.  But have you ever thought about why these devices come with manuals with guidelines?  If they are completely harmless,  why do they need to be tested for safety at all?

Many scientists also believe there is enough research that shows that all sources of Wireless (WiFi) Radiation should be classified as a Group A Carcinogen.

Former Microsoft Canada president, Frank Clegg, is currently with Citizens for Safe Technology.  He stated:

Electrosensitivity is not like an allergy you are born with; it is an illness that builds up over increased time and radiation exposure.

Just as we cannot yet explain why some individuals will die from second-hand smoke and others can live a long life smoking 2 packs a day, we cannot explain why some individuals react to wireless radiation. (Source: Vitality Magazine)

Your kitty may seem fine right now being exposed to all of this.  However, he or she may not fare as well as you do in the long run.  Or it could turn out to be just the opposite.  So if you get sick, who will take care of your kitty?

You have options.  It’s up to you what you want to do about all of this.

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  1. Never got a “smart” phone. Still using my old flip phone.

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