180 Young Canadian Doctors Killed By COVID Shot?

By Neenah Payne

Mysterious killing of doctors – is big pharma involved? reported on 12/20/16:

“A spate of mysterious deaths and disappearances of US doctors has taken the alternative medicine community by storm. Many holistic practitioners have either disappeared or apparently committed suicide. Whatever be the case, the incidents that started in the summer of 2015 have left the community in a state of shock. Fingers are being pointed at the big pharmaceutical companies whom many believe are punishing these doctors for carrying on a crusade against vaccinations, which some believe cause cancer and autism.” It links to a video which shows just 13 of the 60 doctors who went missing.

In Have Sixty Holistic Doctors Died Suspicious Deaths In the Past Year? Snopes debunked that idea, but included photos of the 60 doctors shown below.

Sudden Deaths of 90 Canadian MDs In 2021-2022

William Makis, M.D. obtained a 4-year undergraduate degree in Immunology at the University of Toronto, a medical degree at McGill University, and a 5-year medical specialization in Nuclear Medicine Radiology and Oncology. He worked for AHS at Cross Cancer Institute as the Head of the Medical Isotope Cancer Treatment Program, and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology at the University of Alberta. He is a Canadian Nuclear Medicine Physician with training in Oncology, Radiation Therapy, and immunology. He is a University of Toronto Scholar and an author of over 100 peer-reviewed medical publications. Dr. Makis has discovered an increase in cancer that may be tied to the COVID vaccine and post-vaccination sudden deaths.

Dr. Makis discusses below the deaths of 90 Canadian doctors after they got the COVID shots.

90 Sudden or Unexpected Canadian Doctor Deaths — Dr. William Makis, MD 11/9/22

Ninety Canadian doctors have died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout out of the dangerous and ineffective Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines,” according to the research of Dr. William Makis, MD.

90.…without any investigation by the organization saddled with protecting its physician members, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Shockingly and to the contrary, the CMA has instead publicly stated on social media that Dr. Makis’ work is dangerous “disinformation” and ignored 2 open letters of concern with research findings from Dr. Makis. (See letters below.) Compared to the number of deaths pre-Covid jabs in 2019-2020, the numbers of deaths in 2021-2022 is exploding.

Join us for this explosive interview where Dr. Makis reveals disturbing trends within the 90 deaths, a major mechanism of vaccine injury and death, the Canadian Medical Association’s conflicted dismissal of the deaths, mainstream media collusion and the attacks on Dr. Makis himself for bringing such important information to the world.

The mainstream media will not bring you these reports.

Escalating Multi-Faceted War On Health

Autopsies of young people dying suddenly would determine if they are dying from the COVID shots. The interviewer points out that refusal to do those autopsies is part of the government coverup. He points out that Gov. Newsome of California is now threatening the licenses of any doctor who speaks up against the official COVID policies – labelling dissent “misinformation, disinformation,” etc. Yet, doctors have an obligation under the Hippocratic Oath to “first do no harm.” In addition, the First Amendment protects our right of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

NY Times: California Approves Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread False Information

War Is Growing Against Top American Doctors!
Growing Censorship of Questions About COVID Narrative

The interviewer recommends Corrupt to the Core: Memoirs of a Health Canada by Dr. Shiv Chopra.

Amazon Description

Dr. Shiv Chopra’s name has become synonymous with food safety. To protect the integrity of our food, he has waged many battles against a succession of Canadian Prime Ministers and federal ministries of health. He refused to approve various harmful drugs to be used in meat and milk production. He defied governmental gag orders, spoke publicly to the media, and testified at many Senate and parliamentary committees.

Time and again, the courts supported Dr. Chopra and ruled against government attempts to silence him. Also, time and again, the government allowed dangerous drugs, agricultural practices, and carcinogenic pesticides to enter the food supply. Here is the full account of how government corruption endangers the food supply and how Dr. Chopra and his colleagues continue to speak the truth. Most importantly, this book contains a blueprint for the establishment of food safety and security throughout the world.

Sudden Deaths of 150 Canadian MDs By 2023

In the video below, Dr. Makis explains that in October 2021, Canada mandated the COVID shots for healthcare workers. By December, young doctors who got the shots were dying in their sleep and from  exercise. He said he had found over 150 sudden deaths of doctors who got the COVID shots. The data revealed that in 2022, physicians in Canada had an increased mortality of 53% compared to 2019.

Let’s Talk COVID Vaccine Injury — Interview with Dr. William Makis M.D.

William Makis, M.D. is a Canadian Nuclear Medicine Physician with training in Oncology, Radiation Therapy, and immunology; he is a University of Toronto Scholar and an author of over 100 peer-reviewed medical publications. He has discovered an increase in cancer as it may be tied to the COVID vaccine and post-vaccination sudden deaths.

Dr. Makis explains that farm animals – chickens, pigs, and cows – are now being given mRNA vaccines. He says that is a poisoning of the food supply and he will do whatever he can to avoid eating those foods. He points out this could especially be an issue for people who like their steaks really rare. Dr. Makis advises people to be vigilant so they know where their food is coming from and to simply refuse to buy any meat from animals that have received the mRNA shots.  He says people may have to avoid grocery stores and buy their meat from farmers and ranchers they know are not injecting their farm animals with mRNA shots.

See Genetically Modified Beef, Chicken, and Pork and Take Control of Your Food and Health Now.

Dr. Makis says that zoo animals that have been given mRNA shots are experiencing many illnesses and are dying suddenly.

Dr. Makis said he is receiving a lot of death threats now. As a child he and his family escaped Communist Czechoslovakia. Now, he is aware that he and his wife may have to leave Canada for the US or Mexico! He is now joining American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough on the board of The Wellness Company. Host James Egidio points out that 10% of American doctors have contemplated suicide in the last two years! Dr. Makis says there have been skyrocketing suicides among doctors and other healthcare professionals. They agree that this is a global genocide.

Three Ways To Reduce Risks of COVID Shots

Dr. Makis warns that even people who have had no adverse reactions to the COVID shots may come down with a stoke or cancer because young people are dying with no symptoms or warning signs. So, he advises people who got the COVID shots to keep a medical journal. Dr. Makis also advises them to take supplements to mitigate the damages caused by the spike protein. These include NAC, quercetin, olive leaf, white pine needle tea, dandelion leaf and roots, and Black Seed Oil (nigella sativa).

Dr. Makis recommends eating natto kinase (natto/K2) to break down blood clots caused by the COVID shots which lead to many of the injuries and deaths. Eat Natto To Protect Your Heart and Bones! explains that natto is the world’s greatest super food. Also see Why You Need Vitamins D3-K2 Urgently!  New York Natto variety pack is a Japanese Probiotic Superfood in organic and non-GMO varieties.  All four flavors have a nutty taste and coffee aroma. However, natto is an acquired taste!

Visit: https://www.nyrture.com

Dr. Makis also recommends Intermittent Fasting aka Time Restricted Eating.

See The Complete Guide To Fasting by Jason Fung, MD.

Leading Cause of Death: “Cause Unknown”

Dr. Makis explains that the leading cause of death in Canada recently has been from “Cause Unknown” because medical authorities refuse to do the autopsies and tissue samples that could easily determine if people are dying from the COVID shots. He says that the excess deaths in Canada in the last 12 to 18 months have been in the tens of thousands. In the US, they have been in the hundreds of thousands – and it seems to be getting worse.

Dr. Makis explains that Canadian doctors under the age of 50 died in 2021-2022 at twice the rate as in 2019 and 2020. Doctors under the age of 40 are dying at five time the rate and doctors under the age of 30 are tying at 8 times the rate of the years before the COVID shots were required. Dr. Makis believes that these sudden deaths may be cause by sub-clinical myocarditis caused by the spike protein in the mRNA COVID shots for which the person may have no symptoms.

Dr. Makis says that it’s not just doctors who are dropping dead, but also nurses, university people, teachers, firefighters, and police. Dr. Makis points out that this is consistent with the findings of former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Edward Dowd. COVID-19: Western Depopulation Agenda?  shows that Dowd reported:  “Basically, millennials experienced a Vietnam War in the second half of 2021.” 58,000 U.S. troops died in the Vietnam War according to Dowd (National Archives stated 58,220 U.S. military fatal casualties of the Vietnam War). Dowd says, “This generation just experienced a Vietnam War.“

Dowd explains that he thinks this data is the smoking gun which shows the COVID-19 injections are causing excess mortality in all age groups. With this shocking data, Dowd labeled this “democide.” Wikipedia’s definition of democide: “Democide is the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder”. Dowd summarized: “So the government, through the mandates, has killed people.”

180 Doctors Have Now “Died Suddenly”

In the 8/23/23 video interview below, Dr. Makis says he has 1,000 cases of “Died Suddenly” that he hasn’t processed yet. Professions where people were required to get the COVID shots are experiencing sky-rocketing excess deaths, unusual sudden cardiac arrests, strokes, brain bleeds, neurological injuries, and turbo cancers. The interview mentions the article “’MRNA COVID Vaccines May Be Triggering ‘Turbo Cancers’ in Young People.

Dr. Makis says that about 180 young doctors have now “Died Suddenly” – most from cardiac arrests in their sleep or while exercising. However, some are dying from extremely aggressive cancers that kill them in 6-12 months. These cancers are also showing up in nurses, police, fire fighters, military, teachers. Dr, Makis says, “These cancers are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before!” However, doctors who speak up risk losing their medical licenses. So, the oncology community is completely ignoring this crisis.

Dr. Makis points out that anyone who took the COVID shots – even if they have had no symptoms — must take steps now to try to get rid of the spike protein. He recommends a 2-day to 3-day (48-72 hours) water fast to detox and reboot their immune system. He recommends bromelain, olive leaf extract, dandelion extract, vitamin B complex, high doses of vitamin C and vitamin D3, selenium, in addition to the supplements discussed above.

Dr. William Makis: mRNA and Turbo Cancers 8/23/23

The Covid vaccine rollout coincided with the emergence of the entirely new medical phenomenon of aggressive, rapid-onset cancers. Dubbed “turbo cancers,” these malignancies occur following Covid vaccinations; they are resistant to conventional treatments and are diagnosed in the younger cohorts. While the oncological community overwhelmingly chooses to ignore the new phenomenon, Dr. William Makis stands out as one of the few medical practitioners who records cases and conducts comprehensive scientific research on the factors that cause or contribute to this severe side effect of Covid mRNA inoculations.

In this interview with The New American, the internationally renowned expert provides unique insights into several viable hypotheses on how mRNA Covid injections can trigger the onset of turbo cancers. Though the exact mechanism of how it happens is not fully understood yet, there are multiple scientific discoveries, made usually by chance, that strongly suggest causal relations between Covid mRNA vaccinations and cancers. For one, mRNA disrupts the normal functioning of the immune system and impairs its cancer-surveillance and tumor-suppressing mechanisms.

Then, in a lab setting, RNA from vaccines has been shown to reverse-transcribe and integrate into the human genome, turning affected cells into permanent factories of toxic, cell-damaging spike proteins. Another bad news is the recently discovered DNA plasmids in Pfizer and Moderna shots that have a high potency for integrating with the human genome. This is especially concerning in light of these plasmids containing promoters of the Simian Virus 40 (SV40), a known human carcinogen.

Dr. Makis has been closely examining and chronicling unexpected deaths, especially in highly vaccinated and boosted cohorts and professions such as healthcare workers, which were subjected to harsh vaccine mandates in Canada. Daily, he receives thousands of messages from his readers on cases of sudden cardiac arrests and turbo cancers, some of which he publicizes on his best-selling Substack.

Dr. William Makis is a Canadian physician with extensive expertise in radiology, oncology, and immunology. He is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed medical publications and the Chief of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology at The Wellness Company Canada.

Dr. William Makis Discusses Alarming Rise in Cancer Rates & Possible Connection To COVID & mRNA Vaccines w. Dr. Kelly Victory and Dr. Drew 4/5/23

Dr. William Makis is an oncologist and cancer researcher who has been reporting on an alarming increase in cancer rates – and possible connections between sudden deaths and mRNA vaccines.

Doctors Fired For Telling The Truth

Fired For Telling the Truth: Doctors Are Under Attack (Video)

In this video, health activist and author Curtis Cost guides a lively discussion with some of the leading medical heretics in the world, including Andrew Wakefield MD, James Thorp MD, Paul Thomas MD, Renata Moon MD, Michael Huang MD, Susan Downs MD, Daniel Hagase MD, Brad Daucus Esq., and David Peters Esq.

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