Conflicted Barr, Clayton, Greg Werkheiser/MNAT Protect Sachs and Bain Cap. Rackets

By Aaron Kesel

Since the beginning, POTUS Trump has signed Executive Orders that have, no pun intended, trumped America.

Trump is “grifting” things by conflicts waivers, whereas USAG Barr is now on the record stating: “What exactly am I interfering with?” Barr asked during a recent speech at a college. “Under the law, all prosecutorial power is invested in the attorney general.”

Barr is one to speak about ethics when there’s an obvious conflict of interest with Barr previously being a partner of Kirkland and Ellis which is involved with defending the 1MDB deal.

But Trump has arranged that Barr is “ethically waived.”

Although there’s an ongoing international crisis, one of the biggest ongoing issues, for decades, has been the business practices of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital bankrupting companies.

As this reporter has been detailing (here and here and here), even before Toys R Us filed bankruptcy, it is observable that Sachs and Bain have been causing catastrophic multi-billion-dollar losses for investors and creditors.

Organized crimes are compounded by the massive loss of employment for the working class.

Under USAG Barr, SEC Jay Clayton and the Delaware Federal system of justice, willful blindness has placed the United States economy and its systems of justice, in peril.

Trump and USAG Barr have some splain’n to do.

Whistleblower Laser Haas in his quest for eToys justice has helped bust up several law firms, including Dreier LLP, Traub Bonacquist & Fox and he is currently working on helping to hold both Pierce Bainbridge and MNAT to account.

Trump golfed with Jay Clayton after this reporter noted Haas found smoking gun proof that Jay Clayton, Colm Connolly and Steven Peikin have buried Sachs and Bain Capital cases from being investigated or prosecuted.

USAG Barr then pushed out SDNY and EDNY U.S. Attorneys to pave the way for SEC Chairman Jay Clayton to be demoted to SDNY US Attorney (a place many claim Clayton is unqualified for); and Trump gave Goldman Sachs conflicted USAG Barr a Sachs Malaysia 1MDB waiver.

The next thing we see is – poof – Malaysia drops criminal charges against Goldman Sachs execs.

Then, Steven Peikin leaves the SEC (see this reporter’s recent article on Peikin here) and MNAT partner, Greg Werkheiser, recently fled to Benesch Law!

For 20 years, Goldman Sachs personnel and lawyers have been partners with Bain Capital personnel and lawyers, doing white collar organized crimes (racketeering) that have completely destroyed most iconic retail toy stores.

More than 50,000 plus jobs are gone with the plotted Bust Out demise of many toy industry companies such as Kay-Bee, Zainy Brainy, Jumbo Sports, Gymboree, FAO Schwarz, Toys R Us & eToys.

Greg Werkheiser and his conflicted associated parties helped make all that happen.

It began back in 1999 when the Delaware law firm of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell (MNAT) was part of the scheme to defraud Mattel investors of $4 billion via the merger of The Learning Company with MNAT involved (see my previous article here).

Goldman Sachs helped Bain Capital, Mitt Romney and Thomas Lee Partners get involved with Learning for $38 million.

At that time, $38 million turned into $4 billion – and MNAT partner “revolving door” federal prosecutor, Colm Felix Connolly (now promoted to be a Trump Judge), was the Delaware Assistant United States Attorney who had clerked for 3rd Circuit Judge Walter K Stapleton.

Judge Stapleton also was a partner of MNAT!

Resultant of the probable cooked books scheme that defrauded Mattel investors of $4 billion, the Bain Capital contingency reportedly received 12 million shares of Mattel stock, which was likely a part of the plot to march toward ownership of Toys R Us.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs defrauded its client, eToys of a billion dollars when eToys went public in 1999 (see NYT March 2013 article “Rigging the I.P.O. Game”  here).

Delaware United States Attorney Richard Andrews’ office was refusing to investigate or prosecute Goldman Sachs or Bain Capital for Mattel and eToys’ case; thus as when Colm Connolly switched sides from working as a prosecutor under Andrews so that Colm Connolly could become a partner of MNAT.

Connolly was an MNAT partner from 1999, until August 2001 (see Colm’s DOJ resume here).

After getting inside Mattel, Bain Capital continued its march towards Toys R Us by first acquiring Kay-Bee and stiffing Big Lots of near $100 million.

Due to Mattel and eToys being defrauded of billions of dollar, and Bain Capital needing to steal even more in order to buy Toys R Us, a plan was hatched to put eToys into bankruptcy (even though eToys was not insolvent).

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney bankrupted his Stage Stores entity, which was formulated by Michael Milken’s junk bond monies; and Trump continues to help Romney/Bain Capital with a recent pardon for Milken (see Trump Pardons Romney’s Fraudster Michael Milken).

A conflicted judge allowed Michael Milken’s junk bond monies to stay in place whilst the judge’s wife was partners in Stage Store’s formation (see Rolling Stone‘s September 2012 cover story by Matt Taibbi titled “Greed and Debt”).

Rolling Stone‘s Taibbi has spurned his source (Laser Haas) and that caused Taibbi to miss any important issues (such as Michael Glazer being simultaneously CEO of Kay-Bee and a Director at Stage Stores).

Barry Gold was Glazer’s executive assistant at Stage Stores who hired Paul Traub’s law firm to work for Stage’s bankruptcy case.

MNAT then placed eToys into bankruptcy; and Greg Werkheiser was MNAT’s partner court-appointed as eToys Debtor’s counsel; and Werkheiser was the person Chief Judge Walrath appointed as Laser Haas counsel for filing eToys’ case paperwork.

Paul Traub’s law firm snuck into eToys by numerous lies under oath (confessed) so that Traub could become the court-appointed eToys Creditors counsel.

Problem is, MNAT/Werkheiser was working for Mattel/Bain Capital/Learning Company and Traub was working for Stage Stores/Bain Cap/ Kay-Bee CEO Glazer prior to MNAT/Werkheiser/Traub moving over to the eToys cases.

By transitive logic of …. if A=B and B=C, then A=C – and that means Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital – Mattel, Werkheiser/ MNAT, Colm Connolly, Paul Traub, Barry Gold, Michael Glazer, and Kay-Bee – are one and the same – eToys case gang.

Subsequently, evidence arose that proves both SEC Chairman Jay Clayton and SEC top enforcer Steven Peikin have serious conflicts of interest, which have become impeachable issues due to the fact both Clayton and Peikin have been willfully blind to the eToys-related cases.

This is why Toys R Us was deliberately destroyed!

Paul Traub’s deceits were just as serious an illegal issue as they could be, because Traub worked under Bain Capital, Barry Gold, and Kay-Bee CEO Michael Glazer – who all were at Stage Stores.

Werkheiser’s MNAT firm, along with Paul Traub, Bain Capital, Barry Gold and Michael Glazer all moved over to eToys – lying under oath – to conceal the fact MNAT & Traub’s law firm’s many conflicts included their direct connections to Mattel, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Michael Glazer, and Kay-Bee.

It was the plan of the perpetrators to sell eToys billion-dollar company to Bain Capital/Kay-Bee for a mere $5.4 million; but that plot was foiled by ‘Laser the Liquidator’.

Laser, as court-appointed fiduciary CEO of eToys, discovered there was grand larceny going on, in the millions of dollars; Laser reported his findings of the many schemes to eToys VPs David Haddad and David Gatto.

Laser also reported his findings to eToys Debtor’s counsel, Greg Werkheiser of MNAT; and Haas also reported the crimes to Federal authorities and eToys Creditors counsel Paul Traub.

Being that Laser was the only non-conspirator – things began to blow up as the racketeers began to panic.

Making matters worse, eToys VP David Haddad was one of the parties who was hiding $2 million dollars of cash, of eToys, in London.

Haddad’s ploy should have resulted in criminal prosecution. But due to the fact that neither eToys Debtor’s counsel of MNAT’s Greg Werkheiser, nor Creditors counsel Paul Traub wanted to upset their masters of Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital – MNAT/ Werkheiser partner, Colm Connolly, made sure the prosecutions never occurred.

David Haddad also was another ace-in-the-hole for the criminal conspiracy, because Haddad also had been the President of Mattel’s Media Division.

Laser had lined up buyers to pay tens of millions of dollars for eToys assets; and Laser even had a merger planned with Scholastic.

Werkheiser and Traub quashed the profitable deals.

Laser’s success of getting higher sales prices frustrated the many Machiavellian schemes running amok – and this is when the crooks tried to bribe Laser Haas.

The scheme to bribe Lased failed when he turned down the bribery offer – and reported the bribery attempt – to the Delaware Department of Justice.

Unfortunately, along with Laser being unaware that both Werkheiser and Traub were partners in crime, breaking the law, Laser was subsequently unaware that David Haddad was colluding with Mattel, Sachs, and Bain Capital to permanently destroy eToys public company.

Compounding all of those schemes and artifices to defraud their court-approved clients, there was the additional burden upon justice that Greg Werkheiser MNAT partner (Colm Connolly) had switched sides to go back to the DOJ.

Colm Connolly then became Delaware United States Attorney, as sole authority, who continued to bury Mattel, Fingerhut, Kay-Bee, and eToys cases from investigation or prosecution.

Then, Greg Werkheiser as a partner of MNAT forged Laser’s eToys resignation paperwork.

Upon sneaking the forgery into the court docket – the racketeers then inserted Barry Gold into Laser’s position as President/CEO of eToys – doing so without disclosing Barry Gold worked under Glazer whilst Barry Gold was partners of Paul Traub.

Transitive logic points out the fact that being MNAT/Werkheiser worked for Sachs & Bain Capital, with Barry Gold furtively in Laser’s seat as the new head of eToys,and being represented by MNAT/ Werkheiser – whilst Barry Gold also was Paul Traub’s partner, (where Traub is supposed to be opposite eToys and its CEO as Mattel/ Creditors counsel) – then there was no good faith/ “arm’s length” between eToys Debtors and Creditors.

In 2001, Laser authorized eToys suing Goldman Sachs in New York Supreme Court for the billion dollars Sachs ripped eToys off when Sachs took eToys public.

With Laser out of the picture, Barry Gold and MNAT nominated their partner in crimes – Paul Traub – to be the guy to sue Goldman Sachs in NY Supreme Court case 601805/2002.

In 2005, Laser compelled Paul Traub to confess that Traub and Barry Gold were partners in Asset Disposition Advisors, formed in April 2001.

Traub also confessed that Barry Gold was a paid person from Traub’s law firm.

Also in 2005, Greg Werkheiser’s MNAT law firm confessed that MNAT failed to disclose Goldman Sachs also was a client of MNAT.

In other words, when Werkheiser was helping Barry Gold and Paul Traub defraud eToys – in essence – Goldman Sachs was suing Goldman Sachs; and eToys lost a billion dollars, a second time!

Confident they were getting away totally scot-free (the bandits having their other ace-in-the-hole of MNAT partner, Colm Connolly, being THE United States Attorney, in Delaware), the culprits knew Colm Connolly would assure the DOJ never would allow a case against Werkheiser/MNAT/Traub – or their secret clients of Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, and Mattel.

When you are Al Capone (Bain, Sachs, MNAT/Werkheiser)  protected from indictments – because your Frank Nitti buddy (Colm Connolly) is the federal prosecutor over your cases – then the racketeers steal bigger and faster from as many as they can.

Whereas Mattel, Traub, and Werkheiser have helped Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital fleece billions and totally destroy Kay-Bee, Zainy Brainy, Jumbo Sports, FAO Schwarz, Gymboree, Toys R Us, and eToys.

But Trump, USAG Barr, and SEC Chairman Jay Clayton think they can let the crooks slither away into unjustly enriched retirement (like Romney has done parking Sankaty mega millions – offshore – in Bermuda).

Paul Traub has moved on from being fraud partners of Marc Dreier (doing 20 years in prison), and Traub got away with being “control” partners of Tom Petters Ponzi (Tom doing 50 years).

The schemers escalated the amounts they fleece.

If you will look again at Rolling Stone‘s “Greed and Debt” article by Taibbi – the parties escalated their bribery schemes. Michael Glazer paid himself $18 million and Glazer paid Bain Capital $83 million – prior to Michael filing bankruptcy of Kay-Bee.

In 2005, after MNAT confessed part of its deceit in eToys, and Traub confessed international lies under oath about Barry Gold – it was at this time Laser blew the whistle on the Kay-Bee Toys case of the $100 million dollar fraud.

Illegally, Greg Werkheiser’s MNAT was representing eToys against Bain Capital – whilst MNAT was also in the Kay-Bee case representing Bain Capital concerning the $100 million fraudulent conveyance.

Making matters even worse, MNAT partner Colm Connolly was the Delaware US Attorney, and Paul Roy Traub was the person asking to be the prosecutor of Glazer and Bain Capital (as Traub concealed the fact he worked under Bain and Glazer at Stage Stores).

Traub partners also worked both sides of Okun 1031 Tax Group (Ed Okun died after getting 100 years in prison).

Paul Traub has since changed company names to Consilium, whilst Barry Gold seems to have vanished.

During his pursuits for justice, Laser has blown the whistle on many other of the Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital/Traub cases; and he also helps others fighting crooked law firms.

Currently, Laser is helping to hold his 6th law firm accountable: Pierce Bainbridge.

Pierce Bainbridge has downsized from 70 lawyers to 10 (including listing clients like Tulsi Gabbard, Rudy Giuliani, and Michael Avenatti) after Pierce associate lawyer, Don Lewis, refused to do crimes and was retaliated upon (in a similar fashion that MNAT, Traub, and Werkheiser have retaliated upon Laser Haas).

Laser also suffered as his daughter was abducted shortly after his own lawyer emailed a Traub law firm partner a threat that Laser had to “back off” – or else!

Paul Roy Traub had an additional ace-in-the-hole with Larry Reynolds being involved with Traub, whilst Paul was in “control” of Tom Petters Ponzi.

Larry Reynolds was sitting 25 feet away from Laser, at another company Laser was saving, during the eToys cases (where Lasef kept his backups of eToys files, locked away).

Whilst Larry Reynolds was sitting a short distance from Laser, Reynolds was laundering $12 billion dollars for Tom Petters Ponzi (controlled by Paul Traub).

Mr. Reynolds’s actual name was Larry Reservitz, who laundered $12 billion dollars – while also being inside the federal government’s Witness Protection Program.

Inexplicably, due to people being willfully blind, like USAG Barr and SEC Chairman Jay Clayton, such seems to be the reason it takes 20 years to bring down fraudsters like Allen Stanford, Marc Dreier, Scott Rothstein (linked to Petters via Discala) Tom Petters, Ed Okun, and Bernie Madoff.

Laser has well-documented hundreds of racketeering crimes, including mayhem and homicides; but the DOJ, FBI and SEC federal government agents refuse to address the readily apparent organized crimes.

Greg Werkheiser has moved to a new Benesch law firm and has received emails from Laser Haas. Despite Laser begging Werkheiser to be the first to confess his MNAT crimes in eToys, Kay-Bee, Fingerhut, Mattel, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs cases – Greg Werkheiser remains silent at his new home of Benesch Law.

It appears Werkheiser simply doesn’t “get it”!

So Laser forced Greg’s wife, Rachael Werkheiser, to have her name redacted as an assistant to Chief Fed Bankruptcy Judge in Delaware.

Additionally, Laser already forced Paul Traub to be booted away from the Gordon Brothers and Epstein Becker & Green law firm.

MNAT is likely to be the 7th law firm Laser is going to take down, which could be why Greg Werkheiser has chosen to jump ship to Benesch Law (website here).

Perhaps Benesch Law has yet to get the memos.

Laser seems to have aided SEC Chair Jay Clayton and top enforcer Steven Peikin, to jump ship as well (see my articles on Clayton here and here, and on Steven Peikin here and here).

Perhaps Benesch Law is going to wait to see the response to my upcoming story on Colm Connolly’s gang seizing – Total Control – of Delaware Federal District Court, which continues to allow Wall Street fraudsters to run amuck.

There are only 4 Federal District Court Judgeships in Delaware; and though there are 50,000 lawyers in Delaware, the 4 District Court Judgeships belong to – Chief Judge Lenard P. Stark, Court Judge Richard Andrews, Court Judge, Colm Connolly, and Court Judge Maryellen Noreika.

Coincidentally, Leonard Stark was the Delaware Assistant U.S. Attorney under Colm Connolly.

DE District  Court Judge Richard Andrews was the DE US Attorney from 1999-2001; where Andrews filled in for Colm whilst Connolly was a partner of MNAT.

Then there’s Colm Connolly former US Attorney/ MNAT and Maryellen Noreika who also was a partner at MNAT.

The entire retail toys industry has been destroyed by Sachs and Bain Capitals RICO gang, with 50,000 plus jobs gone; and it is obvious Laser can’t go to the Delaware corrupted DOJ, US Trustee or Federal courts to get justice.

Compounding those racketeering crimes, there are several instances of mayhem and homicides Mitt Romney seeks to continue to be “retroactively” retired from.

But the shadows know, as does this reporter, that Laser has a new plan; because the new evidence/smoking guns – continue to be handed to Laser.

In 2005, Chief Delaware Bankruptcy Court Judge Mary F. Walrath published an OPINION (here) that warned MNAT/ Werkheiser, Barry Gold, and Paul Traub, if there were any other conflicts,  then the Judge warned that it would be consequential.

To this date, Greg Werkheiser, Paul Traub, and Barry Gold have never disclosed their many direct links (and many other conflicts of interest) to Mattel, federal agents, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital/ Kay-Bee, and Michael Glazer.

Greg Werkheiser/MNAT, Paul Traub, and Barry Gold all argued to the Chief Judge that eToys shareholders should not be allowed an equity committee, because MNAT/Werkheiser, Barry Gold, and MNAT promised they would protect eToys shareholders.

At the same time, whilst being questioned on the stand, both Barry Gold and Paul Traub denied being involved with each other.


After successfully blocking eToys shareholders, and being given a warning by the Chief Judge to stay clean, MNAT had eToys Books & Records destroyed; and then Werkheiser and Barry Gold betrayed their promise to eToys shareholders in a rush to settle eToys v. Goldman Sachs NY Supreme Court billion-dollar case for a paltry $7.5 million.

Oh Boy!

Compounding all that, Laser had sold eToys assets to Bain Capital/Kay Bee for tens of millions of dollars, which MNAT/ Greg Werkheiser and Paul Roy Traub reduced the sale prices of.

Geez, Louise…

With the whole gang believing they are protected by a never-ending stream of crony corrupts – like Colm Connolly, James Lackned, Steven Peikin, Ellen Slights, Jay Clayton and new willfully blind USAG Barr who gets a conflicts waiver from the Sachs-conflicted POTUS Trump – the racketeering gangs have more recently slaughtered Gymboree, Fingerhut, Stage Stores, and Toys R Us.

Being that MNAT/Werkheiser, Traub, Glazer, Colm Connolly, Jay Clayton, Steven Peikin, and Barry Gold have never addressed the fact Mattel/Bain Capital were partners with Goldman Sachs in destroying the entire, iconic, retail toys industry – then there’s no Statute of Limitations on Laser and the eToys cases.

Rhut Roh!

**By [@An0nkn0wledge](**

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post.

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