Jay Clayton’s SEC Protects Wall Street Racketeering

By Aaron Kesel

Empirical evidence indicates policy changes appear to be crippling watchdog organizations from addressing and arresting those on Wall Street committing fraud.

Many questionable legal provisions are transpiring within the federal system of justice, which victims of white collar crimes are crying foul about making fraud easier to get away with.

White collar offenders aren’t being called criminals, in some ways due to the repeal of Acts such as Glass Steagall.

According to various reports by mainstream media organizations like the Wall Street Journal, Politico and Bloomberg, fines upon Wall Street shenanigans are down this year, considerably; which means Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, two outspoken critics of Wall Street, were correct to be critical of Trump’s nomination of Jay Clayton to head the SEC.

As a matter of fact, SEC fines are the lowest they have been since 2013, according to Bloomberg.

Such reductions in penalties for misdeeds are even more alarming, considering the fact that entities like Wells Fargo are getting caught doing schemes resulting in the firing of thousands of employees for ripping off millions of customers.

Compounding the dynamics of weakening the laws meant to hold Wall Street in check are the more recent guttings of Dodd Frank Act, and putting Mick Mulvaney in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) who is on the record hating the CFPB.

There is also the fun fact that Congress and Trump have made it harder for victims of misdeeds to sue financial institutions by voting to end arbitration clauses that protect average Americans, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Now there is evidence that Jay Clayton, as Chairman of the SEC, is guilty of covering up Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital misdeeds.

Wall Street victims, like eToys shareholders and eToys court-appointed fiduciary Laser Haas, have complained repeatedly about Goldman Sachs partnership with Bain Capital in racketeering crimes (please see this reporter’s previous articles on Mattel, eToys, Fingerhut and Paul Traub frauds here and here).

Visibly, the SEC is covering up massive crimes by Sachs, Bain Capital and their bad faith lawyers ignoring Haas’s pleas in federal court for justice against bankruptcy rings.

It just so happens, that Jay Clayton was partners with the Sullivan & Cromwell law firm, which the eToys parties are accusing of being duplicitous in the deliberate destruction of the eToys public company, according to The Wall Street Journal. (archived)

Additionally, prior to Jay Clayton’s resume being yanked down all over the Web, Clayton boasted about being invested in Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital.

Furthermore, Jay Clayton and his Sullivan & Cromwell law firm represented Goldman Sachs, which Fortune magazine documents.

On top of all those glaring conflicts of interest issues, Jay Clayton’s wife (Greta Clayton) was a VP at Goldman Sachs, purportedly working the very mergers and acquisitions division the eToys victims claim has defrauded eToys.

Jay Clayton promised his wife Gretchen would resign from Goldman Sachs once he was confirmed as Chairman of the SEC. Yet, to this reporter’s knowledge, that doesn’t appear to be the case looking at her LinkedIn.

Speaking of confirmation, eToys usurped fiduciary, Laser Haas, attempted to block Jay Clayton’s nomination as Commissioner of the SEC because of these glaring conflict of interests issues, according to the lawsuit.

Whistleblower Laser Haas sued Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, the SEC, the FBI, the United States Trustee program and Assistant United States Attorney, Ellen Slights, for their connections; refusal to prosecute Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and seditious lawyers who rip off victims in the billions of dollars.

It is so commonly known that Wall Street is actually protected, rather than investigated and prosecuted, by our federal systems of justice, there’s a recent book by ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger entitled The Chickenshit Club.

Corroborating the fact that Washington, D.C., is hell-bent on protecting Wall Street, on March 22, 2017, the Federal District Court in Washington’s District of Columbia received Laser’s lawsuit seeking a Restraining Order until the Senate was made aware of the Goldman Sachs/Bain Capital enterprising and the plethora of Jay Clayton’s glaring conflicts of interests.

Inexplicably and intolerably, the Federal Clerk of Court, in violation of the law flatly refused to docket Laser’s litigation about Jay Clayton’s SEC nomination until 3 weeks after the Senate confirmed the nomination of Jay Clayton to be the new Chairman of the SEC.

The law states in Rule 79 that a clerk of the court is required to docket a case upon receiving; in this instance they say the case was filed May 9th. But this is contradicted by the court’s docket that notes the papers were received March 22nd. Further, as Laser himself documented, they refused to docket the case until 5/24/17 after the order to dismiss on 5/5/17.

It’s not as if Goldman Sachs is least likely to wind up on the SEC’s radar. Truth be told, Goldman Sachs is involved in so many aspects of Wall Street endeavors, from Treasury Bills, Public Offerings and more; which – in a legitimate era of justice – would mandate a task force dedicated to watchdogging just Goldman Sachs alone.

However, from the dynamics of what Fed investigator Carmen Segarra’s reports revealed, America is already well aware of the staunch refusal to investigate (properly) – much less dare to have the guts to prosecute – the likes of Goldman Sachs.

See a few of the cases this reporter has remarked upon (here) on how the federal watchdog agencies have refused to investigate and prosecute many cases.

These include, but are not limited to, many billions of dollars of questionable acts in the cases of  KB Toys, Stage Stores, Fingerhut, TerraStar, the 1.5 million domain names ripped off from Jeff Baron, how Ritchie Capital was fleeced of its $100 million-plus Polaroid deal, RedTag/Ibid, multi-billion-dollar rip off of Mattel, Okun 1031 Tax Group, Playco and eToys cases and many more.

Staunch refusals to prosecute create above-the-law fraudsters such as the recently discussed New York Attorney at Law, Paul Traub (see my previous article “Meet Mitt Romney’s Frank Nitti: Paul Traub”).

With Goldman Sachs/Bain Capital’s “guy” – Jay Clayton – now in charge of the top Wall Street watchdog agency, the SEC, it is far worse than mere issues as willfully blind prosecutors, as noted in Eisinger’s recent book The Chickenshit Club!

It appears it has long been open season for Wall Street to hunt for victims; and under Jay Clayton’s friendship with Wall Street, it’s going to get much worse.

Knowing they are free to rob without remorse or relent, they simply steal faster, bigger and from as many as they can.

Including the open season that expanded after the untimely demises of victims Marty Lackner, Anna Schaeffer, Jack Wheeler and eToys shareholder Robert Alber.

Alber was warned that “people like you who turns down a bribe – usually wakes up dead.”

Subsequently, after eToys shareholder Robert Alber was forced to shoot and kill would-be assassin Michael Sesseyoff in self-defense, Alber “woke up dead” like he was previously threatened.

Just days after Alber died, the Delaware Assistant United States Attorney Ellen Slights had the FBI contact Laser Haas and threaten Laser with federal prosecution – unless Haas immediately redacted certain names.

Who’s next? Will it be this last remaining whistleblower who dares to ignore threats of federal prosecution and those against his life seeking justice? Or will people finally wake up and understand what is going on as has been documented over and over again throughout this series?

If our tax-paid public servants have escalated their willful blindness to the point of being outright tools for Wall Street racketeering – then it is completely open season upon the American citizenry and as a result the economy.

U.S. President Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp” and criticized his opponent Hillary Clinton’s cozy relationship with Goldman Sachs. But he broke that promise, along with many others, putting Sachs executives all throughout his cabinet including National Security Adviser Dina Powell, Top Economic Advisor Gary Cohn, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, The Intercept reported.

All of which is compounded by the appointment of the much-conflicted Jay Clayton who has brought in two of his former colleagues at Goldman Sachs and his law firm Sullivan & Cromwell – Steven Peikin and Sean Memon – to help deregulate Wall Street.

This impotency of Jay Clayton concerning Goldman Sachs, and his participating in the deregulating of Wall Street, enables Goldman Sachs to continue its victimizing and also Sachs lawyers open season of perpetrating frauds on the courts.

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  1. Anyone remember at the turn when a couple of CEO’s were found guilty of theft?
    They both manged to steal employees 401 and turn the money over to their wives, as to be penniless.
    The sec reimbursed me to the tune of $300, sadly I was still down $149,700.
    The sec is just another worthless agency.

  2. I like how the fake left is claiming the fake right is criminal. Those two never had this complaint when a fake left puppet was head puppet. There is no draining that swamp; just leave it and let it rot.

  3. Trump the paradox.

  4. America Biggest EVIL Enemy is the Fed, IMF and World Bank Cartels. Trump needs to EDUCATE the American People about the Federal Reserve how they destroy there wealth, freedom and liberty. And then arrest and seize all Bank Cartels members including family and employees.

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