Goldman Sachs Is Split In 2 – Corrupt Culture

By Aaron Kesel

Goldman Sachs new CEO, David Solomon, has inherited very serious problems, including the Malaysia Multi-Billion-Dollar 1MDB scandal, where there’s already been a guilty plea by Sachs’ former exec, Tim Leissner.

If that’s not enough on Solomon’s plate, Leissner further stated in his guilty plea, what he did was “very much in line of its culture of Goldman Sachs to conceal facts from certain compliance and legal employees.” (archived)

Sachs’ new CEO responded concerning the debacle, stating:

“We believe our culture and our processes around our due diligence and compliance was strong at the time and is even stronger today,” Solomon said in a year-end message recorded for Goldman’s employees. “While we understand the anger and skepticism, we do not believe that the criticism directed at us accurately reflects who we were then or who we are now.”

Whistleblower Laser Haas took great umbrage with Sachs’ new CEO defending the “culture” of the company. So Laser Haas sent David Solomon a letter that this reporter published last week.

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Haas contends that, for there to be a good faith culture at Goldman Sachs, then the company must split in 2 with its Machiavellian part that has been doing organized crimes and obstruction – for the last 20 years – and the goodie two shoes good culture boys who rip off companies legally!

Interestingly enough, following Laser’s letter, Sachs CEO reported that Goldman’s number one lawyer, Gregory Palm, is quitting!

Could this be a cleaning of the house, for eToys and 1MDB’s sake? The timing can’t be dismissed.


This reporter has done vast research on Laser’s allegations for more than a year. Of those efforts, I’ve published over a dozen articles that well documents Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital are partners in billions of dollars of unjust enrichment by Wall Street frauds.

To assure the success of the schemes and artifice to defraud, there’s been 20 years of obstruction, retaliation, and cover-ups that are being aided by Federal corruption.

It began on or before Goldman Sachs lawyers at Sullivan and Cromwell (SullCrom) and Morris Nichols Arsht Tunnell (MNAT) aided and abetted the racketeering enterprise part of Goldman Sachs’ partnership with Bain Capital, since 1999.

Sachs and Bain fleeced billions from the Learning Company merger with Mattel, and bankruptcy ring racketeering of the Fingerhut and eToys cases (here).

In each of those instances, Colm Connolly was a Federal prosecutor who also switched sides, back and forth, as a partner with Sachs and Bain’s law firm of MNAT.

Both Haas and eToys were represented by MNAT’s partner, Greg Werkheiser.

Unfortunately, Greg Werkheiser and other MNAT law firm partners betrayed their court-approved clients while Colm Connolly betrayed the public’s trust to protect the success of the grand larcenies, as a gatekeeper preventing prosecution.

Due to those facts that are incontrovertible, this means that until Goldman Sachs new CEO, David Solomon, addresses the eToys related cases and talks to Laser Haas, any arguments about a new, clean, “culture” at Goldman Sachs is completely bogus.

Perhaps Solomon’s announcement of Gregory Palm quitting as Goldman Sachs top legal counsel, is the CEO’s way of beginning the cleaning of the house?

One thing is for sure, Gregory Palm was a SullCrom associate.

Another fact well known is SEC Chairman Jay Clayton was also SullCrom associate.

SullCrom is the defense counsel of Goldman Sachs in the eToys case.

A racketeering eToys case with SullCrom, aiding Sachs, Bain Capital, MNAT and Paul Traub all lying under oath to keep Laser Haas out of federal court. Because of the blatant conflicts of interest having to do with the case that would make any reasonable faithful prosecutor jump at the case.

But America needs to know the who, what’s, why’s!


Laser’s letter to David Solomon focused on 20 years of fraud, cover-ups, and obstruction of justice by Goldman Sachs’ two major law firms of SullCrom (where SEC Commissioner Jay Clayton was a partner, and Clayton refuses to address the eToys case.) The letter also mentioned Delaware Law firm MNAT (which is where newly confirmed Delaware District Court Judge Colm Connolly was a partner of MNAT).

As head of eToys, Laser Haas authorized a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs for Sachs orchestrating a classic pump-n-dump stock fraud scheme against eToys; which was reported on by New York Times reporter Joe Nocera in his March 2013 article titled “Rigging the I.P.O. Game.”

Nocera detailed the fact Goldman Sachs took eToys public for above $75 Per share; but eToys got less than $20.

A “spinning” ploy transpired where Goldman Sachs knew how high eToys stick would go (Nocera unearthed email proof that Saches exec Lawton Fitt made bets the stock would hit $80).

Then Goldman Sachs gave eToys under-priced shares to handpicked parties; who would – spin back – 50 percent of their windfall profits.

Making sure Goldman Sachs succeeded in the scheme, MNAT (secretly working for Sachs and Bain) deceived Laser, the courts, the eToys shareholders, and innocent creditors, through many lies under oath.

Then, MNAT perpetrated fraud after fraud to become and remain as eToys’ federal court-approved debtor’s counsel.

Subsequently, MNAT retaliated against Laser Haas by falsifying a HAAS Affidavit (that the crooks hid from Haas) whereby MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold lied to the federal court stating that Laser “waived” millions of dollars in fees and expenses.

Despite the fact everybody else was in on fleecing and destroying the eToys public company, Laser was able to drive up the initial sales price of $5.4 million for all of eToys assets, into tens of millions of dollars.

It appears that the corruption was so heavy that Laser’s own daughter was abducted after Haas’s lawyer actually had the gall to email Laser a threat from Paul Traub’s partner, Susan Balashack – that Laser Haas is to “back off” pursuing justice – or else!

Shortly after that, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, Laser began to study the law at the Department of Justice websites, and that is when Haas discovered the two smoking guns that will eventually bring down this mile-high house of cards.

Due to those smoking guns, Paul Traub confessed his partnership with Barry Gold, and MNAT confessed it failed to disclose the conflict of interest of simultaneously representing Goldman Sachs and also being court-approved counsel to represent eToys against Goldman Sachs.

This attack upon his family, by the abduction of his daughter, locked Laser into this civil war for the rest of his life.

Making matters worse, people who were working with Laser suffered assassination attempts and even wound up dead.

Since then, Laser has uncovered many more of what would be considered – yuuuge – smoking guns.

One of the most crucial unveilings is proof that Colm Connolly was both an MNAT partner and federal prosecutor (see Colm’s DOJ resume here and my detailed article on Trump nominating a racketeer for the federal bench).

Laser has been attacked by lawyers even at progressive websites like DailyKos, where DK’s Adam B stated Haas was lying about Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and others accused Laser of lying about former USAG John Ashcroft being on the record that “federal judges are in collusion with high ranking members of the United States Trustees program.”

Haas has been vindicated on both occasions proving his facts hold more than just a little water, albeit he holds the entire pot (here, here).

Laser also owns Fighting-Corruption and Petters-Fraud websites.

Haas’s efforts against Petters Ponzi and others helped more than 20 people land in jail, several national frauds and Ponzi schemes were shut down and multiple powerful law firms disbanded.

Whistleblower Haas believes MNAT will also be forced to close down because of MNAT’s many betrayals of its court-approved clients.

Court docket records detail numerous acts of MNAT doing overt efforts of lies under oath and obstruction of justice to protect Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs illegal benefits from organized crimes.

According to Laser’s filings there also are many Federal agents needing reprimands (who have since quit), such as Region 3 US Trustees Roberta DeAngelis, Kelly B Stapleton, and their underlying Mark Kenney.

DOJ Deputy Director Lawrence Friedman who was in charge of the million-plus annual bankruptcy cases had direct communication with Haas (here) promising the United States Trustee program was on top of the case.

Instead, Friedman’s email proved to be similar to the current lip service of the Sachs CEO.

Then Lawrence Friedman chose discretion over valor and resigned.

At the very time, DOJ Deputy Director Lawrence Friedman was promising to halt the organized crimes, Laser found a brand new smoking gun.

Haas blew the whistle on the KB case fraud of Michael Glazer paying himself $18 million and also giving Bain Capital $83 million prior to KB CEO Glazer filing bankruptcy of KB.

Laser was able to get Matt Taibbi to report on the KB case in the September 2012 Rolling Stone Matt Taibbi cover story “Greed and Debt.”

Shortly after that, Lawrence Friedman resigned, and the crimes, cronyism, cover-ups, and retaliation (all RICO “predicate act” crimes) escalated against whistleblower Laser Haas to an even further extent.

As a result of seeing how often Laser has nailed organized crimes and how many facts he has cited, this reporter refers to Laser Haas as a “serial” Wall St whistleblower. If not one of the only Wall St whistleblower’s in history who has actually had an effect.

Mattel, Tom Petters, Fingerhut, Marc Dreier, and eToys victims continue being ripped off, for 20 years, for billions of dollars. This reporter has written about those cases extensively for the past year – here, here, here and here.)

If that’s not bad enough, the victims also face being denied justice by the courts, and federal agents and agencies act as if confessions of intentionally lying under oath is ethics rocket science!

Goldman Sachs’ partnership with Bain Capital has so much power and undue influence that they were even able to get President Trump in on the obstruction either unknowingly or knowingly. Which, the latter would be a potential crime helping Sachs and Bain Capital avoid justice.

After Trump had the much-publicized public dinner with Mitt Romney, speciously, a SullCrom crony, Jay Clayton, was heavily pushed forward to be head of the SEC.

Jay Clayton as a partner of SullCrom represents Goldman Sachs, and Jay’s wife Gretchen was a partner of Goldman Sachs for 20 years.

It was also noted on the SullCrom website that Jay Clayton was invested in Bain Capital.

Furthermore, the corrupt MNAT law firm partner, Colm Connolly, who used to be the United States Attorney in Delaware, over many of the cases in question, was turned into a Delaware District Court federal judge by Trump.

Surreptitiously, these things happened after Laser sent Trump’s Administration a letter (here) warning Trump about these swamp things. When Haas did not see any response from the Trump Administration, and witnessed there was a huge push to get Jay Clayton to be head of the SEC, that is when Laser sued Trump, the FBI, DOJ, and others, in Washington, D.C. District Federal Court to block Clayton as head of the SEC.

Since Jay has been head of SEC, enforcements have been cut down 50%, despite the fact that there are a record number of whistleblowing cases.

It appears everyone knew that Laser Haas suing Trump could go viral, which would put an end to SullCrom getting their crony, Jay Clayton, in, as head of the SEC.

So, the Clerk of the Court refused to docket the case and stamped a big red “F-Deck” on it. (Which this reporter is still unsure about what F-Deck means despite digging and looking to no avail.)

Though it would take several hundred pages to detail over 200 felonies and issues of cronyism and corruption, the rest of this article will deal with what appears to be more chunks in the racketeering enterprise protective armor.

It took 20 years to take down Tom Petters, Allen Stanford, and Bernie Madoff; and now it would appear that Sachs is on the precipice of similar peril, with Laser reaching near the 20-year mark.

Goldman Sachs’ stock price has plummeted due to the Malaysia (1 Malaysia Development Bhd) 1MDB scandal and Sachs numero uno counsel, who holds majority of the shares out of anyone at Goldman – Gregory Palm – has now decided to retire. 1MDB has so far seen two former Goldman Sachs bankers charged including Tim Leissner and Roger Ng Chong Hwa.

Goldman’s former Southeast Asia chairman Tim Leissner pleaded guilty to conspiring to launder money and violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by paying bribes to Malaysia and Abu Dhabi officials, as well as circumventing Goldman’s internal accounting controls, and another banker according to prosecutors.

According to court papers, the scheme dates back to at least 2009, prosecutors said. Between 2012 and 2013, Leissner conspired with two others (Roger Ng Chong Hwa, and one unnamed individual) to acquire and retain business from 1MDB for the benefit of Goldman Sachs by promising bribes and kickbacks to government officials in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi using misappropriated and embezzled proceeds from 1MDB bond transactions.

Meanwhile, Goldman has also suspended its former co-head of Asia investment banking, Andrea Vella, over his role in the firm’s involvement with the case, pending a review of allegations, Bloomberg reported.

Back to Laser’s case, anybody that takes over Goldman Sachs as legal counsel will have to settle with Haas and eToys as he has shown he isn’t backing down.


Laser became a major case whistleblower after he was court appointed head executive of eToys. Haas turned down and reported a million dollar bribe by MNAT (eToys counsel who was also a lawyer for Laser’s interests as top exec of eToys), and the bribe was co-authored by eToys Creditors Committee court-approved attorney Paul Traub.

Inexplicably and intolerably, federal agents and agencies keep gifting Paul Traub never-ending get out of jail free cards.

According to Haas, Paul Traub is rumored to be known as the “Brown Bag man King of NY.”

Traub got a pass on readily apparent RICO law breaking, in the KB, Stage Stores, Marc Dreier, Fingerhut, Polaroid, Playco, Cosmetics Plus, Marc Dreier, Tom Petters and eToys cases dodging federal indictment bullet after bullet.

In either of those wrongdoings, Paul Traub could have been prosecuted and sentenced to decades in prison.

But MNAT and Traub are partners in eToys, and that benefits a never-ending POTUS wannabe, his Bain Capital, and Goldman Sachs.

So Traub continues to be – “Scot Free”!

As counsel for eToys and Haas, MNAT was required by law, to seek disqualification of Paul Traub, from eToys; especially after Traub confessed his Law firm intentionally left bogus affidavits to deceive the Chief Justice over the eToys case.

Unfortunately, Laser had no idea how deep and wide the circle of perpetrators were.

Prior to eToys bankruptcy, filed March 7, 2001, Paul Traub was working the Stage Stores mid-2000 bankruptcy case in Houston, Texas.

Houston was the home residence of Traub’s law firm partner, Susan Balashack.

Stage Stores was owned by Romney and Bain Capital, with Michael Glazer as a Director.

Barry Gold was Stages Stores Director’s assistant who personally hired Paul Traub’s law firm for the bankruptcy case of Stage Stores.

Michael Glazer also was simultaneous CEO of KB while a Director at Stage Stores.

Bain Capital/KB via Michael Glazer moved over to buy eToys for $5.4 million pretending to be opponents of Barry Gold, Paul Traub, and MNAT.

The crooks were able to circle around the entire case of eToys and KB by lying under oath, dozens and dozens of times, concealing the fact that Barry Gold and Paul Traub worked for Glazer at Stage Stores, and that MNAT handled the Delaware merger of The Learning Company, with Mattel, also owned by Romney and Bain.

Goldman Sachs helped Romney/ Bain get involved with The Learning Company; which resulted in billions of dollars in instant losses from what Laser alleges is a probable cooked books fraud.

Mattel was merged in Delaware where Colm Connolly was the federal prosecutor.

Then Colm Connolly switches sides to become a partner of MNAT and, coincidentally, the Delaware Department of Justice doesn’t pursue any investigation into Mattel’s public company billion dollar losses!

Also, as a result of the merger of Learning Company with Mattel, Mitt’s contingency reportedly got 12 million shares of Mattel stock.

Haas notes that the large Mattel stock ownership is possibly how Bain Capital kept getting inside track to win auctions of KB, FAO, and eToys, as Bain Capital marched toward ownership of Toys R Us.

In many of those cases, Paul Traub was Creditors Committee counsel, constantly lying under oath and concealing the facts Traub worked for Romney/Bain Capital at Stage Stores.

Both KB and eToys were in bankruptcy, multiple times and always found a way to wind up back at Bain Capital (this last time at Toys R Us).

Matt Taibbi’s “Greed and Debt” article focused on two cases of Laser’s. One was Stage Stores and the other KB’s bankruptcy.

As Taibbi reported, in his Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story (“Greed and Debt: The True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital”) The Boston Globe detailed Romney’s Stage Stores formation was funded by Michael Milken’s junk bonds. Not only that but a conflicted Judge Pollack presiding over Milken’s case allowed Romney to utilize the money despite the fact that the judge’s wife stood to make a profit from Stage Stores’ own dealings.

However, as has been reiterated in this series, Taibbi missed very important facts beyond that!

Glazer was CEO of KB while also being a Director at Stage Stores (actually, Michael Glazer is now CEO of Stage Stores according to Bloomberg.)

Also, Matt Taibbi missed the fact that Traub was creditor’s counsel in the KB bankruptcy case where MNAT was defending Bain Capital’s $83 million dollars fraudulent conveyance gifted to Bain by KB CEO Michael Glazer.

In an Al Capone being prosecuted by Frank Nitti type scenario, Paul Traub asked to be the one to sue Glazer and Bain.

This is why DOJ Deputy Director Lawrence Friedman quit.

On February 24, 2005, Friedman emailed Laser a promise the United States Trustee program was on the case.

A few weeks later, Haas learns about Traub and MNAT helping Glazer and Bain while Traub and the MNAT law firm are in eToys purportedly fighting against Glazer and Bain.

Then, to the rescue, Colm Connolly’s Delaware Department of Justice refuses to investigate or prosecute the Kay Bee and eToys cases (despite the fact MBAT and Traub confessed lying under oath).

Instead, Mark Kenney, working for the Delaware Department of Justice, asked the judge over the KB case to strike and expunge Laser’s evidence from the record.

Meanwhile, MNAT and Traub had replaced Laser as head of eToys, with Paul’s secret partner, Barry Gold.

So that Laser Haas would be blocked from representing himself, MNAT and Paul Traub and Mattel conned Haas to allow MNAT to represent Laser filing his payment and expenses requests to the Delaware Bankruptcy Court.

To assure Haas couldn’t appear pro se, the scheming parties convinced Laser to use a company, to save expenses and time by not actually taking the title of CEO; but, instead using Laser’s company, Collateral Logistics, Inc (CLI).

Despite the fact that Laser’s CLI contracts guarantee Haas millions in payment, with indemnification clauses against eToys’ agents fraud, a provision the judge approved of guaranteed attorney fees – and the fact that MNAT, Traub and Barry Gold confessed lies under oath.

Not one single attorney for Laser Haas/CLI, for 5 years ever put in proof of the frauds or sought to be paid one penny for thousands of hours of work.

Now, due to the fraud and betrayals of appointed counsels, Mitt’s group has killed the iconic Toys R Us, and Sachs’ “culture” ripped off Malaysia for billions.

Colm Connolly was a partner of the MNAT law firm from 1999 until August 2001.

Before 1999, Colm was a Delaware Assistant United States Attorney.

Before that time Colm Connolly clerked for Third Circuit Justice Walter K. Stapleton.

Judge Stapleton also was a partner of MNAT.

As noted (here) by the Tom Petters Ponzi case Federal Receiver, Douglas Kelley, who himself was a former federal prosecutor, states Paul Traub was partners of Marc Dreier, and Traub was the “controller” of Tom Petters.

Doug Kelley also makes sure Laser Haas doesn’t get credit. Kelley refers to Laser Haas the whistleblower in eToys case, as just another whistleblower, when he was hounding Minnesota to investigate Traub, Petters, and Dreier years before the arrests.

Petters Ponzi Receiver Doug Kelley also points out that Traub was partners of Dreier after Paul was caught for eToys frauds (by Laser Haas).

Dreier is doing 20 years in prison. Tom Petters is doing 50 years. A dozen others are doing many years in prison, linked to the Petters (Traub) Ponzi.

Tagg and Mitt Romney were at Solamere where they made a profit off Allen Stanford fraud.

Allen Stanford is doing 50 years in prison.

As is par for the course with Romney things, of keeping the parties together, Solamere hired the executives from Allen Stanford.

Among numerous cases, Paul Traub was also involved in the Levitz case (where one Levitz owners bed had been bathed in blood); and there are homicides related to eToys and Petters cases (including Marty Lackner who was brother to Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney James Lackner where James was head of the very Criminal Division that presided over Petters Ponzi whilst Haas was screaming for Minnesota DOJ to go after Marc Dreier/Paul Traub.)

Haas has helped several Law firms shift gears and disband. Including Kronish Lieb, Hutchins Wheeler, Traub Bonaquist Fox, Marc Dreier LLP, and Dewey LeBeouf.

Ron Sussman was at Kronish Lien while his lady was at Crossroads that worked eToys.

Crossroads was renamed Xroads and its worker Ellen was Barry Gold’s assistant.

Laser was conned by Mattel as creditors, via Traub and MNAT, to allow Barry Gold to come on board eToys to handle the lawsuit of eToys v Goldman Sachs in New York Supreme Court.

Haas was unaware, until years later, that Barry and Traub were partners that Traub’s law firm was making payments to Barry Gold until the schemers unlawfully locked Laser out of eToys by MNAT’ s forging of a HAAS Affidavit.

In reality Romney = Bain Capital = Kay Bee = Michael Glazer = Barry Gold = Paul Traub at Stage Stores.

Similarly, Goldman Sachs = Romney, Bain and MNAT at Learning/Mattel.

Also MNAT = Bain Capital in KB case!

Colm Connolly’s DOJ Resume unequivocally details the facts Colm clerked for 3rd Circuit Judge Walter K Stapleton (who was a partner of MNAT).

Then Connolly was a Delaware Assistant United States Attorney from 1992 until 1999.

In 1999, Colm Connolly became a partner, and he remained there until August 2, 2001, where Colm Connolly returned to the Delaware Justice Department as THE United States Attorney over the Mattel/ Learning, Fingerhut and eToys cases.

Fingerhut is an issue in both Delaware and Minnesota, because Laser authorized the continuing of litigation against Fingerhut for the botching of eToys customer orders in the tens of millions.

After MNAT forged the HAAS Affidavit, Traub and MNAT locked Laser out of eToys and replaced him with Barry Gold.

Paul Traub had formed a new partnership of Asset Disposition Advisors when Laser was compelled by the fraudsters to utilize Collateral Logistics to be head of eToys.

Asset Disposition Advisors worked in the KB case for Bain Capital interests while Barry Gold was illegally planted into eToys to replace Haas where Barry Gold was to protect the eToys public company against Bain/KB.

The Asset Disposition Advisors paperwork is the smoking gun that Haas discovered which proved Paul Traub was lying, as eToys creditors’ counsel (that includes Mattel), about Traub’s law firm having no connections to the case executives.

Once MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold had locked out Laser Haas from eToys, the parties racketeering enterprise set out to make their – real bosses – Bain Capital/Goldman Sachs, to be very happy Robber Barons.

To this very day, neither MNAT (and MNAT secret partner Colm Connolly), Barry Gold, nor Paul Traub have disclosed their partnership in defrauding eToys as they reduced the bid prices. Laser/CLI had gotten in tens of millions of dollars.

One such item is the domain name.

It was widely known that eToys spent $80 million on advertising and eToys had cultivated 3 million customers.

The original price Laser sold to Bain/KB, was $10 million dollars.

After they locked Haas out, the parties reduced the price to $3 million (and there’s no proof that such was ever paid).

This one criminal conspiracy, alone by itself, of the reduction of millions of dollars of sales price of domain name asset, is enough to end MNAT and put Greg Werkheisr, Paul Traub and Barry Gold in prison for a decade.

Bain Capital’s estimated exposure also could be hundreds of millions of a billion.

Not only that, the Sachs, Bain, Romney defraud of Mattel via Learning Company exposes both Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs billions of dollars, because of the Colm Connolly criminal conspiracy of Colm’s partnership with MNAT (who handled the Mattel/Learning merger.)

Arguably, Colm Connolly should be in prison; again, Trump’s Administration was informed of all this but Trump decided to make Colm Connolly a Delaware District Court Federal Justice instead.

Now, before you think that puts an end to Goldman Sachs’ stock price downfall, there’s more – very important – things.


This article began with the discussion of why Goldman Sachs “culture” dynamics remains a debatable issue. Even Goldman Sachs’ own former executive, Greg Smith, resigned by letter to The New York Times on Sachs’s toxicity.

TODAY is my last day at Goldman Sachs. After almost 12 years at the firm — first as a summer intern while at Stanford, then in New York for 10 years, and now in London — I believe I have worked here long enough to understand the trajectory of its culture, its people and its identity. And I can honestly say that the environment now is as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it.


It makes me ill how callously people talk about ripping their clients off. Over the last 12 months I have seen five different managing directors refer to their own clients as “muppets,” sometimes over internal e-mail. Even after the S.E.C., Fabulous Fab, Abacus, God’s work, Carl Levin, Vampire Squids? No humility? I mean, come on. Integrity? It is eroding. I don’t know of any illegal behavior, but will people push the envelope and pitch lucrative and complicated products to clients even if they are not the simplest investments or the ones most directly aligned with the client’s goals? Absolutely. Every day, in fact.

During Mitt Romney’s 2012 POTUS run, Mitt got caught (in several ways via Laser’s efforts) for lying on Romney’s Campaign Finance Form about when Mitt actually retired from Bain (see’s official letter calling for an investigation – here).

Romney claimed to have quit Bain Capital by February 11, 1999; and Mitt’s Campaign tried to make an adjustment to fit Romney’s sworn affidavit by claiming Mitt Romney “retroactively” retired from Bain Capital, as of August 2001, back to February 11, 1999.

Coincidentally, this is the same period of time that the Mattel/Learning, Fingerhut and eToys frauds began.

It also is no small matter of consequence that 1999 until August 2001 is the same time Colm Connolly was a partner of MNAT.

After Laser was locked out from eToys, MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub settled eToys v. Fingerhut for a paltry sum.

Then Tom Petters/Paul Traub “controlled” Ponzi bought Fingerhut with fraud monies.

Fingerhut’s corporate address was listed as 655 Third Ave, NY NY; which was the address of Traub, Bonacquist & Fox law firm (until the FBI raided Tom Petters offices).

Just prior to Tom Petters being raided by the FBI, Paul Traub went to Minnesota and a deal was made for Sachs and Bain to give $50 million to Fingerhut.

Speciously, the Minn feds never seized Fingerhut.

One of the homicides linked to these cases is the one of Lancelot Petters Ponzi agent Marty Lackner. Marty was the brother of Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney, James Lackner.

Marty was never arrested, nor indicted, and he was found dead in his closet.

Back in eToys, another similar such scheme was afoot. Just like the KB case of MNAT representing Bain Capital and Barry Gold working for KB via Asset Disposition Advisors, Mitt Romney was also double dipping the KB case via Romney’s Sankaty entity (a big story of its own for another time).

In the KB case, MNAT represents Bain while Paul Traub aides the schemes by asking the court to be the one to prosecute Michael Glazer and Bain Capital’s $100 million dollar fraud.

Colm Connolly (the former MNAT partner) and underlying Delaware Assistant U.S. Attorney Ellen Slights, along with Mark Kenney and Region 3 US Trustee Kelly B Stapleton came to the aide of the rackets.

The Delaware Justice Department had Laser Haas’s proof of crimes and corruption in the KB case stricken and expunged from the record.

Laser subsequently posed a question, online, asking if Kelly B. Stapleton was a relative of 3rd Circuit Judge (who Colm Connolly clerked for) named Walter K. Stapleton.

No answer came, but Kelly Stapleton quit!

Laser Haas and eToys shareholder Robert Alber sued the gang, and the case went to the Delaware District Court and then the 3rd Circuit, in Philadelphia.

Delaware District Court Judge Kent A Jordan Ordered a new appeal brief could occur on October 16, 2006 (a year before Haas learned that Colm Connolly was an MNAT partner).

Judge Jordan told MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold that “their lives were on the line.”

A few weeks later, Judge Jordan was promoted to the 3rd Circuit Court.

Another thing to note is that Donald Trump’s sister is a 3rd Circut judge.

United States Trustees attorneys Mark Kenney, Andy Vara and Roberta DeAngelis (who took back over after K. Stapleton Quit) are signatures on the Department of Justice’s 3rd Circuit brief.

Resultant of the false arguments by Vara, Kenney, and DeAngelis, an unsigned opinion by the 3rd Circuit ruled the eToys case was over (despite the fact the case dud not close until January 2015) and that the Federal Rules of Appeals Procedure did NOT apply to the eToys bankruptcy case.

Meanwhile, akin to the Nitti prosecuting Capone, with Laser Haas out of the way, Traub, Barry Gold, and MNAT made their boss at Bain Capital happy by reducing eToys’ asset sale prices to Bain/KB .

Then those parties moved over to the KB bankruptcy, and they also made Bain/KB happy with the rigging of the prosecution of the $100 million fraudulent conveyance payments of a pre-bankruptcy petition of $18 million to Glazer and $83 million to Bain.

Just one more thing to do:  the gangs had to complete their circling of the wagons to make Goldman Sachs happy and finish the protecting of Goldman Sachs ripping off the eToys IPO.

With Barry Gold planted inside eToys as the new CEO (instead of Laser Haas) – MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub hatched a new plan.

MNAT nominates Paul Traub to be the one to sue Goldman Sachs, on behalf of eToys, in the NY Supreme Court case 601805/2002.

MNAT did this scheme while lying under oath and concealing the fact MNAT was also a Goldman Sachs law firm. (oops!)

In essence, Goldman Sachs sued Goldman Sachs; and this is the “culture” that Sachs new CEO, David Solomon is defending.

Jay Clayton was a SullCrom partner.

SullCrom is Goldman Sachs NY law firm.

MNAT also is a law firm for Goldman Sachs in Delaware.

SullCrom’s Jeremy Bates worked with Laser Haas and provided proof that MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold – destroyed – eToys books and records early on in the eToys bankruptcy case; which was to help Goldman Sachs win against eToys in NY court.

Then, speciously, Jeremy Bates is let go from SullCrom after his whistleblower effort to stop the fraudulent acts.

In 2013, the New York Supreme Court of Appeals finally overturned the lower court ruling blocking Laser’s original authorized lawsuit against Goldman Sachs.

Sachs is now on a hook for billions of dollars!

But, there’s no need to fret. The Delaware Bankruptcy Court has aided the retaliation against Haas by the Delaware Bankruptcy Court Ordering that the Clerk is forbidden to allow Laser to file these facts about the frauds that took place, breaking the law!

Out in California the 9th Circuit (also in an unsigned opinion) ruled that all of these facts above is “insubstantial.” (It’s not.)

Then if that’s not enough, MNAT’s handpicked Paul Traub saves the day by rushing to settle the NY Supreme Court case of eToys v.Goldman Sachs for a mere $7.5 million.

Prior to that time, Traub, Barry Gold, and MNAT argued with the court that eToys shareholders don’t need another attorney, because MNAT has the shareholders backs. (A provably corrupted statement.)

Being that MNAT is also Goldman Sachs Attorney, this also means that Goldman Sachs lawyers promised to have the backs of eToys shareholders, a laughable suggestion when they ran a pump and dump scheme.

Protecting eToys was supposed to be Goldman Sachs’ job, in the first place (when Sachs originally took eToys public).

Romney has now become a United States Senator because Mitt believes one can “retroactively” retire from organized crimes.


Bloomberg‘s recent article on Gregory Palm retiring as Goldman Sachs’ number one lawyer, after 20 years, contains a crass remark by another one of SullCrom’s lawyers that shouldn’t be ignored.

While Goldman Sachs via SullCrom, MNAT, and their crony corrupt Colm Connolly Justice Department prosecutor turned into a federal judge, believe they can escape justice with Jay Clayton as head of the SEC – the “culture” of mocking CLIENTS and justice, at Goldman Sachs and their law firms, continues.

This toxic “culture” of Goldman Sachs and the fact personnel has previously been exposed by former Sachs executive Gregg Smith openly laughing in emails, about ripping off clients, is the very proof Goldman Sachs is divided in 2.

Reuters notes that an Attorney named Karen Seymor is with SullCrom now, after being a prosecutor of Martha Stewart, who went to prison for a minuscule single lie ( there are hundreds of lies under oath, in the eToys related cases, by dozens of parties colluding to defraud shareholders and Laser Haas).

Seymour is the lawyer handling GSachs 1MDB defenses.

The departing Gregory Palm also was a SullCrom associate as was SEC’s Jay Clayton. Bloomberg quotes another SullCrom buddy Bob Giuffra stating that Greg Palm has one major rule that Goldman Sachs pays smaller fines than JP Morgan.

Perhaps that won’t be so, this time! Can David Solomon fix the “Culture” at Goldman Sachs or is it a lost cause? This is a question we must ask ourselves as we view the history of Sachs.

America suffers from a split in culture.

Our senators, congressmen, lobbyists and even POTUS have questionable dual loyalties.

Most people care about equality and justice. But corporate banks and media only care about the bottom line.

Much like the feds, such as Petters Receiver Doug Kelley, Rolling Stone went far out of its way to both not give Laser credit for prompting the “Greed and Debt” story and failed to mention Mattel or eToys, two of the largest cases in history that could claw Sachs and Mitt back millions, potentially billions. Meanwhile, there’s no response by Sachs’ new CEO, David Solomon, to Laser’s letter on the corrupt culture of Sachs and on Goldman’s global empire being split in 2, fleecing mass victims of billions of dollars.

As such one of the question that started this Wall St Fraud Series must be asked. Does Wall St Bully Or Bribe Federal Prosecutors?

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