Justice Dept Shake-up: Jay Clayton Corruption Expands

By Aaron Kesel

Most are aware that U.S. President Donald Trump has appointed numerous Goldman Sachs persons to his cabinets; but almost no one (other than those reading my Wall Street fraud series) is aware that Goldman Sachs has infiltrated the DOJ – in order to protect a racketeering enterprise.

The truth is this, the DOJ is about to be greatly embarrassed.

Two years ago, both I and Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi had forewarned everyone that Jay Clayton was a bad choice to be head of the SEC. (See: Jay Clayton’s SEC Protects Wall Street Racketeering)

Trump has fired the NYC United States Attorney Geoffrey Berman who has been on top of numerous cases that may harm Trump and his gangs (such as Giuliani and Epstein cases). Apparently, the SEC Chairman has done such a good job in protecting Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital from indictments to the point that Trump has demoted Jay Clayton to replace Berman as SDNY U.S. Attorney. This shake-up of federal prosecutors is good for Trump, Sachs and Romney, but a very bad thing for justice in America.

There has been a number of iconic companies destroyed by Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs over the years

Everybody knows Toys R Us is bankrupt and totally gone. but few know that Bain Capital has also destroyed Kay Bee, Zainy Brainy, Gymboree, FAO Schwarz and eToys.

The other mostly unknown is that Bain Capital acquired all of those major Toy retailers via racketeering by lawyers that Congress has appropriately named “Bankruptcy Rings.”

Come September, this reporter is going to have the biggest scoop on this saga since this start; which is the culmination of several years of my researching, studying, and reporting on the Wall Street frauds about Goldman Sachs cronies being partnership with Bain Capital racketeers.

Major Justice Department embarrassments the DOJ hopes you never see

Trump originally nominated Jay Clayton after the Don’s very public dinner with Mitt Romney, because Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital rackets needed to have continuous protection from investigation and prosecution for a decade-plus of organized crimes. Thus far, Jay Clayton and his crony corrupts (like Steven Peikin) have done their part in protecting Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs to the point that the U.S. also lost the iconic company Toys R Us.

The very fact that so many major retailers, in a single industry, have been destroyed, where over 50,000-plus jobs and many billions of dollars from creditors and stockholders have been lost, should cause an investigation; but, instead, they just let it happen.

These dynamics are begging for federal inquiry; but federal agents and prosecutors, willfully blind or worse involved in the schemes, continue to protect the rackets.

As is usual with organized crime, in these eToys/ Toys R Us related cases, there are multiple instances of mayhem and homicides.

Recently, victims of the Toys R Us bankruptcy filed a lawsuit in NY, also alleging fraud.

For several years now, this reporter has put firth numerous articles, with detailed facts, of how Laser Haas was the court-appointed head of the public company eToys that was taken into bankruptcy – when eToys wasn’t broke.

Unfortunately, eToys’ and Laser’s court-approved law firm was Morris Nichols Arsht and Tunnell (MNAT) who Laser compelled to confess to lying under oath.

This reporter has often referred to Laser Haas as a “serial whistleblower” due to the fact Laser has also blown the whistle on Mattel/Learning, Tom Petters Ponzi, Kay Bee, FAO Schwarz, ToyTime, Playco, Zainy Brainy, Stage Stores, Cosmetics Plus, Marc Dreier, Vennes MetroGem, Lancelot, Palm Beach Links and Toys R Us frauds. These facts haven’t been revealed until today. Laser may be the single most prolific Wall St whistleblower in history.

Alarmingly, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs gangs (that includes crooked lawyers) are always able to get away with their schemes and artifice to defraud, because they have infiltrated America’s federal systems of justice, nationwide.

Revolving doors (the switching of sides) are a common tool where betrayal of the public’s trust becomes a pattern of the RICO enterprise that Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital have been utilizing for 20 years.

Empirical evidence of the FBI, SEC, DOJ and United States Trustee program staunch refusals to prosecute clearly demonstrates that Al Capone types (Sachs, Mitt, Bain, etc.) aren’t being prosecuted; because Frank Nitti types are handpicked federal agents, administrators, prosecutors and judges to protect them.

Corrupt fed prosecutor Colm Connolly has been rewarded with federal judgeship

Whilst Trump is moving Goldman Sachs crony Jay Clayton to be the SDNY United States Attorney,  there are other maneuverings also needed to protect the Bain Capital racketeering partnership with Goldman Sachs. Colm F. Connolly was promoted, and MNAT partner Greg Werkheiser has made a lateral move over to the Benesch Law firm.

Back in 1999, then Delaware Assistant United States Attorney Colm Connolly became visibly corrupt when Colm buried the fraud cases of Goldman Sachs partnership with Bain Capital to the tune of $5 billion dollars, ripping off Mattel and simultaneously defrauding eToys’ public stock offering.

Assistant United States Attorney Connolly was rewarded for burying the eToys and Mattel cases with a MNAT law firm partnership, which was a switch of sides from prosecutor to crook.

During that time frame, Laser was offered a bribe to be a Bain Capital roaming manager (such as Paul Roy Traub, Michael Glazer or Barry Gold), which Laser declined and reported to the Delaware Department of Justice.

Colm Connolly then “revolved doors” back to the DOJ; but this time Connolly was arranged to be the top dog as the only United States Attorney in Delaware.

After 7 years of Colm Connolly’s office repeatedly telling whistleblower Laser Haas that no laws were broken, Laser was presented proof that Connolly was a partner of the very MNAT law firm Colm was refusing to investigate or prosecute. Otherwise known as conflicts of interest.

That’s when Laser filed a Complaint (here) with the Public Corruption Task Force, which resulted in the dismantling of the special unit (and threats against career prosecutors).

Subsequently, George W Bush nominated Colm Connolly for the federal bench (here); but that failed when Laser compelled Senator Joe Biden to block Colm Connolly’s nomination (Biden refused to sign the Senate Slip for a vote on Colm.)

Then, after Trump became President, Colm Connolly successfully became a Delaware Federal Judge; because Trump stated he would ignore the protocol of Senate Slips (see my previous story on “Trump nominates racketeer for federal bench“).

The rackets expanded for billions more, aided and abetted by systemic corruption that supports Jay Clayton protecting Sachs and Bain

In order to continue to get away with their organized crimes, an extensive group of cronies within the federal systems of justice was needed to aid and abet Colm Connolly corruption.

Key betrayers of the public’s trust are alleged to include — Assistant U.S. Attorneys James Lackner in Minnesota,  Steven Peikin of SDNY, and Ellen Slights of Delaware.

Visibly, these betrayers are extensively willfully blind, and also are assisted by other high-level justice system authorities – handpicks.

Then there’s Executive Office for United States Trustees (EOUST) Director Clifford White III, and his underlings such as U.S. Trustee Region 3 Andy Vara who took over after DOJ Deputy Director Lawrence Friedman quit. EOUST Director Friedman emailed Laser a personal promise to address Paul Traub’s bankruptcy frauds.

Laser then discovered and blew the whistle on Traub doing another $100 million fraud in the Kay Bee case (see Taibbi’s “Greed and Debt” story – here).

DOJ Deputy Director Lawrence Friedman took the chickenshit way out – by resigning. It’s been Clifford White III covering up the crimes ever since 2005, alleges Laser.

Those corrupt parties needed elaborate Securities and Exchanges Commission protections, because there are billions of dollars of public company stock frauds, which was and is currently being protected by conflicted SEC Chairman Jay Clayton and top SEC Enforcer Steven Peikin.

Additionally, FBI Agents Paul Cavanaugh (Baltimore) and Scott Duffey (Wilmington, Delaware) are also brought on board the corruption train failing to investigate and go after the RICO organized crime gangs.

Details of the organized crimes remaining unaddressed included the racketeering gang marching towards owning Toys R Us. Which means Toys R Us bankruptcy could have been prevented had something been done about the crooks.

To make a long story short, you can read my detailed background facts of Mattel getting ripped off via ‘The Learning Company’ merger (here).

This was compounded by the eToys stock fraud as reported on by NY Times (here).

Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs top managers believed they were getting away with these Machiavellian frauds, 100 percent ‘Scot Free’; but that all changed when they offered eToys CEO, Laser Haas, a million dollar bribe, to become a partner of Romney’s racketeering gang.

Bain Capital already had a crew of cretins with  — Jack Bush, Larry Durant, Scott Henkin, Michael Glazer, Ronald Sussman, Barry Gold and Paul Roy Traub being roaming managers.

Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi also took Laser’s info and one of Taibbi’s biggest stories was the September 2002 Rolling Stone cover titled “Greed and Debt,” which discussed Laser’s other whistleblower cases of Stage Stores and Kay Bee.

A problem arose when Laser Haas turned down the bribe and reported it to the U.S. Trustee, FBI and DOJ Colm Connolly.

MNAT law firm partner Greg Werheiser is a key crooked lawyer who betrays court-approved clients’ trust (like eToys) to protect Sachs and Bain Capital frauds

Mattel and eToys frauds were protected by their home state of incorporation Delaware, corrupted Colm Connolly; and, after Colm Connolly switched sides to MNAT, then back to DOJ, the schemes escalated.

The MNAT law firm was court ordered to represent Laser’s efforts as Liquidation Consultant head of the eToys bankruptcy case; and MNAT also was court ordered to represent eToys.

Unfortunately, MNAT was simultaneously representing Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital whilst representing Laser Haas and eToys against Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, essentially and effectively playing both sides unbeknownst to Laser and Etoys shareholders at the time.

MNAT felt it was protected, as they had an ace-in-the-hole with Colm Connolly, where, for 2 decades, Colm Connolly has protected his cronies at MNAT and their racketeering clients of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital from being investigated or prosecuted.

Paul Roy Traub is the New York lawyer who worked under Michael Glazer at Mitt Romney’s Stage Stores; and then Paul Traub switched sides in a different way to become Mattel’s lawyer for toy company bankruptcies.

Traub’s being planted as creditors’ attorney, with MNAT being debtors’ attorney , assured Bain Cap would buy Kay Bee, Zainy Brainy, eToys and FAI Schwarz for as little as possible to make massive profits at the expense of workers and shareholders of the companies.

Even with such an unfair competitive edge, both Kay Bee and eToys were put into bankruptcy – multiple times, but always would end back at Bain Capital miraculously!

Last time, both eToys and Kay Bee were a part of the Toys R Us bankruptcy case; and the Toys R Us case is even being accused of bankruptcy fraud (here).

Furthermore, similar to Kay Bee case of Michael Glazer paying himself $18 million and gifting Bain Capital $83 million, prior to Kay Bee filing bankruptcy – Toys R Us reportedly has an issue where Toys R Us made several hundred million dollars exit the company – pre-bankruptcy petition.

With the snake of Colm Connolly as federal prosecutor, the Kay Bee fraud case wasn’t investigated.

By the way, making sure the proverbial “fux” would stay “in” – Colm’s MNAT law firm openly represented Bain Capital fraudulent conveyance of the $83 million – and Paul Traub was the prosecutor of Michael Glazer and Bain. That’s the same Traub that helped GRACE’S and Bain Capital be partners in Tom Petters Ponzi Fingerhut schemes.

Since then, Stage Stores has filed bankruptcy – again.

Trump’s dinner and purported fight with Mitt Romney is a snow job; as it is where corrupt cronies like Jay Clayton got promoted…..

Back in 2008, when Mitt Romney first ran to be President of the United States, the facts about Romney benefiting from organized crimes was circulated by Laser Haas; which helped stop Mitt’s POTUS quest dead in its tracks.

Laser further harassed Romney by pointing out that Paul Traub was partners with fraudsters Marc Dreier and Ponzi schemers like Tom Petters.

Mitt’s team also lost a qui tam case concerning Sodexo; where Laser was the one putting up and managing the website for the Carciero Brothers; where the Carciero’s won the Sodexo qui tam case.

Subsequent to Trump having dinner with Romney, many Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital cronies were promoted to key positions; which includes, but is not limited to, Colm Connolly, Jay Clayton and Steven Peikin.

Laser Haas sued Trump to block Jay Clayton’s nomination to the SEC

After Trump had his special dinner with Mitt Romney, this is when Laser sent a letter to Trump in an attempt to inform the President of the bad faith elements he was nominating (especially Jay Clayton being nominated to be head of the SEC).

When Trump’s Administration failed to respond, Laser sued the FBI, DOJ, SEC and Trump in Washington D.C. on March 22nd, 2017; but the D. C. Clerk of Court refused to docket Laser’s case for 2 months, until May 24th, 2017 (waiting until 3 weeks after Jay Clayton had been confirmed as Chairman of SEC).

Laser sought to block Jay Clayton to be head of the SEC, because Jay was invested in Bain, Jay’s wife was a partner of Goldman Sachs, and Jay Clayton was partners of GSachs Sullivan and Cromwell law firm; and SullCrom was part of the eToys case problem.


MNAT law firm betrayal of clients destroys eToys

Not knowing that eToys law firm of MNAT was double dealing, and how the rackets were using MNAT partner Colm Connolly to be a crony/ corrupt federal prosecutor, Laser (as head of eToys public company) authorized his attorney, MNAT, to be eToys attorney to sue Goldman Sachs (for Sachs defrauding eToys public stock offering – causing eToys to lose a billion dollars).

MNAT then forged the resignation of Laser, from eToys; and Paul Traub, who was eToys bankruptcy case creditors attorney then planted his partner (Barry Gold), into eToys, as the new President, CEO.

To this day, Barry Gold, Paul Traub and MNAT are concealing their ties to Bain Capital (Mattel and Stage Store cases); which is very important due to the fact that eToys assets were sold to Bain Capital/Kay Bee.

After usurping Laser Haas from being head of eToys, and planting in Barry Gold as new CEO, the racketeers compounded their crimes by reducing sale prices of eToys assets, to Bain Capital/Kay Bee.

Making matters even worse, MNAT, with Barry Gold sitting in silence, nominated Paul Traub to be the one to sue Goldman Sachs on behalf of eToys.

In reality, Sachs sued Sachs and eToys public company died, as eToys legitimate credits and stock holders lost a billion dollars, a 2nd time!

SEC Top Enforcer Steven Peikin also is a crony corrupt, according to Laser

After Jay Clayton was confirmed as Chairman of SEC, and the manipulation of the D.C. federal case of HAAS v. TRUMP was dismissed, then SEC Chairman Jay Clayton made Steven Peikin be the Top Enforcer for the SEC.

Both Jay Clayton and Steven Peikin were partners of Goldman Sachs law firm Sullivan and Cromwell; which means they have a serious conflict of interest when it comes to eToys (renamed ebc1) due to the fact Sullivan and Cromwell defended Goldman Sachs in the NY Supreme Court eToys case# 601805/2002.

Compounding the conflicts of interest issues are the facts that Jay Clayton’s wife (Gretchen) was a partner of Goldman Sachs, and Jay’s SullCrom resume bragged about being invested in Bain Capital.

Steven Peikin also has multiple conflict of interests issues relevant to eToys.

Similar to how Colm Connolly failed to prosecute cases, and then became partners of perpetrator MNAT; Steven Peikin was SDNY DOJ/SEC Task Force who failed to prosecute Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital public company swindles.

Peikin then became a partner of Goldman Sachs law firm Sullivan and Cromwell.

It appears that Jay Clayton made Steven Peikin be Top SEC Enforcer, in order to make sure the Mattel and eToys fraud cases, as well as others, are never investigated or prosecuted.

United States Trustee program’s systemic betrayal of the public’s trust

Congress has labeled lawyers regularly doing crimes in insolvency cases to be “Bankruptcy Rings” (see Third Circuit case of In re: Arkansas – here).

Though it is obvious that Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs are being protected by crony corrupts like Colm Connolly (and his assistants like Ellen Slights), along with Jay Clayton and Steven Peikin; the fact of the matter remains, an even bigger betrayer of the public’s trust are members of the United States Trustee program.

Whilst any U.S. Attorney’s office is tasked with prosecuting drug traffic, gangs, mobsters, federal crimes and racketeering; the United States Trustee program has only 2 jobs.

As noted on the United States Trustee website (here) the U.S. Trustee is responsible for monitoring case trustees and to protect the integrity of the system.

It is easy to see that the U S. Trustee system is failing – miserably.

Roberta DeAngelis, Kelly B Stapleton, Mark Kenney and DOJ Deputy Director Lawrence Friedman are former U.S. Trustee program betrayers of the public’s trust, who are retired.

Continuing to protect the rackets is DOJ Deputy Director Clifford White III (who took over after Laser Haas compelled Lawrence Friedman to resign in 2005); and White is utilizing another willfully blind of Region 3 U.S. Trustee Andy Vara.

Mr. Vara is an expert concerning conflicts of interest issues; he is often quoted about his works to stop the conflicts in the Ohio bankruptcy case of In re: Cold Metal!

For over a dozen years, EOUST Director Clifford White and his Region 3 Trustee Andy Vara have been protecting the eToys, FAO, Kay Bee and Zainy Brainy cases (all involving Paul Roy Traub, benefiting Bain Capital.)

More than 100 crimes and a dozen issues of mayhem and homicides are prevented from being properly investigated or prosecuted due to these willfully blind officials.

Paul Traub is being protected by Federal prosecutors, Ellen Slights, Steven Peikin, James Lackner and Jay Clayton….

Paul Traub and the MNAT law firm are key components of the rackets.

Greg Werkheiser was the main MNAT crooked lawyer who helped Traub defrauded the eToys case; but Werkheiser now seeks to escape the MNAT law firm culpability by Greg Werkheuser quitting MNAT and Werkheuser becoming a partner of the Benesch Law firm.

That being stated, there are major issues with how stupid it is that the DOJ hasn’t done something about Paul Roy Traub’s massive organized crimes. Meanwhile, a Bumblebee CEO gets 3 years for “price fixing”; whilst Sachs & Bain Cap remain ‘Scot Free’ on RICO.

A California federal judge recently sentenced Bumblebee CEO Chris Lischewski to 40 months in prison for being guilty of a price fixing conspiracy on tuna fish.

All the while, Goldman Sachs personnel/lawyers in partnership with Bain Capital persons and lawyers in the racketeering enterprise that destroyed Kay Bee – Zainy Brainy – Gymboree – FAO Schwarz – Toys”R”Us and eToys (after ripping off $4 billion from Mattel, Inc. ) continue to be protected by planted corrupt federal agents and prosecutors and judges. Like Ellen Slights, James Lackner, Clifford White III, Andy Vara, Paul Cavanaugh, Scott Duffey, and Colm Connolly.

These bad faith federal prosecutors and FBI agents criminal conspiracy to aid and protect Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital racketeering enterprise were emboldened by their crony corrupt co-conspirators at the SEC of Steven Peikin and Jay Clayton.

Over 50,000 jobs and $10 billion looted; with a dozen instances of mayhem and homicides remaining unaddressed.

But price fixing on tuna fish is a really that big of a deal.

Honestly, it’s as if Paul Roy Traub sought the World Record for being involved in the most fraud cases. Traub was involved in — Enron, Adelphia, Levitz, Kmart, Stage Stores, Kay Bee, Cosmetics Plus, Playco, FAO and eToys fraud cases.

Traub also was partners with fraudster Marc Dreier, double slammed Okun 1031 Tax Group case. If that’s not enough, our record setter for most frauds, Paul Roy Traub, was also “control” partner of Tom Petters Ponzi (see Petters case Federal Receiver remarks here).

How can one person involved in so many nationwide crime sprees remain free of investigation or prosecution whilst being labeled “control” partner of Tom Petters Ponzi?

Marc Dreier got 20 years in prison, and Tom Petters got 50 years.

Instead of being investigated or prosecuted, Mitt Romney’s Stage Store attorney, turned Mattel lawyer that gifted Bain Capital Toys R Us – Mr. Paul Roy Traub is rewarded everlasting “get out of jail free cards” – and Traub also got Fingerhut and Polaroid ownership.

The Department of Justice’s embarrassment can no longer be delayed…

There’s no question of whether or not crimes have been perpetrated; because Laser forced MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold to confess their lies under oath in eToys.

Since those confessions of “frauds on the court,” the incompetence, willful blindness and quid pro quo corruption (unjust enrichment, promotions, fee shares, etc.) of “purported” federal watchdogs has spawned additional material adverse harms, mayhem and worse across the nation. Now Jay Clayton is planning to move to SDNY U.S. Attorneys office; which would be to no avail if anyone decent was put in charge of the SEC.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the DOJ will continue to bury its head in the sand and remain permanently willfully blind to 100-plus crimes of perjury, retaliation, mail and wire fraud, RICO, intimidation of victim and witnesses, bankruptcy rings, and public corruption.

The funny thing is, the Justice Department keeps threatening whistleblower Laser Haas – that they will prosecute him under the 3 strikes law – unless Laser stops reporting the aforementioned crimes.

Laser Haas has brand new smoking guns and is now getting help from behind the scenes in Washington D.C.

Soon, Laser is going to file new details proving that Mattel is partners in the racketeering, which resulted in the demise of so many iconic companies.

On top of all that, there’s a dozen people dead, directly linked to Laser, whose daughter was also kidnapped; and there’s yet to be any semblance of justice.

However, all that’s about to change!

It’s kind of ironic that our federal agents, prosecutors and courts are more focused on threatening a guy who was arrested 45 years ago – after Laser turned down and reported a million dollar bribe (to Colm Connolly); because the DOJ’s bigger concerns is about their embarrassments for letting these crimes go unpunished.

It appears the the DOJ thinks it is more important to destroy a whistleblower – rather than doing its damn job of addressing racketeering organized crimes, aided by corruption, with dynamics of mayhem and murders.

Back in 2017, Matt Taibbi and this reporter both wrote how horrific a choice it was to allow Jay Clayton to become head of the SEC. Matt Taibbi (here) quoted a former congressional aide that “Clayton will be the most financially conflicted SEC chairman in history.” Whistleblower Laser Haas caused the Department of Justice Public Corruption Task Force to be shut down in 2008 (see L.A. Times “Shake-up rolls federal prosecutors”), and ever since there’s been nobody willing to address the public corruption in the case.

This reporter finds it extremely disturbing that our federal system of justice can be so infested with crony corrupts. Assistant United States Attorneys – Minnesota’s James Lackner and Delaware’s Ellen Slights –  continue to protect the Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Paul Roy Traub organized crimes; which has resulted in the demise of Toys R Us.

If only one, single, decent, tax-paid, public servant would do their damn job, then one of the largest Wall Street fraud rackets would be brought to an end. Instead, crony corrupts openly infest our federal watchdog agencies. As Jay Clayton attempts to infiltrate the SDNY United States Attorney’s office, we have to wonder what ducks are in a row to make sure the SEC leaves Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital alone for ripping off Mattel, eToys and Fingerhut for more than $5 billion.

Delaware has also expanded its racketeering reach with Greg Werkheiser trying to sneak away from culpable MNAT; whilst Greg Werkheiser’s wife Rachael is clerking for Delaware Chief Bankruptcy Justice Christopher S. Sontchi (see court pic below). Obviously, the Mattel and eToys cases are not the only ones we have to be concerned about.

The SDNY federal prosecutors also are reportedly investigating Giuliani, Epstein and other nationally significant and important cases; which is likely another specious reason Jay Clayton is taking his demotion.

If only one – just one – decent public servant had paid attention to this reporter’s warnings 2 years ago (here) where all were forewarned that Jay Clayton was a rotten apple when this reporter noted that President Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp” and criticized his equally corrupt opponent Hillary Clinton’s cozy relationship with Goldman Sachs. But he himself then broke that promise, along with many others, putting Sachs executives, all throughout his cabinet including – National Security Adviser Dina Powell, Top Economic Advisor Gary Cohn, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, as The Intercept also reported.

All of which is compounded by the appointment of the much-conflicted Jay Clayton who has brought in two of his former colleagues at Goldman Sachs and his law firm Sullivan & Cromwell – Steven Peikin and Sean Memon – to help deregulate Wall Street. This impotency of Jay Clayton concerning Goldman Sachs and his participating in the deregulating of Wall Street enables Goldman Sachs to continue its victimizing and also enables Sachs’ lawyers free open season of perpetrating frauds on the courts.

Our nation’s economic state is in serious peril, not just from evil threats foreign; but also from the absolute worst evil of enemies domestic like the crooked, crony, corrupt Jay Clayton.

**By [@An0nkn0wledge](https://hive.blog/@an0nkn0wledge)**

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post.

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