Tucker Carlson and Michelle Malkin Bash Big Tech For Pushing Products In Schools and Data Mining Students

By B.N. Frank

Many in the U.S. and around the world disapprove of how much technology is being used in school systems.  However, for over a decade already, “high tech” public schools have been promoted and implemented despite the fact that Silicon Valley parents (tech inventors) have been sending their own kids to low-tech or no-tech schools and limiting their exposure to screens at homes.  Now these Silicon Valley parents are reportedly even more desperate.  They are actually making nannies sign “no screen” contracts and spying on them to make sure they don’t break them.

Activist Post is one of countless sources that has been reporting about the many controversies stemming from tech use and exposure to children both in and out of the classroom.  Tucker Carlson has weighed on this before as well.  Last week, he and Michelle Malkin discussed how companies have also been collecting students’ private information (aka Data Mining) through school technology.

Last week, it was also reported that many phone companies were also collecting and selling customer location data without customer awareness or consent.  They agreed to stop after they were caught.

Privacy is one of many reasons to reduce children’s use and exposure to screens and other sources of digital, electronic and wireless devices, wearables, and infrastructure.  For more information, contact the organizations listed at the end of the article.

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