Campaign Promises by New School Board Members Include No Cell Towers on School Property

By B.N. Frank

This excellent news was reported yesterday by the Capital Gazette:

The county’s first-ever school board election introduced a new crop of members to the body that represents more than 83,000 children in Anne Arundel County.

Candace Antwine, District 1; Michelle Corkadel, District 7; Melissa Ellis, District 4; and Dana Schallheim, District 5, took office in December. They won voters over with promises to return lost step increases to teachers, invest in school safety and keep cell phone towers off school property.


Schallheim at her first meeting passed a motion to discuss the proposed cell phone tower project at Shady Side Elementary School. The board revisited the topic on Dec. 19, and voted 6 to 3 to suspend the plan.


And Corkadel’s knack for asking questions helped prompt an in-depth presentation on Shady Side Elementary. Alex Szachnowicz, schools chief operating officer, presented to the board before members voted to halt the cell tower project.

Since 2004, the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has opposed to use of their stations for cell towers and antennas due to health risks.  Insurance companies aren’t even covering wireless radiation exposure anymore because they know it’s too risky.  Decades of research has already proven that exposure to cell towers and other sources of wireless radiation is harmful.  It’s not just about cancer either.

There is also no scientifically proven “safe” level of exposure to cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation that has been determined for children and pregnant womenResearch has also proven that children and young people are more affected by exposure than adults.  This is why many Americans have also been fighting to replace WiFi in schools with hardwired Internet.

Every day, more Americans are voicing their concerns and this is being reported on broadcast stations.

Children deserve better.  We all do.  For more information, visit the following websites:

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