Phone Carriers Getting Richer Selling Your Data = More Telecom $ to Force Harmful 4G and 5G Wireless Infrastructure on Americans

By B.N. Frank

A recent investigation by Motherboard revealed that phone carriers were selling customer location data to third parties and some of had ended up on the black market.

On Tuesday, Motherboard revealed that T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint were all selling their customers’ phone location data that ultimately ended up in the hands of bounty hunters, as well as people unauthorized to handle it at all. We found this by purchasing the capability to locate a phone from the black market for just $300. In response, several senators called for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to investigate, and brought up the prospect of greater regulation of the telecommunications industry.

Since publicizing this:

Now, AT&T says it is stopping the sale of all location data to so-called location aggregators, companies that sit in the supply chain between the telcos and clients, and which play a vital role in having that data trickle down to end users.


In several different tweets posted after Motherboard’s investigation, T-Mobile CEO John Legere reiterated that the company is also going to cut off all location aggregators, and that T-Mobile plans to have finished that process in March.

Of course, skepticism remains.  Statements made by Senator Ron Wyden include:

“For the second time in six months, carriers are pledging to stop sharing American’s location with middlemen without their knowledge. I’ll believe it when I see it. Carriers are always responsible for who ends up with their customers data—it’s not enough to lay the blame for misuse on downstream companies,” Wyden said in a statement.

He added “The time for taking these companies at their word is long past – Congress needs to pass strong legislation to protect Americans’ privacy and finally hold corporations accountable when they put your safety at risk by letting stalkers and criminals track your phone on the dark web.”

Right on, Ron.  But this is obvious to almost everyone now.  How about sticking your neck out like Senators Richard Blumenthal (CT) and Patrick Colbeck (MI) who have already asked Congress to protect Americans and the environment from corporations including AT&T that have been forcing risky technology and infrastructure on the public via the “Race for 5G,” “Internet of Things (IoT), “Smart Cities,” Utility “Smart” Meters, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automated Vehicles (AV), and more.

Insurance companies won’t even protect these corporations. 

Decades of research have already proven that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation is harmful to humans, animals, and nature.  This includes 5G.  Legislation and guidelines for wireless devices and infrastructure are 20+ years old.  They don’t apply to how we use or are exposed to this technology today. 

Senator Sherrod Brown also recently accused Congress of not upholding antitrust issues with Big Tech.  This reality grows more obvious to everybody every single day.  However, it hasn’t stopped the unwanted and unnecessary installation of dangerous and risky devices and infrastructure on homes and throughout U.S. communities – DESPITE WIDESPREAD CONCERN, OPPOSITION, and of course, RESEARCH PROVING HARM.

U.S. residents pay our elected officials and government employees to protect the public from corporations like telecom companiesIt’s not supposed to be the other way around.

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