Does FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr Work For The American People or Big Telecom? Latest 5G Sales Pitch Excludes Reference to Known Issues and Opposition.

By B.N. Frank

The role of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is to protect the public by regulating the Telecom Industry.  Because they don’t do this often – if ever – they have been labelled a “Captured Agency.”  This label is not new to the Trump administration.

Activist Post has already reported this week about the noise and stink made recently by former FCC Chairman and 5G proponent, Tom Wheeler.  Old Tommy Boy worked for Big Telecom and Big Cable before and after being FCC Chairman under Obama.  Increasing issues, widespread opposition, and research proving harm hasn’t deterred him from continuing to champion 5G technology.  Of course, that’s to be expected.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, however, currently works for the American people.  Unfortunately, he acts more like a salesman for Big Telecom and Big Tech than a government regulator.

From Fierce Wireless:

FCC Commissioner Carr talks infrastructure, spectrum and jobs needed for 5G

Regulators at the FCC are taking action around infrastructure, spectrum and jobs to speed the deployment of 5G nationwide. “We need to update and modernize our rules,” he said. “The old rules that were in place during the 3G and 4G deployments of the past are simply not up to speed when it comes to the massive new deployment of small cells and other next-generation infrastructure that we need to see to support 5G.”

There are roughly 300,000 cell sites across the country today, but 5G is going to require a 10- to 100-fold increase in cell sites, according to Carr. As such, the FCC has updated environmental preservation review procedures and historic preservation rules by excluding small cells, which will comprise the bulk of 5G infrastructure and put a cap on how long local governments can take to act on applications for adding a small cell to an existing antenna.

“The finish line is not the first time we see 5G deployments,” he said. “The finish line is making sure that every single community in the country has a fair shot at seeing these next-generation 5G networks. In too many cases, a handful of outlier cities were charging exorbitant fees and taking too long to review applications looking to deploy small cells and other 5G infrastructure.”

Countless communities in the U.S. and around the world DO NOT want 5G for a variety of reasons.  A 5G court case was won in Gateshead, England last year after 5G had been installed in street lamps and residents became sick.  Some women had stillbirths.

This has obviously not fazed Carr and the rest of the FCC who has resorted to forcing 5G on Americans anyway.  It’s gross – to say the least.

For more information about issues associated with 5G technology and what you can do to stop it in your community, visit the following websites:

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