Legislation Introduced to Restore Local Control Over 5G Small Cell Installation

By B.N. Frank

Introduced by two California state representatives, this legislation is a step in the right direction because it would restore local control of the installation of 5G technology which many Americans – including elected officials – do not want in their communities.

If you weren’t already aware, federal legislation passed last fall basically eliminated all municipal control over 4G and 5G small cell technology installation despite widespread opposition and research proving biological and environmental harm from exposure as well as other disastrous consequences from 5G.  How’s that for unconstitutional?

Regardless, here are the basic reasons Americans should consider fighting for local control over technology installed in their communities:

  1. Insurance companies DO NOT COVER wireless radiation anymore because it’s too risky.
  2. Telecom companies have been warning shareholders – but not the public – that they may eventually be held liable for harm from their products and infrastructure.
  3. Since 2017, 241 scientists from the U.S. and around the world have asked for a moratorium on 5G based on biological and environmental risks.

Research has also already proven that it is risky to install all the other technology that may be implemented and connected to 5G.  This includes The Internet of Things (IoT), Automated Vehicles (AV), Utility “Smart” Meters, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more.

Representative Eshoo is completely incorrect in saying that 5G is “ essential for our country’s communications network and economy.”  However, her newly introduced legislation would still give Americans a fighting chance to have more control of what is installed in their communities.   If municipal officials choose to install it anyway, they must be willing to accept responsibility when the poop hits the fan – like in Gateshead, England.  There’s the rub.

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