Anarchy For The UK: Residents Win Court Case Against 5G Street Lamps That Made Them Sick

By B.N. Frank

Insurance companies know better than to do business wireless companies anymore – it’s too risky.  You can say that again.

Activist Post covered these UK residents earlier this year in their fight against newly installed street lamps that were making residents sick:

The town facing a ‘humanitarian crisis’ caused by the radiation from state-of-the-art street lamps:

Residents have endured insomnia, nose bleeds and even stillbirths, scientist claims”

Excerpt:  “Mr Steele, who was part of the IEEE, which claims to be ‘the world’s largest technical professional organisation dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity’, said: ‘We are seeing babies dying in the womb as these transmitters are situated outside people’s bedroom windows. It’s a humanitarian crisis.”

Residents will not back down about this.  They want the light bulbs to be replaced.

Public Health England (PHE) is also speaking out against these bulbs:  “New LED streetlights could damage eyesight and disrupt sleep, warns Public Health England

Last month – these residents won their fight!

Mark Steele, a 5G campaigner, has been highlighting the dangers of a secret 5G rollout by Gateshead Council where residents are complaining of increased illness and Cancer in the affected area. There’s enough evidence to conclude the new smart 5G arrays on the top of new LED lampposts emit Class 1 Radiation frequencies and should be treated as a danger to the Public. Gateshead Council ignorantly rebutted clear evidence and created false allegations on social media posts and printed leaflets stating that Mark Steele is spreading Pseudo Science and that the arrays are not dangerous or 5G:

They misused Police Powers to gag Mark Steele and yesterday he left a free man and Gateshead Council to fork out £11k of taxpayers money to cover the court cost amounting to woeful ignorance. In Court,  none of the Council Officers could explain what 5G is; and their leading Government expert refused to attend the Court hearing. In conclusion, the Judge refused to gag Mark, stating:

“The public have a right to know.”

The Judge declared Mark Steele as a credible expert and engineer on EMF and GSM technologies, which proves Gateshead Council are liable for corruption, misleading the public, making people ill and attempting to discredit Mark Steele and all others such as Smombie Gate fighting 5G rollouts.

Smart City companies are going into Councils with amazing futuristic presentations detailing the first step, which is to install the 5G infrastructure, i.e. the lampposts on streets and motorways.

The benefits will be 24/7 Police surveillance that sees through walls; smart road signs; 4k live streaming on the move; driverless vehicles and public transport; mobile virtual reality; mobile augmented reality; and a fast connection for Elon Musk’s new brain implant called the Neuralink giving people the Internet inside their mind. All these features are all a wet dream for Councils who will be the first ones to become Smart Counties because they will be able to increase taxes and the local economy in theory will thrive.

In reality, scientific evidence is mounting across the planet that EMF, RF, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFI and WiGIG is causing Cancer, killing bees, driving out wildlife and lowering peoples quality of life. All because big business says it’s good for the people, and they’re continuing to mislead us all of the dangers of continuous use in close proximity and on the skin, let alone what 5G really is, which is an effective battlefield weapon.”

So what’s this have to do with you?  You may not think that 5G, The Internet of Things (IoT), and “Smart Cities” are coming to your community.  If it hasn’t already been installed – it’s coming – even if this is NOT being publicly promoted by your community leaders and covered by your local media outlets.

In September 2017, 180 scientists and doctors demanded a moratorium on the installation of 5G small cell tower infrastructure due to biological and environmental risks.

So if you are also concerned about this, you definitely aren’t aloneActivist Post has covered the increasing opposition as well as the biological, environmental, and cybersecurity issues associated with all of this.  We have also covered the growing research proving harm from all sources of wireless WiFi radiation exposure.  We aren’t the only ones.

Regardless, as of last week, Trump also started gushing about blanketing the U.S. with this crap:

  1. President Donald J. Trump is Leading the Way on Wireless Technology and Empowering American Innovation

“We’re on the verge of new technological revolutions that could improve virtually every aspect of our lives, create vast new wealth for American workers and families, and open up bold, new frontiers in science, medicine, and communication.”

  1. Trump signs order to set U.S. spectrum strategy as 5G race looms
  2. Trump signs off on creation of new spectrum strategy, amid global race for 5G
  3. Trump reveals plans to bolster 5G wireless leadership

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had been endorsing 5G, etc. since his election.  They promoted and pushed legislation that was recently passed which eliminated municipal governments control over the installation of 4G and 5G small cell tower and related wireless infrastructure.  This crap can now be installed pretty much everywhere above ground and below – including in front of homes – regardless of all the issues and violations associated with it.

But we can’t just point fingers at the Trump administration for this.   Obama endorsed it, too.  His FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, was positively gangbusters about it and still is now that he’s working AGAIN for Big Wireless.

But it wasn’t Obama who promised to “give the country back to the people” and ‘”make America great again,” was it?  5G and all the horrors associated with it will be Trump’s legacy if he allows this insanity and inhumanity to continue.

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