Can’t Attend the October 6 BioHacking EMF Event? Be Sure to Check Out Their Website Anyway and Watch Short Video About 5G Small Cell Towers.

By B.N. Frank

Every living being is affected differently by toxins.  This has never not been true.  We’ve all heard about people who smoked for decades but still lived long lives.  Exposure to cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation and electrical pollution (Electrosmog) isn’t just about increased cancer risk to us and our pets.  It can also cause “Microwave Sickness” which is now more commonly referred to as “ElectroSensitivity”(ES). -Misdiagnosis is common because there are so many symptoms.  Sometimes it’s mistaken for the flu.

Many citizens, communities and organizations are concerned about legislation allowing the widespread installation of 5G small cell towers and related infrastructure – including in front of homes.  There is research that has already proven that 5G exposure is biologically and environmentally harmful.

Some already have taken legal action.  Some are threatening to take legal action.  This still hasn’t stopped plans for more installation despite complaints and outcry where it has already been installed.

If this concerns you, there is one online event on October 6, 2018 that you may want to attend.  If nothing else, take a few minutes to check out the website and view the embedded video below.  It includes 2016 footage of former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, Tom Wheeler, discussing the “roll out” of 5G.

The Secret 5G National Agenda from kodyfrye on Vimeo.

Tom is clearly not concerned about exposure risks.  Then again – he never has been.  Neither is current FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai or FCC Commissioner, Brendan Carr.

The FCC is not a health or environmental protection agency even though their job is to protect the public by regulating The Telecom Industry.  Journalist Norm Alster may have said it best when he labelled them as a “Captured Agency.” Many U.S. elected officials are part of the problem, too.

Medications may help mask symptoms of Microwave Sickness but they won’t cure the illness.  Exposure can also worsen pre-existing conditions even if it didn’t cause them.  It can cause bacteria to become antibiotic resistant.  Research has also confirmed that exposure has a cumulative toxic effect when combined with other toxins.  The more you learn about this now, the better prepared you’ll be if and when 5G is installed near you.

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