Goodbye, Columbus, Ohio. Now That You’re a “Smart City,” Everyone and Every Living Thing Is Being Exposed to Much More Harmful Radiation and Electrosmog.

By B.N. Frank

According to a recent article about Columbus, Ohio becoming a “Smart City,”

…all the grant money in the world won’t help it prepare for the future if the city doesn’t also win over public opinion.

Was the public aware that becoming a “Smart City” required them to be exposed 24/7 to radiation from harmful 4G and 5G small cell towers and related wireless infrastructure and products such as sensors, “Smart” Meters, Electric and Autonomous Vehicles, and more?

Columbus won the award for its plan to remake its transportation systems with smart sensors and electric and autonomous vehicles, and extend its infrastructure to reach residents of oft-neglected low-income communities with commercial corridors and health services.

All sources of wireless WiFi radiation are a form of Electrical Pollution otherwise known as “Electrosmog.”  Decades of research has already proven exposure is unpleasant in a variety of horrible ways in addition to cancer risk.  5G exposure symptoms are particularly bad.  In June 2018, Dr. Naomi Wolf started posting on social media how 5G was affecting New Yorkers and their pets.  It’s very sad.  This is why people all over the U.S. and the world are trying to stop this insanity.

24/7 surveillance for gathering the personal data of Columbus residents is also part of the “Smart City” deal:

Cities across the globe are installing technology to gather data in the hopes of saving money, becoming cleaner, reducing traffic, and improving urban life.

Residents are also being forced to take awful utility “Smart Meters”:

To support the city’s plans, American Electric Power, Ohio’s largest utility, pledged to spend $200 million to update the power grid and put smart meters in hundreds of thousands of homes.

“Smart” Meters expose residents and their pets to harmful radiation and Electromagnetic Fields.  “Smart” Meters also are prone to fires, explosions, and measurement errors.  They can cause appliances to malfunction and break.  They also violate the right to privacy.  People everywhere hate “Smart” Meters and are trying to keep them off their homes and out of their communities for all of these reasons.

Of course, Automated Vehicles have caused many accidents already including one fatality so far.  They also take jobs from people in the transportation industry.  And yet…

Meanwhile, Ohio State University and Honda have partnered to build a nearby autonomous vehicle testing facility. The Transportation Research Center’s $45 million Smart Center broke ground this summer on what will be a 540-acre facility.

Here are more details on how these residents are losing their right to privacy:

RFID chips in license plates or window stickers could wirelessly signal whether or not cars were legally parked in particular residential areas and assist in automatic fare collection. More impressive, vehicles outfitted with onboard units that detected RFID signals could be warned about children nearby in reduced visibility situations at night or during a storm. Student ID cards, for example, with RFID tags could easily be distributed to implement such a system, which would then alert drivers as they approached, say, a school zone.


In order to accomplish these larger goals, the city has embarked on creating a new Smart Columbus Operating System (SCOS). Columbus’ chief innovation officer, Michael Stevens, has described the critical software program as the backbone of the municipality’s project portfolio. Essentially, the SCOS is a smart city data management platform that will allow the city to collect data from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and use that information to affect outcomes like children’s health care and access to healthy food.

Think Christopher Columbus would have been happy to stumble on this “New World?”

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