“Dumb Things to Boost Possible Cancer Risk” Includes Encouraging Kids to Use Cell Phones. Sprint Giving Free Cell Phones to High School Students.

By B.N. Frank

You just can’t make this stuff up.

From post “Cell Phones & Cancer:  8 Dumb Things to Boost Possible Cancer Risk”  

Mistake: Encouraging kids to use cell phones

Why should parents discourage kids from holding cell phones against their ears? Because their skulls are thinner, for one thing, and their brains are still growing fast. Thinner skulls aren’t as good at blocking cell phone radiation, Dr. Davis says.

Use a land line, text, or use the speakerphone function or an earpiece – anything to keep cell phones away from their heads.

“Sprint’s ‘1Million Project’ to give Mount Vernon students free cellphone, internet”

“As teachers increasingly adopt online curriculum tools, it’s important that we as a District seek to provide digital equity to our students beyond the school day,” Joseph McGrath, the district’s technology administrator, said in a statement.

Mr. McGrath and the rest of the Mt. Vernon school district may not be aware that this idea of “providing digital equity” to students is being lambasted by past and present tech inventors as well as investors because Silicon Valley parents have been sending their kids to expensive private “low tech” schools for many years now. 

Silicon Valley parents (including Steve Jobs) have limited their kids’ use of cell phones and other technology in their homes as well.

Besides being a “Possible Cancer Risk” no “safe” level (of cell phone radiation) has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women. 

Safety guidelines and standards for cell phones were also designed over 20 years ago for adults – not children.

And as many are witnessing firsthand, children and “Digital Addiction” is a big problem right now.

Back to the article: “According to Sprint, “70 percent of America’s high school teachers assign homework that requires Internet access…”

If Silicon Valley parents don’t want their kids using tech all that much, why should non-Silicon Valley parents want this?  

Cell phones have been known to malfunction, catch fire, and/or explode.

Research has also determined that cell phones are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

If Silicon Valley kids aren’t required to use all this new technology to get a top-notch education, why is this required for the rest of America’s kids?

Does this make sense to you?

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1 Comment on " “Dumb Things to Boost Possible Cancer Risk” Includes Encouraging Kids to Use Cell Phones. Sprint Giving Free Cell Phones to High School Students."

  1. This article is good, but not strong enough or sufficiently thorough. For example, IF the “Dr. Davis” mentioned at the outset is Dr Devra Davis, she is one of the many ‘concerned’ scientists in the ’safer use of wireless’ camp. Now, there may be more or less dangerous use, but there is no safe use, period—for anyone, not just kids. Safer use might only delay the onset of a major crisis. But as long as we persist in our embrace of this energetic poison, that crisis will be upon us. And, believe it or not, cancer will turn out to be a lesser concern.

    Nor will this crisis confine itself to humans, although most cautions reflect human self-importance and self-involvement. ALL life is detrimentally/pathogenically affected by exposure to information-carrying microwave radiation of the type used in telecom systems. It is a major environmental threat, worse even than GMOs. Moreover, evidence strongly suggests that in a few generations, human reproduction will fail.

    While phones and other devices are no doubt problematic and somewhat controllable, the towers/antennas irradiate everything 24/7 and are not controllable—other than by people – consumers -totally rejecting wireless technology. And that’s the only sane solution.

    Article says, “Safety guidelines and standards for cell phones were also designed over 20 years ago for adults – not children.” True enough, but virtually irrelevant. Those standards were/are based upon heating effects only (and the standard, called “SAR,” is itself inadequate to boot). Whereas, the trouble really arises from non-thermal/long-term exposure, which everyone (and every living thing) get whether you ever use a device or not. The stealth-weapon systems (for inducing illness) from which this tech was adapted for telecom use very low power levels, which, it turns out, are more dangerous to a point than higher power levels.

    How about this nugget of unawareness: “Your Pets May Be Affected by WiFi and Electronic Devices Even if You Aren’t.” Pets, plants, bacteria, etc and YOU are deleteriously affected by WiFi. The “even if” is, even if you don’t feel it.

    Finally, wireless tech, especially the coming 5G, nanotech, Smart tech and AI, is the foundation of the onrushing surveillance state and human-control system, the wet dream of society’s psychopathic masters. The technology exists now for remote, push-button digital monitoring and control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It’s Orwell’s nightmare on techno-steroids.

    Here’s the equation: We have literal survival and liberty on one hand, and money, convenience, fun, addiction, enslavement, ecocide, rampant disease and inexorable extinction on the other. Which will you choose, consumer?

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