Dispersants Did Not Help In BP Spill, Half Of Oil Not Accounted For: Study

bp_wave_001By Joe Wright

The fallout continues from the Deepwater Horizon explosion that directly killed 11 workers and ravaged the food chain and the environment more than 5 years ago.

Since then we have seen little accountability, despite a nominal fine against BP for its role in unleashing 4 million barrels of oil (approx. 200 million gallons). In fact, the EPA lifted a ban which subsequently resulted in BP being awarded $40 Billion in new contracts, essentially erasing all that was “lost” by BP from their criminality.

Running in tandem with BP’s negligence was the use of Corexit 9500 oil dispersant (owned by Nalco, a Goldman Sachs subsidiary) as a supposed means to drastically minimize the impact. Contrary to that assertion, evidence continues to mount that it did the exact opposite.

Early on, reports began to surface of health anomalies that many believed were attributable to the spraying of the chemical dispersant. Corexit was not only sprayed over the water, but over houses as well. One family documented how all of them became sickened, and afterward tested very high for chemical poisoning. A crew of activists called Project Gulf Impact were on the scene to expose what was taking place, and similarly reported sickness to their own crew, as well as suppression of their media coverage.

In total, upwards of 2 million gallons of dispersant was sprayed, affecting a wide swath of the Gulf’s ecology, its human residents, as well as the 48,000 workers charged with the cleanup. Even at the time, outspoken residents like Kindra Arnesen suspected that not only was the chemical poisoning anyone in its path, but that it was ineffective in getting rid of the oil.

It has been exposed in years since that, yes, Corexit absolutely was toxic, and the EPA charged with protecting citizens knowingly misrepresented that toxicity. And now it is being suggested in a new study that, no, Corexit was not an effective means of eliminating the oil spill. Even worse, new results indicate that “half the oil can’t be accounted for.” Emphasis added…

The oil appeared to dissipate, but scientists and government officials didn’t really monitor the microbes and chemicals, said University of Georgia marine scientist Samantha Joye.

So Joye and colleagues recreated the application in a lab, with the dispersant, BP oil and water from the gulf, and found that it didn’t help the microbes at all and even hurt one key oil-munching bug, according to a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“The dispersants did a great job in that they got the oil off the surface,” Joye said. “What you see is the dispersants didn’t ramp up biodegradation.”

In fact, she found the oil with no dispersant “degraded a heckuva lot faster than the oil with dispersants,” Joye said.


This would appear to indicate that the dispersant did a great job of hiding the oil slick, but did nothing to lessen its danger; just the opposite as it retarded a key beneficial bacteria, disabling it from its natural eating pattern.

Scientists are wondering, as anyone would, where is the oil then?

Joye guesses it might still be on the floor of the gulf.

Outside scientists Jeff Chanton and Ian MacDonald of Florida State University said the study seemed to make sense. Chanton called the results important and surprising.

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Or perhaps not surprising. Back in 2014 the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) found 1250 pounds of submerged oil mats near Pensacola beaches, despite the area having been surveyed 9 times since 2010.

Even as the evidence pours in every time there is a willingness to even give a cursory look, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said they will use this new information to “evaluate to determine how well dispersants work in the future …”

In the future?

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15 Comments on "Dispersants Did Not Help In BP Spill, Half Of Oil Not Accounted For: Study"

  1. It was by no accident that this corexit caused even more damage. They used mutated algae to supposedly break down the oil which instead caused mutation in marine life itself. They acted like that was an unforseen consequence. Yeah right, they knew exactly what they were doing. The earth’s land, sea, and air has been intentionaly and catastrophicaly contaminated in as many ways possible. The intention has been to ensure that this planet will no longer be able to support human life. The point of no return has already been crossed. Just because the outcome is not immediate most are unable to comprehend and accept the facts. It’s not surprising really when almost none are even able to look up and realize what is happening as planes are flying right above them dispersing poisons in a very obvious way nearly every single day.

    • Knowing what we do about how corrupt the EPA is, Goldman Sachs, BP and the rest, it’s not much of a stretch to suggest that it was all intentional. I appreciate your comments. – J.W.

      • Thank you. I appreciate that as far as I know this site does not censor comments and feedback from it’s readers or even shills and trolls. In order to have true discussion and debate all voices must be heard no matter how disagreeable they may be.

        • A.P. does moderate comments, but only to weed out obvious spam, gibberish, and calls for violence. We would love nothing more to have legitimate, civil debate. Thanks again for your contribution.

          • It almost never fails. When I try and compliment someone or something and show appreciation it usually comes back to bite me. The vast majority of what people say is gibberish so that would mean there is alot of censorship taking place on activist post. Direct threats may be one thing but calls for violence are in short supply these day as evidenced by the sad state of affairs. If you don’t know what I mean let me make it very simple. Noone can be granted freedom, you have to be able to take it and protect it. Ever heard that the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants? But back to the censorship, I tried to post a comment over 10 hours ago but have been prevented from doing so. The only possible issue is a word I used which refers to one’s back side. Taking issue with the actual words one uses and not the actual message is some of the worst ignorance that has plagued the human race. Notice how at the beginning of this comment I had to word what I said as something biting me instead of it biting me in the @##. So not only am I being censored on this site but I am having to censor myself just to try and post this comment. This is unacceptable and stands in the way of progress. Now we know which side activist post stands with.

    • While simultaneously oppressing US under a premise of environmental concern.

  2. The Gulf is Dead, and it’s eco systems destroyed, thanks to BP, and Corexit.
    The Gulf littered with aborted baby Dolphins, other fish, and mammals dying horrible deaths to this day.

    All you can expect from the Gulf is tainted sea food.

    Anybody still consuming fish or seafood from the Gulf hasn’t gotten the memo.
    Between Fukushima, and the Gulf, eating sea food is a bit like playing Russian Roulette.

  3. Fuxitupevenworsit, how about that instead of Corexit. 60 Minutes Australia actually did a really good piece on this six, eight years ago? And that was before all the damage had come to light from the dispersant. You could probably find it on YouTube, it was well done. Tragic.

  4. Norway wanted to send their ships specially designed to clean up oil spills but the US refused while stopping aerial viewing with a no fly zone and threatening people who came to the shores and took pictures.. WHY, they want to kill the gulf so they can own it and get more oil there. The multinationals also don’t want people living the self reliant lifestyles that the ocean gives. You will buy your food from them. I have no doubt is was done on purpose for control. NONE!!

  5. Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon | November 12, 2015 at 1:16 pm |

    The couzzy relationship of corporate America and the government, Democratic or Republican, driven by big MONEY caused the introduction into the environment of the oil dispersant used after the BP’s gulf ecological disaster. Hundreds of toxic chemicals are placed every month into our lives and environment with not checks on the corporations generated “safety” data. General Surgeon EPA, FDA, Food Inspections must not be departments under political control and must be funded with a percentage of the general tax revenue and special fees for inspections and fines collected to safe guard their operations from partitian politics.

  6. Corexit/et al. are not dispersants – they make the oil sink; now the bottom of the Gulf is covered in about 4 inches of toxic goo – If I know this why do you not!

  7. What’s not widely known is that BP deployed (and their former CEO admitted live on camera before a shill steered him away) an experimental kind of highly voracious bacteria beastie into the water that eats oil. And other things. It has since vanished… or has it?

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