Open Admission, Corexit Sprayed at Toxic Levels, Metals in Rainwater

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Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas

Speaking of behalf of the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana, Kindra Arnesen laid out even more startling information regarding how ineffective and toxic the use of Corexit has been. She started out strong and made it very clear that the buck does not stop with the employee’s that BP has sent throughout the region. The chain of command goes much higher and to blame individual workers is absolutely ridiculous. We must understand that this chemical rape has come from people much higher up than a BP worker who is merely trying to feed his or her family.

Since May 24, 2010 over 1,730,000 gallons of Corexit 9500, a toxic dispersant made by Nalco, have been sprayed into the Gulf of Mexico. The total amount is unknown, most estimates show that over two million gallons of Corexit has been sprayed.  After the EPA order to limit the spraying of dispersant, BP sprayed close to one million more gallons!
Apparently, fisherman are pulling up oil in gatorade bottles near areas that are open to fishing!!!
This is open admission by BP and the media that millions of gallons of a deadly neurotoxin have laced the Gulf of Mexico, tainting it’s water, our wildlife, plant life, weather systems, water systems and human life for years to come. We have yet to see the end of this Gulf oil disaster; sometimes it feels as if we have not yet reached the halfway point. One thing is for sure, this is almost as bad as it gets. Yet your president elect and the whole Obama administration fails to respond with vigilance for the American people trapped into this nightmarish reality. A reality hidden by most of the media.
The tests that were done on rain water collected from the gulf showed some startling information. Chloride was found at 650ppm, double the EPA standard! Other metals such as Aluminum and Chromium were found. Whether these were found because of the use of Corexit9500 or possibly the aerial spraying commonly referred to as Chemtrails, remains to be seen. You can see the test results here. Anyone that has more information regarding where these metals and toxins in the rain most likely came from, you can email us at [email protected]

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