Chattanooga Hoax? Victim Reported Dead Years Before Shooting

By Joe Wright

Do you have any idea how manufactured our reality is? Can you even handle the truth?

The Chattanooga shooting inspired an influential former general to call for internment camps for thought radicals. Pretty outrageous, I know. Imagine how sinister that agenda would be if the Chattanooga shooting is proven to be a scripted hoax?

YouTube researchers MattyD 4 Truth and PROVE ME WRONG have uncovered records that appear to show at least one of the Chattanooga victims died years before the latest “mass shooter” media event. (See video below)

The establishment media is running dramatic stories of Lance Corporal Skip Wells’ last words to his girlfriend, but perhaps those last words were spoken in 2004.

A strikingly similar looking Marine Lance Corporal Larry L. Wells was reported to have been killed in Iraq in 2004, according to Washington Post’s Faces of the Fallen.  Screenshot saved below in case they remove the page.

Even creepier, the guy in the photo identified as Larry Wells in 2004 and Skip Wells in 2015 also seems to be a guest with Bill O’Reilly to talk about the event! Maybe they’re just lookalikes?

ATTENTION: You’re being PsyOped

The corporate media was immediately on script for the Chattanooga shooting event like many others that follow the exact same plot line. Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

A lone wolf radicalized on the Internet, hopped up on SSRIs but still somehow an expert marksman not seen since Rambo (seriously there are never any survivors). Shooter has almost no social media trail except convenient manifestos that highlight all of the ideologies the controllers want to snuff out. And don’t forget the emotionless actors…

Then the solution meme is always the same: “You’re in danger, give up your rights, give us more authority and resources to protect you, you need us, you really need us, more arms for authorities less for free people.”

An official figure goes on national TV to provide the detailed agenda, like General Wesley Clark did by announcing the national policy solution that he hopes other nations will adopt too:

If these people are radicalized, and they don’t support the United States, and they’re disloyal to the United States, as a matter of principle, fine, that’s their right, but it’s our (the government’s) right and our obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.

This phony shooting story has already resulted in orders to arm the National Guard in various states and more hysterical calls to crack down on online radicalization. Probably much more to come too.

YouTuber PROVE ME WRONG also points to a 2009 Washington Post story featuring an image of the grave site sharing the same name of another alleged Chattanooga victim, Marine Sergeant Thomas J. Sullivan. The story refers to his family starting a D.C. area nonprofit called Sergeant Sullivan Center in his honor. But the ages and images of the 2009 Thomas Sullivan don’t match with the Chattanooga victim, and it’s quite a common name.

Nevertheless, it’s becoming obvious to anyone who pays attention to the news that many of these hyped shooting events appear to have the same shady characteristics and the same results — politicians clamoring for more authority to act against thought criminals.

More research is needed, but don’t be the last one to realize how badly you’ve been duped. Leave comments below.

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37 Comments on "Chattanooga Hoax? Victim Reported Dead Years Before Shooting"

  1. Positive the marine is the same guy. I don’t think the dude on cnn is the same person. Still, good catch.

  2. One reason the evil minions from the District of Columbia hate Veterans, is that the veterans have seen their lies. They see what is really happening, then they see the lies coming out of the mouths of the DC prostitutes. They come to realize that these scum lie 100% of the time. The disgusting parasites from DC hate all who see them as they really are.

  3. thankfully there are more and more folks catching on to these hoaxes…the collective heard has raised it’s collective head…hopefully.

  4. Check the ear on the two Marines – Identical. Not so with the news guy. The digital ink is not even dry on this article and BINGO, we have our next mass shooter event, and you guessed it the “gunman” shot himself. Bobby Jindal appears to be the front man on this psyop.

    My guess is Jade Helm 15 is now in full swing and A.I. software is monitoring and classifying all reactions to these “events”.

  5. With the digital ink not even dry on this story, BINGO, we have another mass shooter event in Louisiana. Bobby Jindal ramrodding this psy-op. Gonna’ be a long summer with Jade II running the show for all these flunkies..

  6. If you noticed at last nights theater shooting, there were a few ambulances with emergency lights on and several police cars with their emergency lights on. What was missing at Chattanooga, Charleston, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Naval Yard etc.? Emergency vehicles that actually responded to an Emergency!!!!!

    • “Sandy Hook Victims” were left in that building because they were allegedly already dead.

      Police do not declare patients dead, and neither do EMTs (who were noticeably inactive);
      only doctors, in hospitals, declare people ‘dead’. Just one, of many, stupidities contained
      within that Farce.

      • freewheelinfranklin543 | July 26, 2015 at 1:37 pm |

        The Sandy hook school was closed for asbestos in 2008.Nobody can find any death certificates. The local PD was doing an active shooter exercise at that closed down school. You need to do more research troll!

        • I don’t think either of you understood what this person was saying. He literally said that they were “allegedly” dead but that first responders, police, EMT’s, they don’t have the right to call that. Only doctors, coroners, people like that.

      • Well you are misinformed since no one died at sandy hook. And just for you fantasy of Sandy Hook being real, even the Medical Examiner was not allowed into the to pronounce people dead. Which he couldn’t do any way because no one died.

    • Same with the Boston marathon [smoke] bombing. NO emergency vehicles. People supposedly with their legs blown off ignored for a while, then put in a wheelchair and wheeled down the same street by a guy in a cowboy hat. Then wheeled down THE SAME STREET for the cameras – by a totally different person; with the legless man’s prosthetic device put in his lap in front of the cameras. RESULT – Entire city of Boston LOCKED DOWN.. looking for a teenager. Good thing there were about 7 agencies – including FBI, DHS, Boston PD, national guard, sheriff’s office, SWAT teams with armored vehicles, etc. etc. etc. The US is being totally conditioned to allow this militaristic police expansion.

  7. The only ones who are being duped are the ones who believe this article. For one Skip Wells’ chin is more pointed. Skip Wells is from Georgia and he has a Facebook profile that he has posted something up as recently as last month. Look at all of his pictures and what do you know one of the pictures of him that is going around the media is right there. The Facebook profile and the guy reported as him in the media are the same person. Now tell me how is someone who died in 2004 able to post on Facebook 10 plus years after he died? His girlfriends name is Caroline Dove. Her profile picture is of him and her and the exact same profile of Skip Wells commented on it. People stop believing everything you hear and do real research. 5 people in our Military died in Chattanooga, TN last week please show them some respect.

    • His chin is more pointed because his collar is much higher, amplifying it. If you’ve never seen jokesters playing devil’s advocate, you may never know why they’re pulling these stunts. It’s just knee-jerk reactions they’re trying to get from the viewers. For the devil’s due – the Press is actually exponentiating the psychopaths to react or “act out” their ego-driven impulses. We have them by the bus-loads and most of them are being drugged.

  8. People do look alike. As Hildabeest would say What does it matter. We already well know that the current government is a corrupt as Obama is Gay….

  9. Frances McCandless | July 24, 2015 at 4:09 pm |

    Why did you remove the email spot? I don’t have a gmail account.

  10. I am reasonably sure the Marine Thomas Sullivan who die in 2009 from pneumonia is not the same from Chattanooga. I havent looked into the other one yet, although the striking similarities are unquestionable. At the very LEAST they would have had to been siblings, and I find it impossible to beleive that would not have been mentioned when talking about the recent death.

    These are the 2 Sullivan. The unclear one is from 2009. Look at the build. Of course, that can be changed to a degree, but look at the hairline.

    If you download the pic on the left into windows pics, you can enlarge it from there.

    • Average Joe American | July 25, 2015 at 12:41 am |

      I’m not up on the Sullivan story, but where did you get the bottom photo of the man apparently standing in front of an armored vehicle? Compare the hands…why is his right hand nearly as large as his head, and a third larger than his left hand (if they are both touching his vest in a near-frontal shot)? I’m no photographic expert, but this thing looks like a bad X-Acto composite, with perfect outline delineation. Is he supposed to be standing in front of a wall mural of a military vehicle with light coming at him from more than one direction (but not so with the background)? Because that is precisely what it looks like. Not knowing the back story I’ve no point to make, here. Other than that this photo looks more like a bad cut and paste collage than a real live photograph of a guy in front of an armored vehicle with a cannister under his arm. I’m reminded of those ridiculous pictures of Oswald holding a Mannlicher rifle, where his head grows and shrinks from one photo to the next. I could be wrong…but so are the shadows and perspective in this photograph, for some reason. To my untrained eye the whole thing just looks…off.

      • Someone did edit that photo. The name tag on top of his chest plate (below collar) has been pasted over, to block it out.

        If you zoom in on the face, you will see the face was fuzzed up.. Oddly, a non-edited block was forgotten, the left side of his nose, going down to below his mouth, to a crease or scar below the left side of his lower lip.. (your right, his left).
        That area seems to be in sharp focus.. Yeah, name tag and face work was done..
        I’m no expert either, but I do have a pretty good monitor..

      • The photo that you are referring is the one media is using for the Chattanooga shooting. It doesnt matter if he had a can of dog food under his arm and a woman behind his back. The person they are saying died in Chattanooga, if we are going by visuals, is not the same Thomas Sullivan that died of Pneumonia in 2009. Since the video clearly used the visual similitude of Skip Wells for persuasion, I did the same. If the Wells can be the same because of how closely they resemble, than the Sullivans must be different because of how little they do.

        • Average Joe American | July 26, 2015 at 10:56 pm |

          Fair enough, as I said, I’ve no dog in this race. Your logic is sound as regards the above video. But now I have to ask myself, why is the photo of one of the Sullivans doctored (if not outright fake)?

          Any red-blooded conspiracy theorist worth his salt looks for out-points in the official story (and these days that means not only what the officials announce, but anything the MSM dishes out for us public imbeciles). This photo is an out-point.

          Why does it even exist?

          Why are they showing it to us?

          From the fake Oswald photos, to the fake Obama birth certificate, to the clearly staged (rehearsed) Sandy Hook schoolchild exodus, laughing crisis actors (etc., ad infinitum), to this weird collage, I have to seriously wonder if They are intentionally thumbing their noses at us to see how many of us even notice.

          One might think that, if this is the best quality of fakery they can come up with, they are clearly doomed.

          Apparently the opposite is the case: If the majority of the public can’t tell the difference between reality and what these novice scam artists are pitching at us, it is we who are doomed.

  11. Sarg. DeMonte Cheeley is in the news as a survivor Marine of Chattanooga. This man can help verify the truth of his service and what he witnessed July 16. 2015. He was able to change his profile picture the next morning of the incident and he is back to work. Semper Fi!

  12. My old granda used to tell me, believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see. I was too young to understand. I’m older now.

    • never believe your lying eyes, your friendly politician will always reveal the truth to you.
      BTW, I have some nice bridge front property for sale….

  13. Unfortunately, this one isn’t a hoax. Live 1 mile from where Wells went to HS recently. Thousands of people showed up to grieve this past week. Two different people.

  14. USMC recruits only take that photo once so the dress blues photo is not the same person. Also, different physical features. Who started this nonsense? Not to say the event wasn’t staged. However, can we get a little better at the physical evidence? Otherwise, the debunker-debunkers will have a field day.

  15. This is very clever what they’ve done here and I can tell you its a trap. Expect either Snopes, Metabunk or the like to play their part. On closer scrutiny the two photos are obviously different people. The guy known as Larry is a real guy who died in 2004. The guy known as Skip appears to be an actor who has assumed the role and had photos taken that are similar to Larry. He’s also had photos taken posing with the “Mom” who appeared on CNN and several other news services. Why they’ve done it this way I’m not sure. I could theorize its either a trap for conspiracy theorists or it serves a purpose to have death records somewhere of a real soldier in relation to this.

  16. Well done for posting this and to who found the photo proof.

    Here’s more confirmation:

    In addition to the matching photos, we also have this, which further illustrates the kabbalistic method used in these events:

    From Lance Corporal Larry L. Wells, KIA, Najaf, Iraq on 6 August 2004 to the Chattanooga shootings on 16 July 2015 is:

    = 3996 days

    = 666 + 666 + 666

    + 666 + 666 + 666 days >

    666 x6

    which also yields the familiar, 3×3 grid of the obligatory 444’s :

    = 444 + 444 + 444

    + 444 + 444 + 444

    + 444 + 444 + 444 days

    Posted here:

    Chattanooga shooting “victim”: Lance Corporal Larry L Wells aka “Skip Wells” kia Najaf, Iraq on 6 August 2004


  17. The Government made Domestic Propaganda LEGAL in July 2013 for a reason … these Hoax’s and the FAKE Muslim “Terrorist” videos are why!

  18. It doesn’t seem to matter how flawed the production. The Message Machine tells people what to think about events–real or staged–and people think what they are told to think.

  19. I live in Cleveland TN. This was played out at Bradley square mall (Cleveland, Tn) (Northgate mall, hixon) and (Hamilton place mall, Chattanooga) all at the same time. My younger brother he was 26 at the time was at Bradley Square. I talked to him an hour prior and was going to meet up with him after dropping my mustang off. I received a call a half hour later from my brother en route to my cousins shop to drop the mustang (mall is on the route) and was told to avoid Paul Huff and Lee hwy (the intersection the malls at) there was a shooting at Bradley. The police have the mall on lock down and yes he is ok. HE HEARD THE GUNSHOTS!!

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