Technocracy: The Framework for Global Domination

By James White

These days, it is difficult for me to find the time to sit down and read an entire book; and I only really do so if I have an author coming on-air and I need to prep for an interview. That was the case this past week as author, Patrick Wood joined us live on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show; shortly after I finished Patrick’s great read entitled, Technocracy Rising.

As one begins reading Technocracy Rising, the key programs, organizations, and global conglomerates outlined in the book will be quite familiar; with many readers knowing most of the names of the key participants in the global push for a world run by a “Technocratic Elite.” Surprisingly, these people do things right out in the open.

Technocracy is not new, as the utopian dream of a world run by men of science has been “alive and well” for many decades. As you can probably surmise from the title of Pat Wood’s book, technology plays a vital role in the Technocrats’ evil plan of world domination.

It is not a secret that we now live in a society of constant surveillance, with most of us voluntarily carrying around a personal tracking device known as a smartphone. This fact, and numerous other data collection methods, have thrust us to a point in history where the end-game scenario for the Technocratic Elite is closer to becoming reality than ever before. Based upon some reports, the current technology can predict your daily routine with over 90% accuracy, not to mention the Smart-Meters tracking the appliance and energy use in your very own home. We are truly ripe for a technocratic takeover.

Please review the video below, as Patrick Wood clarifies who we battle, and by what methods those who wish to control us will use to bring America, and the world, into a technocratic dictatorship.

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2 Comments on "Technocracy: The Framework for Global Domination"

  1. I certainly question the motives of the elites like the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg Group. I doubt they have our best interests at heart. I also don’t doubt the establishment of a technocratic state administered by unelected bureaucrats who represent the people who are really in charge. But I question the validity of what the Bible might have to say about anything going on today, especially when it comes to science. I have no problem with a concerted effort to reduce carbon emissions. But I also believe these elites won’t do anything unless they can profit from it. I suppose if you’re going to believe anything a 2000 year old book has to say, it’s “the love of money that’s the root of all evil”. Don’t blame science because it’s misused against us and don’t expect god or Jesus to save us.

  2. Hi Robert, I disagree on one point. You say ” I suppose if you’re going to believe anything a 2000 year old book has to say, it’s “the love of money that’s the root of all evil”.”
    The only quote from the bible that is truly relevant is, “As you sow so shall
    you reap” All else falls under this.

    The Technology is a two edged sword & has all along proved to be so, for those who attempt to use it against us.

    I believe we who exist on earth at this time are here to put an end to
    a system, a way of life that has existed for eons. Even those who are robustly
    working against us. We are all ONE.

    Everytime they come up with something to harm us others come up with something to defeat them.

    This is a ridiculous waste of our resources but necessary at this time, because we were cleverly put to sleep for so long.
    What are we still waiting for? More of us to wake up.

    What have they really had of ours that we want back?
    Our belief in their power over us….& we are taking that back right NOW.
    Think of how hard we work at convincing others we need to protect ourself….but still they sleep.
    These guys dream up another dastardly deed against us & this affects MORE people, who are COMPELLED to wake up. Thank them.

    Examples of our power to influence technology was provided for me, was my cars. One I had trouble starting it so I would go in the house, have a coffee, return & no problem.

    Many years later a son who was running late came back in the house & put the kettle on. When asked why, he said if it bleeding works for you it will work for me. It did.

    Another car, same problem. Took it to an auto electrician & he appeared to fix it. This happened several times. The last time he said he had put so many of these little things on my wiring that if it happened again he would know exactly where the trouble is. I never had a problem again. I trusted him & gave up worrying.
    I began to become aware the problem was within me.

    I have put my hands on a fridge & washing machine that have sprung back to life.

    Everything depends on where we are at any moment in time & our INTENT. Become aware anything can malfunction. EVERYTHING requires practice to create belief, even misery.

    Mostly we are not aware of how we bring problems to ourself so we certainly dont believe we can fix them. We just blame others….& we get more of it to convince us we are right. We think we can program all kinds of rubbish into the greatest computer in existance & we
    do, without realising we create the consequences.

    Those who would harm us think they can treat us with contempt & dont think about the consequences for themselves.

    What we fear comes upon us….As we sow so do we reap. PRACTICE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

    Nothing religious about it.

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