Seattle’s Nanny State is “Deputizing Trashmen as Secret Police” to Snoop Through Wastebins

By Mac Slavo

Once society has set its course for total control, there are no bounds it will not cross in order to achieve it.

Obviously, governments have been willing to violate rights and unleash technology to spy upon the entire population.

But did you know they were also willing to dig through your trash and messy waste to uncover offenses, impose penalties and control social behavior?

This is exactly what’s going on in Seattle, where the city is now using trash collectors to snoop in trash cans to catch residents and businesses who are in non-compliance with new requirements to compost materials that break down. Wow! Talk about sinking to new lows. issued this shocking report that stinks of tyranny:

Seattle is on the cutting edge of nanny state-ism with a new citywide ban on throwing any compostable material into the trash, no matter how gross, smelly or disgusting it might be. The city government is serious about this — so serious that they have deputized the trashmen as a sort of secret police who are being ordered to rat on residents’ trash habits to the nannies at Seattle Public Utilities.

Of course, fines will follow for Seattle residents after an “education period” where violators are issued written warnings for actions as simply as tossing an apple core.

Moreover, trash collectors are being trained to open up and peer into not just trash cans, but individual trash bags in order to spot banned items that were required to head for the compost, then report residents and commercial offenders to Seattle utility authorities.

According to training documents obtained by PLF, garbage collectors are being told to enforce the policy with ‘zero tolerance’ and are being taught to remove bags to inspect a garbage can, peer into translucent bags and open torn or untied bags.

“In short, this program calls for massive and persistent snooping on the people of Seattle,” said Hodges. “This is not just objectionable as a matter of policy, it is a flagrant assault on people’s constitutional rights.”

Of course, the composting and recycling program itself is basically a good idea in effort to reduce landfills and treat wastes that break down in ways that benefit the soil and environment; however, forcing everyone to comply with the program through not only fines, but a secret police doing very messy work is well, just a stinky business.

“While it’s laudable to encourage recycling and composting, the city is going about it in a way that trashes the privacy rights of each and every person in Seattle,” said Brian Hodges, managing attorney for PLF’s Pacific Northwest Center, based in suburban Seattle.

Lawsuits are underway in attempt to block this draconian and over-the-top nanny state behavior.

But things won’t stop there either.

Police have worked with scientific developments to test wastewater for illegal drug use, and trace it back to the specific communities and even homes from which they are flushed — all without a warrant. Natural News reported:

In a naked attempt to shred the Constitution’s privacy and due process provisions, drug warriors are pursuing a new avenue of prosecution: Testing your sewage waste to see if you’ve been naughty or nice when it comes to using a drug Uncle Sam has deemed illegal.

“The war on drugs could get a boost with a new method that analyzes sewage to track levels of illicit drug use in local communities in real time. The new study, a first-of-its-kind in the U.S., was published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology and could help law enforcement identify new drug hot spots and monitor whether anti-drug measures are working.”

Measures like mandatory blood testing, alcohol breathalyzers, and DNA screening have been employed or suggested as well… and that’s just what they’ve come up with so far.

Again, total control knows no bounds.

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8 Comments on "Seattle’s Nanny State is “Deputizing Trashmen as Secret Police” to Snoop Through Wastebins"

  1. ..and…when they want to…they will toss some drugs on your rubbish pile and off you go to fema camps…cripe.

  2. This article is quite misleading. Courts have ruled for over 50 years that once you place something out at the curb for trash collection, it is no longer your property and anything discovered can be used against you in a court of law.

    As for “trash police”, communities and states have had them in place since at least the 1960’s by my memory. In the mid-’60s, my parents moved to Huntsville, AL. The next town over is called Arab (pronounced with a long “A”. rhyming with “Ahab”). Arab is a dry city (I mean Sahara dry). Alcohol is prohibited to be possessed within the city limits under any circumstances. If a trash collector found an empty beer can in your trash, you would be fined, and in some cases, jailed if you had more empties than a certain amount.

    Government intrusion into your waste-bin is not a new concept and is supported by everybody up to the SCOTUS.

    • spoken like a true Authoritarian! OBEY!

    • Yes, I’m sure it is secretly done at random in every town/ city, but anything left 10 ft in from the curb- on the easement- is up for grabs by anyone. Early before garbage collection, I ride my bike in the subdivision and collect items like flower pots, plastic containers, and other items of interest next to the curb. After parent died, several asked me if they could go thru the huge pile on the curb, I said yes, it’s on city property. Now if gov workers snoop in my stuff, they will get a whiff of cat droppings! Shred all papers with name/info on them. Cans, paper, cardboard and plastics are recycled .

  3. Won’t be long before a ticket is successfully challenged on the basis that we no longer have control over the trash bin once at the curb on public property and can no longer be held accountable for what is in it. The “State” would have to prove which particular person in the residence associated with the trash put the offending item in the bin. Additionaly the law is vague. It is impossible for the city to publish a comprehensive list of what is compostable. I’ve been a master composter for 30 years and can tell you that mother nature eventually composts everything even though it may take a thousand years. It isn’t as simple as “kitchen waste”

  4. The case law on any law enforcement agency (even deputized trash collectors) is fairly well-established. Poke through private trash at the curb and it is a violation of the fourth and fifth Amendments as well as the privacy of the owner. It doesn’t pass the constitutional smell test until the trash has been mixed with the other community trash. The city of Seattle needs to be brought into court and sued.

    I have a number of cats in my house. Several are quite old and require shots from time to time. But let some knuckle-dragging trash collector go through my garbage and look around, they might think I’m a drug user. What about someone with diabetes? This is outrageous. Where does it stop?

    • Seattle residents: Make sure you top the trash bag off with cat/dog poop, pour in some human urine, then pour some ammonia on top of garbage in the bag, before tying the bag. Tie it loose (bow tie) so it opens easy, so they can get a good sniff and choke on the smell. Needles could be bagged in small bags and dropped off in trash containers next to entrance at grocery stores. Shred all papers with private info. Seattle has a Marxist gov with control freaks running the show. Ditto Madison, Wisc. etc. I would suggest leaving the area for good. I left Seattle in ’64 and he left Madison area in ’60 we live in S.E. Alabama now. Also the Cascadia fault will trash the whole area west of I-5 from a future earthquake, down to N. Calif. leave asap.

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