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Dutchsinse video prompts Filipino scientist to deny geophysics and HAARP technology

Rady Ananda
Activist Post

When avid weather watcher Michael Janitch (aka Dutchsinse) uploaded a video showing that microwave pulses preceded the formation of Typhoon Yolanda-Haiyan before it hit the Philippines, the video went viral, prompting several Filipinos to send it to local news stations asking for an explanation.

Reputable news sites covered Janitch’s information, which must have really bunched up the tighty whities of military figures, because within days the same news sites called out this ‘conspiracy theorist’ and denied basic physics that microwaves can and do impact weather.

The Philippines’ top hazard assessment scientist denies that electromagnetic waves can influence weather or cause earthquakes. Take cover, Filipinos, because the Executive Director of Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards), Dr. Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. Lagmay, is woefully mistaken or deliberately lying to you.

Not only do EM waves impact weather and earthquakes, but scientists have learned how to use these waves to do just that. Since the mid-1990s, with the creation of HAARP, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project, this technology has been developed and deployed. HAARP manipulates the ionosphere with directed radio waves that then target an area in ways that interfere with electronic communications, prompt earthquakes and yes, direct and enhance storms.

There are some two-dozen known HAARP-like stations around the planet capable of interacting with the ionosphere. If the technology didn’t work, would they have built these additional stations? Governments have long been studying the ionosphere. At least as early as the 1970s, ionospheric labs were (and are) stationed in Boulder, Colorado; Juliusruh, Germany; Pr┼»honice, Czech Republic; Akita, Japan; Vasilsursk, Russia; and Rome, Italy, among others.

On Nov. 11, the International Business Times wrote:
[R]eports have emerged that the Category 5 storm, one of the strongest typhoons in the world, was caused by a microwave pulse. 
A microwave anomaly has been observed in the West Pacific, causing a heavy rotation to develop and eventually creating a large storm. Tropical storms caused by microwave anomalies or beams were previously discussed by Dr Michio Kaku, the Weather Channel and CNN…. 
The microwave ‘beam’ anomaly allegedly came from the Western islands and ends in the West Pacific Ocean, just north of Papua New Guinea. After the microwave beams, satellite images showed a “heavy rotation” begin to develop, eventually becoming a large tropical storm. The report said that the rotation developed within 1 day of the microwave anomaly.
IBT also uploaded three of Dutchsinse’s videos, linking microwave pulses to Typhoon Yolanda-Haiyan’s formation, to the recent Taiwan earthquake, and to Tropical Depression Zoraida.

But the powers-that-be apparently gave the word, prompting the IBT and other news sites to try to deny the physics. A later IBT headline asserted, “Filipino Scientist Mahar Lagmay Disproves ‘Microwave Theory’ Of Super Typhoon Haiyan”. He proved nothing; what he did was deny the technology exists and cast aspersions on Dutchsinse.

A Filipino site, ABS-CBN News, devoted a 15-minute segment to the issue, using Dr. Lagmay to accuse Janitch of playing a “trick” on the world. The only direct refutation offered was that such technology “has not been proven” to be capable of directing or enhancing storms.

Its unidentified newscaster made a strong case against his alma mater when he asked if microwave pulses even exist. Lord. That required the geologist to offer an elementary explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum. No doubt, many things, including high-tech weapons, would look like “conspiracy theory” to the uninformed.

But Lagmay also called the idea that microwaves can impact weather “conspiracy theory.”

The “conspiracy theorist” label is merely today’s version of the medieval accusation of heresy, and is applied when power holders want to suppress information by discrediting the messenger. Perk up your ears, denizens of the planet, when ‘conspiracy theorist’ is called out… you may just learn about something real that the government claims is a hoax.

Lagmay also told ABS-CBN that microwaves cannot generate earthquakes. But oil exploration teams using ground-penetrating tomography would beg to differ, as revealed in a 2009 History Channel documentary covering Weather Warfare. (The popular series, That’s Impossible! was yanked after six episodes.)

Dr. Brooks Agnew, a physicist involved in gas and oil exploration, explains that, “ELF [extremely low frequency] waves are just like a sub-woofer in your car, you can actually feel the vibrations through your body. ELF waves are the same way, they vibrate the earth, and at right resonant frequencies, they can have devastating effects.”

Dr. Agnew added, “These conditions are already set-up in the ground, all it takes is the activation energy to make the release happen.”

Dr. Lagmay’s denials and ad hominem attacks prompted Dutchsinse to respond with a 76-minute video and links to all his sources that explain microwave technology and reveal its capabilities. His webpage is worth the study, but here’s his video response:

Electromagnetism can be and has been manipulated for years, and Lagmay’s denial is implausible, especially given his geological training.

A site like HAARP, Dutchsinse points out, can generate a high-frequency wave, beam it skyward toward the ionosphere, where the planet’s natural electromagnetic field can modulate it into a low frequency before reflecting it back down to the planet.

The problem is that most Americans don’t read Dutchsinse, or me, or Nick Begich, or Global Research which has produced numerous sourced articles on the topic (or the thousands of others who write about it). That makes it easy for the Filipino nation’s top hazards assessor to claim:
The closest that I know, have heard discussions about it, is climate engineering. There are research projects that want to test whether it is possible to inject aerosols and so forth into the atmosphere. It is a project that was shut down by governments because of public complaints.
Really? When? What countries shut down those projects? And if it’s true that these projects were shut down, then why did the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently warn policymakers not to stop their solar radiation management strategies which include spraying aerosols in the atmosphere, saying:
If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing. [emphasis in original]
Meteorology teaches that electromagnetic waves impact weather and climate. Geology acknowledges that vibrations set off earthquakes.

On top of the damage caused by Typhoon Yolanda-Haiyan, Filipinos now have other worries, given that the man in charge of assessing hazards for their nation is apparently unaware of, or unwilling to acknowledge, atmospheric science and the long history of planetary weapons.

Rady Ananda is the creator of Food Freedom News and COTO Report, Rady Ananda's work has appeared in several online and print publications, including four books. With a B.S. in Natural Resources from Ohio State University’s School of Agriculture, Rady tweets @geobear7 and @RadysRant.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Big OOPs! No doubt miscalculations frequently occur in SRM procedure/formula. In SE US, we had cool wet summer and rotting gardens. Bet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will make policy corrections when populace has decreased sufficiently.

Anonymous said...

lol, right on, anon. am in the SE US and was delighted we only had to water our garden once. not sure if the current cold in N GA is related, but brrrr

Anonymous said...

Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era from 1970!

"In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic-political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior. Gordon J. F. MacDonald, a geophysicist specializing in problems of warfare, has written that accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes “could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth. . . . In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period... No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades." p57


Chemtrails and HAARP anyone?

Anonymous said...

Let us be clear, honest and cut the pussy footing around; what we are dealing with is MASS MURDER.

Yes it is MASS MURDER by some small group of people hiding in some electronic bunker somewhere. At the press of a button they can direct HARRP or whatever weapons they have and control the weather.

And we "dumb" people aren't supposed to be able to figure it out. "It is all just God's fault or Mother Nature or Etc.". Lets get real people there are some really evil people out there and they need to be stopped and put behind bars.

Who did it? Whoever they are They MUST pay for their crimes against Humanity, the Philippines and all the other related MURDERS - to the fullest extent of the "real" law not their phony law system that turns a blind eye to their evil ways!

Wake Up People! God didn't kill all those people. They must be rooted out like rats.

Anonymous said...

Spraying lithium in the atmosphere above northeastern America might be the reason that nobody has the drive to undo the usurper.

solar bipolar said...

Unfortunately I live about 320 miles from Gakona-where the evil project is located It's surprising and frustrating that most Alaskans are totally unaware and oblivious to HAARP and it's function--even though our current US senator, Mark Begitch' has a well known brother Dr.Nick Begitch, who has been sounding the alarm from his years of research..

Anonymous said...

Its crazy when u read the patents for haarp cause thats exactly what its designed to do. But we all know that the governments would never hurt people to put their corporate owners profits ahead of human life. Its funny who evryone blames the government but never blames the actual king makers aka the world banks. Every massive problem facing earth today is because of a few family's greed and sadistic love of money above life, from the environmental impacts we r facing to the turning of the world into a regim that is ran by them. When r we goin say wtf they need to be held accountable for their actions. We all know that if we change the government officials its still goin be the same cause the king makers still r running the world as we know it today

Anonymous said...

The real issue in the Philippines of course and the terrible infrastructure that has caused so many deaths and destruction: is that the CORRUPT ELITES of that country STOLE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from their own people for the very projects and infrastructure the Philippines could have weathered much better. Any story that deflects from this truth is suspect. imho

Anonymous said...

They can try to discredit Dutchsinse all they want but it will do no good. People are waking up.

Anonymous said...

We can all thank our lucky stars for the likes of Dutchsince. He has put up with a lot of attacks and load of criticism and yet, he kept going and proved his work and himself over and again. I am so grateful for people like him and I thank him unreservedly so. I was a subscriber to his and many other youtube truther channels till I got FED UP to the back teeth with google et al. Way to go Dutch my friend!

putYHWH1st said...


Anonymous said...

they are goig to start killing more of us because people are to stupid to do the reseach about this - this storm was ABSOLUTELY MAN MADE - HAARP -GEOENGINEERING-CHEMTRAILS- they are geoengineering the weathewr ALL OVER THE WORLD & the brain dead zombies dont get it . they just killed over 100,000 cattle in the mid west U.S a month ago - they buried them under 5 ft of soaking wet MAN MADE snow- more & more of us are going to be killed this way because the stupids are to busy ignoring what is going on . tie on folks you are going to have WEATHER WARS knocking at your door - at you town in your city - just like they are doing all over the U.S and around the world - will you be next ?

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is most people don't want to hear this, not until it directly effects them. And by then, it is too late.

Thank you for posting the links and the videos, I have learned something today.


Anonymous said...

The US approved the sale of several huge Tesla designed transformers to the USSR during the Gerald Ford administration.for immediate power up by their Votkinsk Hydroelectric Station on the Kama River in Perm Krai and Udmurtia , Russia having a full reservoir .since 1964..
The CIA being aware of KGB interest in research into telekinesis and mind control got DOD approval to build a buried hundred mile loop antenna near the Great Lakes to track the twelve hertz signals being emitted from the Russian HAARP facility while suspecting that it was an attempt to target humans with the frequency common to human minds. The result of signal bulge poking through the atmosphere the pulses from the Russian facility aimed at the ionosphere diverted the jet streams that brought cold fronts deep into the US called Siberian Express back then. Simply chronologically recording the transmission times and following weather and earth faults effects.
The rest is a matter of history including the delay in initiation of the Gulf War until proper cloud cover could be accomplished. The recent US Navy floating of a huge barge mounted generator and transmission antenna to position off the coast of Korea could be a clue to the Philippine disaster as was the recorded transmissions preceding the Haitian and Peruvian earthquakes. Some only live and breathe while others also live and learn.

Josey Wales said...

The Philippines along with 2 other countries just told the globalist billionaires to f&%k off when they were told to sign and join the Trans Pacific Partnership, NAFTA for southeast asia. Obummer and Kerry then cancelled their trip to the Philippines. Then the earthquake struck and now the typhoon just like in 1991 when the Philippine Senate kicked the U. S. out of Clark air force base then Mount Pinatubo blew its top and covered it and other areas around Angeles City with 3 feet of hot ash. It's said that the U. S. wants military bases there again and the top military filipino said ok but WE FILIPINOS WILL OPERATE IT. The U. S. replied NO WAY ! ! ! And then the disasters struck


It's called "Weather Weaponization."
Maybe we should call it "We We" for short because they're using it to piss on humanity.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will think twice about murdering other people in the future as they can be caught as Dutch has shown, I still think they created Hurricane Sandy..And the disaster that leveled Haiti...

Anonymous said...

I saw Dutch's site discussion on this typhoon HARRP hit. He suggested the direction from which it came. I immediately remembered an article I read talking about how China was doing a large armada war game exercise with another country that, as I recall [and I might be incorrect] was Iran. The location of those games was in direct alighnment with that HARRP HIT. When you named the countries who have working HARRP abilities, you said, --and others. One of those others is CHINA. Now, China has some enormous grudge stamps with both the Japanese and the US dealing with the Philippines. The history is very lumpy and now hidden because of the time factor. Most folks do not even remember that WW2 happened. My first thought, being as I do remember, was CHINA. We - the US of A - have enormous investments in the Philippines. Our history with that country has been ongoing. In short, we saved their world - I SHALL RETURN - and General McArthur did just that. So, my instincts tell me this little HAARP blip was not only directed, it was intentional. Not a nice thing to say about our friends in China. Sorry about that. Since it is all fairy dust and conspiracy theories anyway, no one will care. Right? Right.

Anonymous said...

Throughout human history we have had, and continue to have, those who use MASS MURDER as their agenda to achieve and maintain power. The history books are full of examples. Those who use HARRP as a weapon of MURDER are just as evil as all those other historical MURDERS. Now that we all see them for what they are it is time to stop them. This is WAR. If we don't act they will continue to use MASS MURDER as their weapon of control and domination. They can't hide. We will find them in their rat holes and stop them.

Anonymous said...

"This video is currently unavailable"

Anonymous said...

The Philippines, since at least early 2012, has wanted to join the Trans Pacific Partnership, which would give the US economic dominance over this region superior to China's.

yes, all the major powers have been studying the ionosphere, including China. see eg China Research Institute of Radiowave Propagation (CRIRP) Ionospheric Laboratory, Xinjiang (Sinkiang) Region 40°24'15.91"N, 93°38'09.74"E

Mark McCandlish said...

For those who doubt that microwaves can affect the weather, a little illumination. What do you use them for? In your microwave to heat up the food, right? In that case, it causes a resonant oscillation in the hydrogen atoms in the water within your food. There are safety notices with some microwaves suggesting that heating water that is sitting perfectly still in the microwave is dangerous, in that suddenly moving it once heated can cause the entire glass to sublimate into steam-- almost instantly if the water is jostled upon removal.

Now- there is water vapor in the sky, right? Think a big microwave burst might affect it? Yes- it can. But the link between chemtrails and HAARP is that the aerosols dispensed into the atmosphere can be controlled not only by the altitude where they are released, but also by the sizes of the nanoparticles of Aluminum, Barium or Strontium that are in the trails.

Why is this significant? These particles, during manufacture can be precisely controlled as to their size. Billions and billions of these particles floating in the air, all exactly the same microscopic size. Now if you know in advance what the size of those nanoparticles is, you can hit them with a microwave burst of radio frequency (RF) energy that will cause them ALL to vibrate at their resonant frequency as they absorb the RF energy. This converts the RF to heat, that is in turn dissipated into the surrounding air mass. This is the same technique used by the specialized paints used on stealth aircraft. By converting a portion of a radar transmission (microwaves) to heat, it reduces the radar cross section (RCS) and thus the amount of reflected radar signal going back to the tracking radar.

So what happens then? The nanoparticles heat up, transfer that heat to the air they are floating through, and that causes a powerful convection cell. (The air rises, just like the smoke from a candle.) And as it does so, it carries any moisture in the air mass to a higher altitude, where it is much colder, causing the vapor to condense into clouds. It forms a powerful low pressure system. This is exactly how you can create a hurricane or "Typhoon".

In the northern hemisphere, when an air mass rises as a convection cell, it begins to turn counterclockwise because of the Coriolis Effect. If it were below the equator, in the southern hemisphere, it would turn clockwise. If the cell forms over a particularly warm body of water, as you will find near the equator, there is a natural engine in the humidity created there that will continue to feed the energy of the storm system. All you have to do, is get it started. Dutchsinse proved that was the case.

Dr, Lagmey doesn't know what he is talking about. He should keep his mouth shut.

Rady said...

thank you Mark for this detailed and lucid explanation of how it works... kudos 2u!

lemme ask you, can you refute this explanation for why we have chemtrails today in a way that is just as lucid and easy to understand?

"The reason today’s jets now form persistent contrails, explains Marshall Smith, a former NASA-Ames aeronautical engineer, is that the sooty particulates in older jet exhaust provided a nucleus around which ice crystals would form (giving us a contrail). But because of its dark color, the sooty particulate absorbed solar energy which melted the ice crystals, dissipating the contrail. Today’s cleaner and thus clearer jet exhaust allows solar energy to pass right through it, and so contrails persist and spread into high cirrus clouds lasting 24-36 hours."

denk said...

asshole anon November 16, 2013 at 6:54 AM
*We - the US of A - have enormous investments in the Philippines. Our history with that country has been ongoing. In short, we saved their world - I SHALL RETURN - and General McArthur did just that. So, my instincts tell me this little HAARP blip was not only directed, it was intentional. Not a nice thing to say about our friends in China.*

question is , have u ever left philippines ?

yeah right.
u sure take good care of ur *buddy* !

i've seen lots of gratuitous malice against the chinese in my time, but u take the cake, coz it's so god damned outrageous !

if anyone should be suspected of playing that deadly *haarp*, the first one that comes to mind is none other than uncle sham, the only one confirmed with that kind of capacity n ruthlessness.

Rady said...

the History Channel documentary, Weather Warfare, can be found at

sorry for the bad link

Anonymous said...

They use weather weapons AGAINST CITIZEN'S ALSO!
I personally have been attacked SEVERAL times for speaking out !
They mainly used ICY CONDITIONS , which caused a head injury, and whiplash on the roadway(separate incidents )
And when I was boating --CREATING DANGEROUS CONDITIONS LIKE HEAVY FOG AND VERY STRONG WINDS both out of nowhere, and CERTAINLY NOT in the forecast! EVERY TIME I went boating! -- I WAS almost killed THE FIRST TIME OUT BOATING --it took a few of these experiences to REALIZE WHAT WAS HAPPENING!!

Anonymous said...

Who did it? Who is responsible? Who knows who did it and isn't telling?

Now we know thanks to Snowden that the infamous NSA bugs everyone on the planet, so they should know who did it.

If they know who did it - why aren't they telling us and stopping the mass murderers?

If they know and aren't telling that means that they are complicit with the mass murderers.

So now we know that the NSA is in cooperation, some how some way, with the mass murderers.

If the NSA is involved, so is the so called intelligence establishment of the USA and many western countries (UK, France etc).

If they are involved, so are pieces and parts of our elected government via our so called elected representatives in the senate,congress and white house.

This secret group are mass murderers of people in the USA and around the world.

The call goes out to any one left in government who has a heart and soul and who isn't involved in the mass murder to take forceful and immediate actions and eject these monsters from power and the ability to create another weather related mass murder on humanity.

The word is getting about these killers and the people will rise up and remove them from their holes in the ground and bring them to justice. This will happen sooner than they think!

Anonymous said...

The mass murderers believe that what happened in the Philippines weather war attack will soon be forgotten by the world because they have more attacks planned that will take front page in the controlled global mass media,

They have it all planned out and expect to keep killing people to advance their agenda of world domination and control. Their plan is to keep the general public ignorant and this is their ace card. Don't let this happen!!!!!!!!!

Speak up. Demand answers. Refuse to forget. Do your research. Share information.

Don't be fooled by lies from public officials. Don't be put off by their claims of being authorities and being experts. Stand up for you rights.

Take responsibility as a citizen and don't take no for an answer.

The weather wars mass murderers are hidden in plain sight, See through the illusions created to hide them from view.

Have courage. Be fearless. Fight for the lives of the innocents that they kill with no concern or compassion.

Stand up to the cruel and inhuman plans they have for us.

Fight Back for Freedom, Justice and the Love of Humanity. If you don't who will?

denk said...

from the horse mouth.....

*Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised... Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm*
[n earthquake ?]

mind u, that was more than three decades ago !

Anonymous said...


John Hammell said...

I emailed this article to Paul Schratz, the Communications Director of the Vancouver Arch Diocese of the Catholic Church because I wanted him to realize that Typhoon Haiyan was man made, an act of genocide committed against the Philippines as a pretext for getting the US Navy back into the country, and as punishment for their dragging their feet on joining the Trans Pacific Partnership (NAFTA for SE Asia).

Schratz blew me off, refusing to look at Janich's very solid rebuttal to Lagmay, citing the disinfo site "Metabunk", specifically THIS crap as supposed "Proof" that Janich "lacks credability." This is beyond mindless, and Schratz refuses to call me for a real time communication about this, much less engage me in a face to face discussion where I could read body language, and the Arch Bishop also refuses to meet with me.

(I demanded the Arch Bishop discuss Janich's findings with the Pope and wanted the Pope to reign in Obama, but then I saw THIS in which Pope Benedict is calling for a Global Government, and everything has become painfully clear to me.... the Catholic Church is nothing but a massive arm of the ruling elite's efforts to force us all into bondage and to microchip us, and spin doctors like the Vancouver Arch Diocese's Paul Schratz work very hard to keep the rank and file members of the Church in the DARK about stuff like this.

(I first got in touch with Schratz as part of a personal effort to do fund raising for Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines. Schratz has only been going through the motions of fund raising for the relief effort, not doing all that he could do, showing no real dedication to the cause, for the simple reason that the Catholic Church is not in fact a Christian church, it only PRETENDS to be.

I got the Vancouver Giants hockey team to agree to assist with the Typhoon relief, then I made the MISTAKE of putting Schratz in touch with them. He is in total denial about the fact that the US government caused this typhoon, and he is actively protecting Obama, that much is painfully obvious, but now I know why- its because the Pope himself is a Globalist, and a Eugenicist just like Obama. Birds of a feather, fly together.

Anonymous said...

Never forget that this mass murder by weather wars in the Philippines was just one example of what the evil little children of Hitler are doing to our planet.

These monsters must be stopped and it involves you doing something , anything to prevent these murderers from striking again and again.

They are cleaver and deceptive and they will lie to your face over and over again.

Remember it was conscious intentional planned mass murder.

Anonymous said...

6,000 people murdered in the Philippines and the toll grows everyday. Imagine the pain and suffering they have inflected. Imagine the lives they have destroyed.

Catch the murderers. Their evil is beyond the understanding of any human being with a heart and a soul.

How much longer will they be allowed to play their evil game with humanity as their toys?

Don't forget! The next victims may be you. They have no country. They have no compassion. They are creatures of darkness. They such off the fear and use it like their money.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dutchsinse for your efforts to expose the murderers.

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