Washington’s GMO food label initiative reportedly fails to pass 55-45%

Rady Ananda
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Tuesday’s vote on whether certain foods containing genetically modified ingredients should be labeled failed in early returns. However, the mail-in ballots have not yet been counted.

Of nearly a million votes cast, only 445,730 reportedly voted for food labeling.

Pundits are declaring that the $22 million spent by anti-labeling groups like Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Assn. convinced voters that they do not want their foods labeled after all, despite recent polls showing that 95% of consumers do want GMO foods labeled.

As long as votes are cast or counted electronically, instead of by hand, voters are forced to trust official results. Yet, dozens of scientific studies have proven that electronic casting and counting systems cannot be made secure, that results can be changed remotely, and that no evidence of the crime will remain for forensic investigators.

Voting on machines, or machine counting of hand-marked ballots, violates the most basic component of “free elections” because the count is done in secret, inside a machine, rather than in full view of witnesses.

But, as with the Patriot Act and other unconstitutional measures taken in the US since 9/11, most Americans accept these voting systems and continue to vote on them, accepting the results as accurate.

Brad Friedman, one of the most serious investigators into election fraud who continually reports on “anomalies” like vote switching, etc., recently said, “[W]ithout paper, it is strictly 100% impossible to know that any vote has ever been tallied accurately.”

Not all foodies favor forced labeling of GMO foods. Virginia farmer Joel Salatin, a prolific writer promoting sustainable farming, has reason to object to such food labeling.

On Thursday, he will debate Dr. Joseph Mercola in Atlanta, GA on this very issue. The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund is selling tickets so you can watch online the live-streamed debate tomorrow night.

The measure failed in every county of Washington state, except two: King (Seattle) and San Juan (in the Salish Sea), officials are reporting.

Here’s the breakdown of Washington’s vote, as reported by My Northwest, as of 5:30 AM Pacific. County by County results HERE.

Rady Ananda is the creator of Food Freedom News and COTO Report, Rady Ananda’s work has appeared in several online and print publications, including four books. With a B.S. in Natural Resources from Ohio State University’s School of Agriculture, Rady tweets @geobear7 and @RadysRant.

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