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Pathocracy: Tyranny at the Hand of Psychopaths

Jack Mullen 
Activist Post

Were people consciously aware something was about to change in a very bad way just before Lenin and Trotsky appeared on the scene in Petrograd in the spring of 1917? Did the German people realize accepting the 'hope' of Hitler would result in something so hideous and evil that tens of millions of people would die and a permanent bloodstain would appear on the history of Germany?  What was life like months or years before the Armenians suffered genocide at the hands of the Turks, did they know that government imposed gun control was really disarmament before extermination?  How about the Chinese before the tyrant Mao, or the North Koreans before the Kim Jung il family infestation?  Did these people know what was coming, but didn't know what they could do?

Most of written history is written on pages of blood.  I think today, right now, is another one of those moments just before something very bad is about to happen. And, this time, we have the written historical records of bad news to learn potentially lifesaving, culture-rescuing information before we slip into another example of blood and carnage insanity. 

Although Sigmund Freud introduced the world to the word psychopath in his book Psychopathology of Everyday Life, published in 1901, it wouldn't be until forty years later that a true definition of psychopathology was developed to include the personality type of psychopath:  a scientific understanding that sheds light on past and current events.

One of the first researchers to study and document the nature of personality types called psychopaths was Hervey Cleckley, MD, in his book The Mask of Sanity, published in 1941.  In this classic work, Cleckley spent considerable time with prison inmates in Georgia; prisoners that "little agreement was found as to what was actually the matter with them." And, according to Cleckley, "[the prisoners] continued, however, to constitute a most grave and a constant problem to the hospital and to the community."

In addition to Cleckley, others in the time since 1941 have contributed significantly to our understanding of the psychopathic personality type.  One such heroic researcher was Andrew M. Lobaczewski, born 1921 in Poland.  After suffering Nazi occupation during WWII, and Russian occupation after Germany's defeat, Lobaczewski entered college to be trained as a psychologist, and soon thereafter began research into the nature of the psychopath. Lobaczewski and his colleagues risked severe penalties, including death, for documenting their research and experimentation.

Many decades would pass trying to get the work published (and many attempts were made by groups to destroy it).  But, finally, in 1998, circumventing attempts of Zbigniew Brzezinski to stop the publication, Lobaczewski's book Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil for political purposes was published. The book begins with an examination of prisoners, much like Cleckley's work covers, but this time scientists correlated the behavior of psychopaths with the depravity of massively oppressive political regimes; the results of which culminated in a new science he called Ponerology, the study of evil in man. Political Ponerology, then, is the nature of evil in politics.

According to Lobaczewski, organizations can become infested with psychopathic personality types who, if given the proper amount of time and growing conditions, will busily fill all positions of power within it.  In the case of governments, what emerges is defined as a pathocracy: tyranny at the hand of psychopaths.  Lobaczewski defined governance by a pathocracy as a macrosocial disease, something unhealthy and brutally deadly if untreated. 

The book Political Ponerology provides a scary explanation for periodic times of brutal insanity in the history of the world. It is a light to scientifically expose a particular personality type within populations -- a type,  if left alone, will infest positions of power, pushing out normal personalities until they dominate the power structure. From a position of total domination, psychopaths will aggressively and brutally protect the power they have gained. In the case of government, that means taking steps to eradicate any perceived opposition to their control and authority. Since true psychopaths are emotionally dead, and work empathy-free (see Dr. Robert Hare's  book Without Conscience; The Disturbing World of Psychopaths), the task of cleaning house to prevent loss of control can quickly evolve into the 20-million-plus killed in the Russian Holocaust, the 60-million-plus killed in the Chinese Holocaust, or the extermination camps of the Jewish Holocaust.  Although not on the same scale, recent mass murders such as the Waco Texas massacre, the Oklahoma City bombings, or the 9-11 false flag terror-murders should sound the warning alarms.  Psychopaths are afoot. 

This brings me to the deplorable historical events in the United States, especially since 1913.  Are psychopaths running the show?  Lets look at some facts.

To set the stage, in 1912 bankers rig the presidential election and Woodrow Wilson, the bankers president, moves into the White House. This is a strategic move to ensure prompt penmanship on banker bills. 

Then, two days before Christmas, while Congress was conveniently low on members gone for the break, a private banking cartel shrewdly gave the Federal Reserve control over the issuance of United States currency. The finagling was done using deception and bribery, and the trick of bringing bills to vote when congressional attendance was very low. As of today, 'banker currency' has lost 98 percent of its original purchasing power; purchasing power lost by dollar holders was transferred as wealth to government and owners of the Federal Reserve.

Since 1913, the United States has started or insinuated (through false flag events) itself in non-retaliatory wars on the average of one every 15 years including: WWI, WWII, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, the first Gulf War, and the second Gulf War. All of these wars were funded with borrowed money from the very same banks issuing the currency, thus saddling tax payers with interest and principal in addition to the cost of lives.  Even after the wars, US underwriters have funded the continued exportation of war and empire through occupation, building more than 1000 military bases in over 150 nations around the world. 

In addition to the offshore wars, the United States has prosecuted an ever increasing war on its citizens, including relentless assaults on freedoms provided by the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, the effective disempowering of congress via geometric growth in governance by Executive Order, and continuing attempts to disarm citizens, using deception and fear to legislate away the right to keep and bear arms.

The war on US citizens is prosecuted around the clock with assaults on many fronts, including a deliberate effort to dumb down the educational system, debasing health through contamination of foods (hormones, pesticides, GMOs, chemically adulterated water, cancerous additives such as aspartame), then protecting food cartels that provide fewer food choices while controlling your right to grow food. Healthcare choices are restricted by legal protection of pharmaceutical cartels marketing drug and medical procedures responsible for hundreds of thousands of needless deaths each year. The government directly attacks the individual immune system by mandating and promoting criminally contaminated vaccines -- immune system damaging vaccines that may also cause long term brain dysfunction or damage, or result in delayed cancer.

Personal finances are attacked with escalating tax rates levied by exponentially growing mega-state(s); taxes draining the vital economic blood needed for growth, while shackling citizens to increasing hours of work; depreciating dollars and falling wages. And don't expect any help from the free market; it's been outlawed. The government (federal, state, local) is now the largest employer in the nation and private manufacturing is deliberately off-shored to foreign countries. Open borders inviting the deliberate influx of millions of illegal aliens are overwhelming social service and legal systems and pressuring wages lower as illegals compete with unfair wage advantages. Financial disaster is manufactured, as private bankers in charge of our monetary system invent and market fraudulent financial products, encourage fraudulent loans, and produce a false bubble in home prices.  Then, as the deflating bubble exposes the fraud, ownership becomes uncertain when we learn property titles were criminally misplaced.  Finally, let's note the 2 million homes in foreclosure or foreclosed upon since the housing bust, and another 2 million in the pipe. Most of these properties are held off market by banks and government agencies (Fannie and Freddie). That puts the government and the Federal Reserve in charge of the largest real estate holdings in the country. Disturbing fact: Socialist and Communist regimes provide no right of private property -- the state owns it all.  

Americans are deliberately terrified as government, controlled by bankers, creates false terror and criminally incites fear to restrict travel, destroy privacy, control the Internet and news content, manipulate the voting process, and silence free speech. Americans are assailed by false government promises made during elections and by a growing prison-police-industrial cartel incarcerating growing numbers of citizens, while using prisoners as slaves. More people are incarcerated in the United States than any other nation on earth and the rate of incarceration is growing. Prison manufacturing now constitutes 35% of  total United States manufacturing.  Autogenous terror is no less scary or health disturbing than real terror -- a deliberate assault on the American psyche.

For the elderly and persons of retirement age, the assault has just begun -- pensions and retirement accounts are being gutted and stolen by bankers and a bankrupt government. Just as the baby boomers are hitting retirement age their pensions and retirement investments are stolen, squandered and deflated. Promises made while stealing your income will never be kept, as the economic life blood is sucked dry by bankers and criminally bankrupt governments from the many states to Washington DC.  Finally, the assault continues as the USG, slowly dying from bankruptcy and rampant corruption, relentlessly (and against popular support) continues to prosecute two illegal, non retaliatory, wars six thousand miles from home. These wars support a growing worldwide hatred of the insane, brutal and irrational acts of the United States, while exploiting Americans through promotion of illegal drugs mainlined through government transportation and distribution; drugs sold at monopoly prices because of the deliberate War On Drugs, resulting in the prosecution of drug users to fill prisons at an increasing rate.

Just when you think it couldn't get more in your face comes the outright theft in broad daylight of TRILLIONS of dollars through pretended efforts to 'save the economy.' Most of the money has been created from nothing only to reduce purchasing power of the dollar and simultaneously create a need to raise taxes to cover interest on the newly minted debt. The stolen TRILLIONS are hastily sent to crony banks both at home and off shore.  When Americans asked, "Where did the money go?" the arrogant criminals-in-charge continue to flatly refuseto reveal the recipients. This crime against all Americans is deliberate and aggressive, as it is done in the light of day, taunting anyone to try and stop it. 

The financial crisis has been prosecuted deliberately for so long now that the economy likely is only one major economic shock away from several possible financial catastrophes -- the most likely being a debt-related collapse, say, an insolvent and bankrupt large corporation (GE) or bank (BAC)?  The result would be a financial derivatives chain reaction leaving a slew of companies around the world in financial ruin, while those events cause a run on the dollar or a move to dump treasuries; the last manufactured bubble popping like faulty rivets exploding as the Titanic bobs for the last time, slipping terminally into the sea. After that, the crisis would take on a life of its own with food and oil prices skyrocketing and Homeland Security rounding up early discontents for incarceration in already pre-planned and ready-made prisons strategically located throughout the United States.

Since 1913 bankers and crony corporations have consolidated and now control all mainstream media. TV, satellite, radio, newspapers and magazines -- all controlled by the same 5 or 6 corporate media companies. Can we expect truthful news and responsible journalism? 

Taken individually it may be possible to argue that mistakes in thinking resulted in poor choices giving license to bad endings, but the history of deliberate lies, endless bloodshed in manufactured wars, aggression against people using food, health, and finances, the non-stop assault on personal liberties using false flag terror, is a plain-as-day indication that Americans will face a deadly crisis in the near future. For the record: moves to disarm citizens always precede escalating physical control by a maniacal state. Always. 

I submit that the United States government is under the control of psychopaths, and the infestation is nearing completion; the point at which nothing can stop the oncoming violence. But that's not all, because above the federal government is a ruling cartel of off-shore psychopaths that have secretly been planning a one-world tyranny for more than 100 years. This is not a rant; it is a plea:  take time to read the material. 

According to Lobaczewski:
In a pathocracy, all leadership positions, (down to village headman and community cooperative managers, not to mention the directors of police units, and special services police personnel, and activists in the pathocratic party) must be filled by individuals with corresponding psychological deviations, which are inherited as a rule. However, such people constitute a very small percentage of the population and this makes them more valuable to the pathocrats. Their intellectual level or professional skills cannot be taken into account, since people representing superior abilities (who are also psychopaths) are even harder to find. After such a system has lasted several years, one hundred percent of all the cases of essential psychopathy are involved in pathocratic activity; they are considered the most loyal, even though some of them were formerly involved on the other side in some way.

Under such conditions, no area of social life can develop normally, whether in economics, culture, science, technology, administration, etc. Pathocracy progressively paralyzes everything. Normal people must develop a level of patience beyond the ken of anyone living in a normal man's system just in order to explain what to do and how to do it to some obtuse mediocrity of a psychological deviant who has been placed in charge of some project that he cannot even understand, much less manage. This special kind of pedagogy - instructing deviants while avoiding their wrath - requires a great deal of time and effort, but it would otherwise not be possible to maintain tolerable living conditions and necessary achievements in the economic area or intellectual life of a society. Even with such efforts, pathocracy progressively intrudes everywhere and dulls everything. [...]

Therefore, to mitigate the threat to their power, the pathocrats must employ any and all methods of terror and exterminatory policies against individuals known for their patriotic feelings and military training; other, specific "indoctrination" activities such as those we have presented are also utilized. Individuals lacking the natural feeling of being linked to normal society become irreplaceable in either of these activities. Again, the foreground of this type of activity is occupied by cases of essential psychopathy, followed by those with similar anomalies, and finally by people alienated from the society in question as a result of racial or national differences.

The phenomenon of pathocracy matures during this period: an extensive and active indoctrination system is built, with a suitably refurbished ideology constituting the vehicle or Trojan horse for the purpose of pathologizing the thought processes of individuals and society. The goal - forcing human minds to incorporate pathological experiential methods and thought-patterns, and consequently accepting such rule - is never openly admitted. This goal is conditioned by pathological egotism, and the possibility of accomplishing it strikes the pathocrats as not only indispensable, but feasible. 
From the murder of John F. Kennedy to the trail of dead bodies uncovered during the Clinton and Bush regimes, and now Obama -- the sanity of American government has taken a terrible turn toward Pathocracy.  Normal Americans have to stop making excuses for what is plain view. 

It is time that humanity faces what it already knows:  Historic suffering throughout the ages is related to the evil of the psychopath.  We must never consent to being disarmed. Thomas Jefferson said: "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

Next, I call on psychology and psychiatry professionals to make claims regarding the mental health of members of government -- it is incumbent on those qualified to take a stand against a rising, bloody, tyranny.  The facts speak for themselves: mental health must be called into consideration based on the actions of our leaders in recent years. 

Finally, there are other powerful, peaceful ways to reign in the power of psychopaths. First and foremost, remember that it is the overwhelming numbers of normal people that enable their power, working and slaving away in a system designed as life support for a class of vampires. I submit that we can stop paying their bills.

Start by cutting off the fuel supply, i.e., their funding. Banks are power lines connected directly to the coven of vampires; currency is the current flowing through the power lines.  Begin today by removing any savings you might have in banks and in various investment markets (stocks, bonds, hedge funds, etc. ), then use those dollars to buy physical gold and silver and long term food supplies. These commodities hold their value in the face of deliberately depreciating currency. Next -- this is the interesting part -- never convert your gold and silver back into dollars. Instead, when the time comes spend your silver and gold. Go out and find small local stores that will trade gold and silver for supplies.  Remember, if you convert your gold and silver back into money the vampires get power -- the IRS will tax your trade, and the banks end up with money streaming down the power lines to the coven of vampires.

Moving out of the banking matrix toward barter and transactions based in real money will protect your privacy and purchasing power, while decreasing energy available for evil.  A grade 'A' investment for the average American (aside from food) is silver; silver is the currency of the little man -- it is the silver bullet against the vampire of psychopathic government. 

This is a critical time in the history of humanity; a time when you have to educate yourself and have courage to take non-violent action against a very violent infestation of the worst possible personality types.  Think about the Russians, Germans, Chinese and so many others that might have been able to prevent a blood bath of agony with just some responsible action prior to the onslaught. I would also say it is important to understand that psychopaths have no emotions and no empathy. Think about what kind of person would order the deliberate down-the-pants aggression of "security" agents. These people are not protecting you -- they are groping you like animals; animals that have no future other than food for the psychopaths.

Take action today.


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"Almost Human", Laura Knight-Jadczyk, New Leaf Distribution Company, 2009
Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths,  Robert Hare, 1999, The Guilford Press

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, do your own research, and I am not suggesting or implying anything illegal should be done. Use peaceful, legal methods of resisting and thwarting the rise of tyranny.

Jack Mullen has been a businessman for more than 25 years, owning 3 radio stations, several technology based companies and a resource development company.

This article may be re-posted in full with attribution.


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Strawman said...

Very important article Jack. Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

This is an EXCELLENT article. Jack, outstanding job giving the big picture on what is happening and why. I can say I learned something from you today, and expanded my vocabulary a bit (Ponerology). The unfortunate thing is that most good people (the majority of us) assume others are like them, since these psychopaths make up such a small majority, so they naturally extend that assumption towards people in power. That needs to change if people are ever going to break free of pathocracy.

I am Stan said...

Great post, very informative thanks!

Anonymous said...


you have a link to "Political Ponerology" at Amazon.

Amazon seems to be actively suppressing the book by pricing it very high, more than twice what the publishers, Red Pill Press (http://www.redpillpress.com/retail/) ask. Amazon also is a "direct powerline to the vampires coven".

Apart from that, excellent article, I hope that many people wake up!

Anonymous said...

Concerning the taxation of converting gold and silver to cash (FRNs), trading silver for gold, or vice versa, rather than cash, also presents the problem of taxes. The 1982 IRS Revenue Ruling 82-166 held that, "The taxpayer's exchange of gold bullion for silver bullion does not qualify for nonrecognition of gain under section 1031(a) of the Code."

Starting this year, the $600 threshhold for a 1099 comes into play. Even one man coin shops will have to deal with this costly requirement. Trading silver for gold, or vice versa, rather than cash, also presents the problem of taxes. The 1982 IRS Revenue Ruling 82-166 held that, "The taxpayer's exchange of gold bullion for silver bullion does not qualify for nonrecognition of gain under section 1031(a) of the Code." Perhaps, (this is neither tax nor legal advice, blah, blah) trading of gold Eagles for silver Eagles or the reverse might qualify for nonrecognition of gain as an exchange of like kind property under section 1031(a) of the Code. By statute, gold and silver Eagles are termed numismatics and the Mint makes a profit selling them at a price exceeding spot. Perhaps, someone has seen an IRS ruling on this. I doubt that bars or the pre-1965 90% silver coins would qualify for nonrecognition of gain as an exchange of like kind property. Just some food for thought.

Big Brother wants his pound of flesh from those trying to preserve their purchasing power as those in charge destroy the value of our present currency, the FRN.

IRS Revenue Ruling 82-166 (Rev. Rul. 82-166)

Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.)

Revenue Ruling (Rev. Rul.)

Published: October 4, 1982


Section 1031 — Exchange of Property for Productive Use or Investment, 26 CFR 1.1031(a)-1: Property held for productive use in trade or business or for investment.

Sales or exchanges; like kind; gold bullion for silver bullion. The exchange of gold bullion held for investment for silver bullion held for investment does not qualify for nonrecognition of gain as an exchange of like kind property under section 1031(a) of the Code.

Anonymous said...

Michael said..
Lots of information to digest here. And it all made sense to me until I read " The government directly attacks the individual immune system by mandating and promoting criminally contaminated vaccines -- immune system damaging vaccines that may also cause long term brain dysfunction or damage, or result in delayed cancer." and that for me is when it went off the rails.
Up to that point everything that you presented was reasonable and plausible. After that I got the feeling that it was a Teabagger call to arms.
The implication that every political leader in the USA is a psychopath is ludicrous. Your theory those has some merit.

Stefan Verstappen said...

This video will help people learn to recognize and defend against psychopaths/


m_astera said...

Those who are not blind can see this entire process played out clearly in Venezuela over the last dozen years.

Those who are blind, of course, cannot.

Anonymous said...

i have been in the health care industry for over 50 years and must say this is the best most concise description of what i have come to learn at the foot of this psychopathic beast-and the vaccine thing??? the guy who thought that sounded nuts IS nuts--any even light perusal of the literature in this regard is truly frightening--and even the basics don't past the common sense sniff test--who EVER thought that shooting babies with hundreds of toxic chemical ingredients from the DOZENS of vaccines shots they get before the age of six would have only positive consequences-please people get your heads out of your collective butts and think this through...and another thing--virtually all the three name false flag mass murderers of the past 20 years were on SSRI drugs like prozac and paxil--see if you can find anything on that class of drugs--FACT-THESE DRUGS CAUSE HOMOCIDAL AND SUICIDAL PSYCHOTIC BEHAVIOR AND WERE DEVELOPED BY THE NASI'S IN DR. MENGELE'S PROGRAMS AND THEY CAME HERE TO/WITH THE PROJECT PAPERCLIP NWO FOLKS HERE--IT IS CALLED SERATONIN INTOXICATION--LOW TECH MIND CONTROL--KIDS AT COLUMBINE-THE GUY IN VIRGINIA A FEW YEARS AND AND THE PSYCIATRIST AT FT. HOOD--ALL ON PAXIL--AND IT ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE-EASY TO UNDERSTAND HOW TOO MUCH SERATONIN HAS THAT EFFECT.WHAT IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND IS HOW SO MANY SUPPOSEDLY NON PSYCHOPATHIC DOCTORS CAN TURN THEIR HEADS AWAY AND UP THEIR COLLECTIVE BUTTS--WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS ANY MD NOT A PSYCHOPATH--?????????

Anonymous said...

Not to be picky but these people are sociopaths, not psychopaths. The 1st group preys on groups, the second on individuals. I think the distinction is important. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and always bankers are in the first group while serial killers, etc. are in the second.

Secondly, wouldn't it be better to get out of the heart of the beast, i.e. the U.S.?

Jack Mullen said...

I would say they are psychopaths. Without benefit of their childhood experiences, I can say from my study of the psychopath, that sociopaths are normal people that develop psychopathic behavior over time. Usually prolonged trauma resulting in pathological behavior that resembles a psychopath. Sociopaths can perhaps use the temporarily insane excuse in a murder trial, but a psychopath cannot. Psychopaths are not insane and they are not the product of emotional trauma. They are born different and have no emotions that can be traumatized. The psychopath is hard to understand from the point of view of the standard human being. After a psychopath learns to mimic standard human emotional behavior his ability to manipulate is actualized - at that point standard humans are food for their control.

J.R. Dangerfield said...

@Michael/Anon ...
You stopped reading so I guess you missed this part ...
"...an extensive and active indoctrination system is built, with a suitably refurbished ideology constituting the vehicle or Trojan horse for the purpose of pathologizing the thought processes of individuals and society. The goal - forcing human minds to incorporate pathological experiential methods and thought-patterns, and consequently accepting such rule - is never openly admitted. This goal is conditioned by pathological egotism, and the possibility of accomplishing it strikes the pathocrats as not only indispensable, but feasible."
Thats how are political leaders are subverted to the psychopaths agenda.

Anonymous said...

Awesome article. I also think that medical professionals need to play a bigger role in finding psychopaths in power positions.

There already ARE brain scan tests that can accurately determine whether a person is a psychopath, e.g. without the ability for empathy.

My dream is to test all politicians with these kinds of tests.

Jack Mullen said...

"Lots of information to digest here. And it all made sense to me until I read " The government directly attacks the individual immune system by mandating and promoting criminally contaminated vaccines -- immune system damaging vaccines that may also cause long term brain dysfunction or damage, or result in delayed cancer." and that for me is when it went off the rails. "

Give this a watch -- for starters : http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/hallucinogens--pharmaceuticals/dr-confesses-cancer--other-virusesare-present-in-vaccines.html

Anonymous said...

As a historian, I have to laugh at introductions like this one. "Did they know X was going F them?" Not only is the premised damaged, the examples are disjointed from one another.

In fact, there is only one common thread uniting them all, and which is conspicuously absent from the American Apathocracy:


In Germany, it was crisis that brought Hitler to power, swearing to pull the nation from the disgrace and humiliation of the past.

In Turkish Armenia, it was Dro and his Dashnak buddies who were paid by the Tsar to terrorize the Turks. The docile locals should have seen death marches into Syria from their windows!

In China, the country was wracked by civil war, famine, disease, occupation, warlordism, petty strife, endemic corruption. But it was only Mao who promised to eliminate the landlords oppressing the peasants.

Same with Korea. If you think the North Korean people did not welcome Kim Il Sung and his reforms, you're uninformed.

In Russia, peasants being mass slaughtered for the Tsar's great game was the last straw. The people were perfectly happy to welcome Lenin and Trotsky.

And America?

What crisis? Where's the strife? Starvation? Corruption? It may be coming, but its not here yet. The social safety net is still working. 44,000,000 on food stamps, millions on unemployment, millions on welfare.

That's why apathy reigns supreme. There's plenty of crumbs for the plutocrats to feed the unwashed pigeons in this country.

Unlike Germany in 1932, Russia in 1917, China in 1947, Turkish Armenia in 1915, and Korea in 1950.

Anonymous said...

Key words here are "action" vs "reaction." The Pathocracy feeds off reactionary populations. And, whereas there are many excellent observations & suggestions contained in the preceeding article, further reading of a currently released book by Cuban born Historian & forensic intelligence analyst Servando Gonzalez, "Psychological Warfare & The New World Order: The Secret War Against The American People," is imperative.

modrall said...

Evidently the writer of this article is unaware that the "psychopaths" in control have already passed laws (which are currently hidden from the public) that will make gold and silver ILLEGAL for ordinary citizens to possess and all precious metals will be confiscated by the NWO goons when the dollar crashes and they institute the "mark of the Beast".

"Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’S wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of His jealousy: for He shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land." Zephaniah 1:18

"They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity." Ezekial 7:19

The Lord knew what He was talking about. Perhaps you should listen to Him, not men.

Anonymous said...

"In addition to the offshore wars, the United States has prosecuted an ever increasing war on its citizens, including relentless assaults on freedoms provided by the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, the effective disempowering of congress via geometric growth in governance by Executive Order, and continuing attempts to disarm citizens, using deception and fear to legislate away the right to keep and bear arms."

provide (v)
Synonyms: give, present, endow, grant, impart, bestow, furnish, offer, supply

Antonym: withhold

Synonyms: make available, deliver, offer, arrange for, run, be responsible for, afford

Antonym: withdraw

First, freedoms are not "provided by the constitution". The constitution merely recognizes and secures the unalienable rights granted to mankind long before any constitution was ever dreamed of. That not one person making a comment even recognized this grave error is quite telling. If the constitution (the alleged provider) goes away, then the rights can be withdrawn, or withheld. Unalienable rights cannot be withdrawn or withheld, contrary to what the author leads us to believe.

Next, "Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them."

-- Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 US 436 p. 491

Well, there goes the legislating away the right to keep and bear arms, nonsense. Again, not one person commenting even noticed this error, either.

"The honest man must be a perpetual renegade, the life of an honest man a perpetual infidelity. For the man who wishes to remain faithful to truth must make himself perpetually unfaithful to all the continual, successive, indefatigable renascent errors." Charles Peguy

The saddest part of all this is the majority of the error the honest man must be unfaithful to comes from the pretended patriots among us.

A2SJ said...

Nice work, Jack!

I posted a web site four years ago (www.DismantleIt.com), addressing these issues, culminating (so far) in the post, “Psychopathy, Divinity, and ‘Positive Disintegration’” on the “Who” page.

It addresses much the same data as you offer, but from a slightly different perspective, and offers some solutions as well. These are not boring times!


Thanks again!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Very well written piece, but at no point was the 'Elephant in the room' mentioned, i.e. the fact that these bankers are predominately Jewish, most being part of the Rothschild cartel.

Anonymous said...

In Feb 1956 I wrote SIBERIA, USA? in Feb. 1956 and began by asking if the million acres in Alaska was to be a concentration camp for those who resist their secret incarceration as contained in the body of the bill, there was an immediate uproar, not true. In '64 I asked whether there was a place in the take-over of the U.S., for the deliberate creation of poor health in Americans (ala Bertrand Russell's "Impact of Science on Society", ergo, he said Diet, injunction and injection together would combine to make the people believe they were happy even when they were not but because the government told them they were," (and of cousre, we are flooded with TV commercials to take one drug after another -- and people do! Then I wrote Bats in the Belfry, The Case Against Mental Health, showing it was a deliberate well thought out plan allowing "them" to dispose of "us" into mental hospitals without due process -- as the Federalist Papers said "secret imprisonment" through the ages has always been a hallmark of tyranny - The Prisoner of Chillon multiplied. Then in "In the Presence of Our Enemies" I detailed the origins of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, both of which were planned by known Soviet agents, many of whom were in the State Dept -- and who headed the IMF for years - and despite this known fact, was and is continued and supported by U.S. dollars, then I knew there was some maleficent master plan that I had not yet fathomed and this certainly has all the factors in place - the drives for "flu shots" to overcome the natural reluctance to put toxic substances into the human body, and to give babies supposedly "protective" shots of alien matters into their poor little bodies, it is clear and has been for years that these drives cannot be for anything but money and control -- because thinking Americans who resist have been systematically destroyed for years by the incumbents--music, art, all factors of our so-called "culture" has been used to create menticide--so upcoming generations disregard standards of decency, patriotism, respect, the lessons of history while the schools separate the children from their parents' beliefs, but anyway, this puts it altogether into one package, continuing the revelations Quigley began in his Tragedy and Hope -- of course, he was on the "other side," but his revelations were still true. Ellen Mc Clay

Anonymous said...

Catch 22
we want peaceful change
psychopaths only change with pain (it is all
about them)

logic, reason, fairness, empathy, dignity,
respect for others, these mean nothing.
Pile on some pain - then they are interested
in change.

What to do?

Anonymous said...

We aren't yet a pathocracy. That would be a state of total tyranny, with the worst tyrants imaginable in the steering house. But what of the many levels in between? And what of the sociopath who is not mentally ill at all, but who will act with the utmost cruelty, without the slightest detectable empathy or emotion, to achieve his goals? Dick Cheney is certainly one. Or is he really a psychopath? That's a toughie. After the Gulf oil disaster, I don't know what to think. 9/11 was perhaps pragmatic Real Politik plain and simple (a good example of sociopathology), but did Cheney actually like the far greater death and mayhem aspects of the so-called Gulf oil spill? Did it make his life meaningful somehow to kill millions of people (the Walking Dead of the Gulf), while destroying an entire ecological niche in the Gulf of Mexico? You see, psychopaths do find meaning in harming others, whereas sociopaths are only interested in achieving the goals for which violence and death sometimes provide the means. There are some strange folks out there, to be sure, and the general breakdown of the rule of law is a good indication that pathocracy is near.

Anonymous said...

There were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

Anonymous said...

Jack, yours was one of the best pieces I've read on the subject. I am seventy years of age. Since about age sixteen, I have known all that you know, plus. Let's see, that means my consciousness was finally invaded sufficiently to awaken me about 1956. Thus, in 2012 I will have known for sixty years all the brutal facts of which you write. However, it has been only within the past five or so years that I have been able to express any degree of it at all to others without being attacked by howling banshees on all sides screaming, "NO! NO! NO!" Could this mean that perhaps even the populace is a tad on the pathocratic side? And could it also be that said populace deserves the punishment presently being dished out at the hands of mentally deranged monsters, if ought else, TO WAKE THE MORONS UP? P.S. I would have preferred to identify myself by name, but the robot doesn't provide a more convenient choice than "Anonymous."

Anonymous said...

Where is god in all of this? How did i get mixed up in this world? It's nice to think that i will be free of this body some day! I don't want to stick around waiting for a moral revolution, it will never happen. Chances are those who actually know of there evil actions will learn the hard way, nothing is born of "0", and so nothing can be go back to "0".

Anonymous said...

Funny how a year later everything has come true. The message is, shut up and die.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of the cult promoting the book "Political Ponerology".

The two faces of political ponerology - Barry Chamish:


Laura Knight Jadczyk's Cassiopaea Cult:


Anonymous said...

Excellent article Jack! Thank you.

You spoke my mind;
"Think about the Russians, Germans, Chinese and so many others that might have been able to prevent a blood bath of agony with just some responsible action prior to the onslaught."

May I add the Poles too?

Hitler supporters would disapprove...

Anonymous said...

You have no power Jack and are a doomed to die human being. Your article won't save yourself or humanity.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful writing, as always. I usually let 'facts' slip as they are not worth the effort to address. However,and I'm sorry, but can you quote the source for having a 35% of GDP performed by prisoners? Seems, high, to be honest.

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