The Resistance is Underway: V Appears at White House, Mexico and Beyond

FL capitol building; also seen in front of the White House

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In our most recent newsletter we highlighted that the V Resistance is underway.  The Department of Homeland Security continues its rollout of the TSA-style police state across America, again evident in the news that it has granted unmanned security helicopters to patrol the skies above Arlington stadium during the Super Bowl, while bomb robots, snipers, and military will patrol the ground.

The V Resistance invokes the spirit of the French and others who joined together to resist the Nazi takeover.  It is a symbol of much-needed solidarity within the freedom movement, as well as a clear statement to Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security, and all forms of tyranny that enough is enough; there is no sense living in a virtual prison within a supposed free society.  The early news about the campaign is extremely encouraging.  Infowars reports today:

With the V for Victory campaign just barely underway, posters and flyers are popping up in some unexpected places, including in front of the White House and in Juarez City, Mexico. Join the resistance campaign, keep your entries coming, check out the other submissions and never stop fighting for victory.

Infowars activists around the world are taking action, and spreading the word of our resistance against Big Sis’ attempted takeover.

While there is still time, we must unite and use all the tools of freedom at our disposal to peaceably resist this hostile takeover of freedom worldwide.  The Arizona shooting, and now the bombing in Russia, will undoubtedly usher in new forms of control over our physical movements, as well as our free speech in public and on the Internet.

Ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary times and are beginning to take decisive, constructive, peaceful action that flies in the face of the assertion by Homeland Security and the mainstream media who are trying to brand anyone who resists as a terrorist, or unpatriotic.

The Infowars contest that was launched a few days ago is receiving some very inspired work, as shown below:

In another type of response to the contest, a listener has supported a clever DHS parody, turning their mind-numbing propaganda around to stop thought itself.

Visit the latest photos and submissions which clearly demonstrate that the concept of freedom remains strong even amidst increasing oppression, lies, and fear-based propaganda.  It is an idea whose time has definitely come.

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