Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Orwellian DoubleThink: Welfare is Employment

DoubleThink Series, part 1

We couldn't end the wars and bring all of the personnel home to a nation whose unemployment rate is already busting at the seems.  Therefore, the wars are a very costly part of the welfare state.  We can't end the War on Drugs, because the DEA agents, prison guards, the court system, parole officers, and the rest of their support staff are part of the welfare nation.  We can't simplify the tax code to a flat rate with little or no exemptions, because the bookkeepers, CPAs, accounting professors, and tax attorneys are part of the welfare nation.  We cannot streamline healthcare or the department of education, because they are part of the welfare nation.  We can't stop the massive "Top Secret" Surveillance-Industrial Complex, because they employ millions in the welfare nation. Finally, we can't end the Wall Street casino, or no one will be left with a job.  And this says nothing of the record 40 million people on food stamps which is considered the bad welfare by the establishment.

It seems like the entire U.S. economy is a giant Ponzi scheme where very little tangible production happens.  We live in a giant welfare economy which makes real solutions to problems nearly impossible.  In fact the problems seem to be the solutions.  It's almost as if the corporate-government must keep breaking things to create false jobs and phony GDP numbers (see 9-11, WMD, BP oil spill, and Pakistan).  Furthermore, the solutions offered to us tend restrict our freedom.  It may be time to re-evaluate how we think of jobs and production in general as the welfare nation will soon run out of monopoly money.

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jknight said...

They consider people on food stamps BAD welfare?

Let's talk BAD welfare.

And before you start pointing fingers, ask yourselves this; how do the politicians get paid? How do they get their medical care? How do they have a pension fund?

It's all the same answer; your tax money. And remember, even if they only serve one term, they get free medical care, a pension fund, and a nice healthy salary that they can give themselves pay raises on.

Now you want to talk BAD welfare? There it is.

Fixes are fairly simple. Make politician's pay rate the same as the minimum wage. Hell, they voted for it, they should be paid at that rate. Hey, we'd at least get the leeches out of politics and actually have people who care in politics. Make politicians go on Medicare/Medicaid. They vote on the amounts allocated. And put them on Social Security. That'd fix up those three programs in a real big hurry.

Of course, that's never going to happen as long as we keep caring about Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, LeBron James and others...

aaviator said...

That's the same reason we don't have electric or hydrogen cars. It would destroy a multi trillion dollar world industry. Additionally, the auto industry knows how to make cars that could get considerably better gas milage

Jeff said...

It's about time someone pointed out that the biggest recipients of "welfare" are government employees and bureaucrats. Not only are they parasites they produce absolutely nothing of value at ever increasing costs. It should also be noted that the only segment of job growth is in the gov't as new buraucracies are formed and existing ones expand with each gov't job displacing two private sector jobs. People who work for the government as a means to get a paycheck are thieves and sellouts whom I have zero respect for. By the way, government jobs on average pay twice what the private sector does for comparable employment. My aunt and cousin work for immigration here in VT and will not talk to me any longer because I pointed out these facts to them. I take that as confirmation that they know deep down they are leeches on society but with 6 figure salaries I am sure they will remain in denial until the inevitable collapse. Great post, great blog

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