Orwellian DoubleThink: Illness is Health

Orwellian DoubleThink Series, part 4
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The primary duty of the regulatory agencies responsible for ensuring public health in our Orwellian world apparently is to guarantee that we are laced with toxic contaminants and additives.  Whether it is physical or mental health, it has become clear that federal agencies, and even our local municipalities, are coordinating an overall health agenda that favors corporate interests, while corrupting the promotion of true health and well-being.

Here are three primary examples that highlight the lengths to which our “protectors” will go to convince us to listen to their upside-down worldview, instead of reason and logic:

Alternative Products:  The FDA sent warning letters to many E-cigarette companies in an attempt to control an alternative market to Big Tobacco.  It is a pattern of the FDA to attack the free market of products that provide a healthier option than what has been officially approved.  Big Tobacco has a firm foothold in the FDA, so it is no wonder why they would rather keep people smoking their toxic product. If we believe the FDA is actually there to protect us, let us not forget that this is the agency that ignored evidence that CT scans are killing 14,000 Americans per year, just to name one of their oversights.

Vitamins and Supplements:  For a case study in Orwellian language, the link to the Codex Alimentarius FAQs that highlights this section is a must-read.  The real agenda is not safety, but using safety as a way to gain control over products that have been proven to be safe in a free market.   The complications that have arisen from nutritional supplements are the tiniest fraction of the illnesses and deaths from medications that are approved to the market in the “official” way.  This is a concerted effort to protect Big Pharma, not the consumer.

Natural Foods:  People across the world are waking up en masse to the dangers of agribusiness.  Coupled with a disastrous global economy, people see the health and fiscal sense it makes to begin growing their own food.  And, again, whenever freedom asserts itself, there is the tyranny of regulations to clamp down.  Just recently, county code enforcement officers ticketed a farmer for growing too many vegetables.  His real crime?  Giving it away to a local farmers market.  If that is not Orwellian, I don’t know what is. This is combined with raids on raw food producers, as well as proposed legislation that could even ban home gardens.  After all, those home gardens might be growing marijuana.

It appears that private corporate interests are being supported by our public consumer safety agencies.   Everything chemical, engineered, and produced by mass industry is championed, while all that is good and wholesome is maligned.  Their agenda is akin to a declaration of war upon the natural world, where all human activity will be micromanaged by scientists and bureaucrats.  It is time that we say no.


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