Documentary: Does China Control Hollywood?

By Neenah Payne

China is waging a very powerful covert war in a variety of ways now – including through Hollywood. The documentary and book below show how China is a growing national security threat in ways most Americans don’t recognize yet.

Hollywood’s Dirty Secret: Selling Out to Communists for Profits

Documentary: Hollywood Takeover

YouTube took down the trailer of the documentary “Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry” and removed the  Hollywood Takeover  YouTube account. They were reinstated after a news outlet reported the takedowns.

Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry | NEW Documentary (video trailer)

“Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry” is an NTD Original Documentary that pulls back the curtain on how Hollywood is helping to further a global adversary’s agenda, the consequences of that on our own future, and what brave individuals are doing to change the tide.

“Hollywood Takeover” follows Chris Fenton, a former Hollywood executive, and Tiffany Meier, an investigative news reporter, on their journey to uncover the story behind Hollywood and China’s lucrative union which didn’t happen by accident. The survival of the United States depends on people waking up to the Chinese Communist Party’s relentless literal and cognitive takeover of our country. At this crucial historical moment, the truth may be inconvenient, but we all have a choice to make: will we continue to feed the red dragon?


Feeding the Dragon: Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, & American Business

Amazon Description

Book/Author featured: CBS This Morning, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, NPR, Wall Street Journal, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News, CNN / Smerconish, Bloomberg, Fox Sports, Maria Bartiromo, Fast Company, Los Angeles Times, South China Morning Post, SALT Talks, Sky News, VOA, Greta Van Susteren, War Room, Adam Carolla Show, Keiser Report, CNBC, VOA, Outkick, The Bulwark, Fox Business, & more….

A deeply revealing memoir of big wins and hard lessons from a seasoned executive caught in the middle of the trillion-dollar soft power struggle pitting China against Hollywood, the NBA, and American business.

U.S.-China Expert, Business Leader, Producer, & Author

For 17 years, Chris Fenton served as president of DMG Entertainment Motion Picture Group and GM of DMG North America, internationally orchestrating the creative and business activities of DMG—a multi-billion dollar global media company headquartered in Beijing. He has produced or supervised 21 films, grossing $2 billion in worldwide box-office. Fenton chronicled much of that work in FEEDING THE DRAGON: Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, & American Business.

At present, he speaks as a China expert and serves as CEO of Media Capital Technologies having concluded a successful term as Senior Advisor to IDW Media Holdings focused on streamlining operations, expanding international business, and restructuring investments. Fenton also hosts US Congressional member delegations on diplomatic missions to China on trade, media, and investment.

He is a Trustee of the US-Asia Institute, Advisor to the Canadian Trade Commissioner, and board member for several companies. Fenton, a contributor for RealClearPolitics, South China Morning Post, OUTKICK / Fox Sports, The Federalist, C-Suite Quarterly, Bleeding Cool, and The Wrap, regularly appears on Bloomberg, Tucker Carlson, Fox Business, BBC, CNBC, Fox Sports, Adam Carolla, Steve Bannon, and VOA. Fenton, who holds a BS in Engineering from Cornell University, resides with his wife and two children in Manhattan Beach, CA.

CHRIS FENTON: Television Interview Highlight Reel

Most recently, and after three years of serving as President and CEO of Media Capital Technologies (MCT), a media investment fund, Fenton stepped down to focus on formally advising companies, investors, brands, and Congress on how to best navigate and optimize America’s complicated relationship with China. Prior to MCT, he fulfilled a successful one-year term as Senior Advisor to IDW Media Holdings devoted to streamlining operations, increasing IP monetization, expanding international film and television businesses, repairing partner relationships, and restructuring investments.

Additionally, Fenton co-hosts U.S. Congressional Member delegations in China and ASEAN countries focused on trade, media, and investment. He serves as a Trustee of the U.S.-Asia Institute and Senior Advisor to the Canadian Trade Commission, U.S.-Saudi Small Business Council, Wasabi Cloud Storage, WatchMojo, and Third Way Think Tank.

Fenton, a contributor for RealClearPolitics, South China Morning Post, Smerconish / CNN, Yahoo, C-Suite Quarterly, American Thinker, Bleeding Cool, and The Wrap, regularly appears on Bloomberg, CBS, NPR, Fox, Fox Business, BBC, CNBC, News Nation, Fox Sports, and VOA. He also serves as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Producers Guild of America, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.

Fenton started his career as a motion picture and television agent at the William Morris Agency after obtaining a BS in Engineering from Cornell University.

Four Steps of Communist Takeover

Yuri Bezmenov (1939-1993), was a KGB informant who defected to the US  in the 1970s. Bezmenov explained:

The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all, but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such an extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy. You can take your enemy without a single shot being fired.

In an interview with G. Edward Griffin in 1984, Bezmenov exposed how the Communist apparatus overtakes a country.  He said the US was in a state of undeclared war against the principles on which it was founded:

Unless the United States wakes up! The time bomb is ticking every second and the disaster is coming closer and closer. Unlike myself, you will have nowhere to defect.

Bezmenov explained that the Communist takeover of a country is done in four steps:

1. Demoralization (10-20 years)
2. Destabilization (2-5 years)
3. Crisis (6 weeks)
4. Normalization

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Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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